Searching for meaning
Finding nothing
There must be a way

But we must
Invent a way

A clash of thunder
I remember
A time asunder
Minds dismembered
Confusing thoughts of entropy
Metaphysical canopy
Universal consciousness
Stipulated fallacy

Searching for meaning
Yet, we must create!
Label the unknown
To create your fate

Label the unknown
Make it your own

Finding meaning in nothing, create a lie to believe
Create our world in hopes we could become something
But yet, we can, we have, we will, for we fight for the truth
Finding something in nothing is anything that you choose

Nothing is not something, yet it is a possibility
We can create the world to be whatever we wish it to be

Create your truth to be your tool
But be careful, life is fatal

Reality does not care for your cruel despair
Its existence is not contingent on your preferences

You can not escape
But you can mold fate

Labeled unknown
Once called a god
Archaic understanding
But we must label it
Despite the label's flaws

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