Geah (hey)
C.m.w in the house (rock on)
Hubtouchablez in the house (rock on)
Geah (hey)
Half ounce in the house, hey
(geah, c'mon, geah)

I dips around, sips around 2 o'clock
The hammer's backjacked, cocked on the glock
Westward bound, stay down
To the fools that's gon' bow
How you like us now?
Steady living by the trigger
I toss on nigga
Nuthin' on my ass but tommy hilfiger
Droppin' chronic by the pound
Who's teachin' classes?
Bitches blowin all day with their naked-asses
Checks my spot, better yet, checks my knot
Jack to jill, round the hill, I get the scrill'
Better pay me
I need the money, so I'm goin' crazy
Can I still kill it? you bet!
Words float from the tongue to get your panties wet
So hop yo' ass in the back seat, let's roof
And stick your big ass out the sunroof

Hubtouchablez as we dips around
As we tips through your town straight puttin' it down
We them killin' muthafuckas with no regrets
Geah, hey

I puts it down 'funky enough' like the d.o.c.
Maybe you can't see, blind like stevie
That's sick, you blind and you just can't see
You need to wear sun-glasses like d.m.c.
Cruise around in s.5. classes
Sippin' on d.p. in tall glasses
Bullet proof vest protects the chest, cause it ain't wettin'
Call me big daddy kane, ain't no half steppin'
'who's got the props? who's got the props? '
The hubtouchablez is in the house, it don't stop
Get moves for that ass
Come smooth on that ass
But the girls be shaking that ass for the cash
Got 'em hangin' loosely
Just introduced me
Now you tryin to juice me
Damn baby, I know ho's got their heat
But back the fuck up and gimme 80 feet

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