Our silence slept in a barren tomb on desolate rock in moonlights view
Inside what broods would soon consume the light of day through blackened fumes
Vultures ripped from their mother's wombs fly high above the lunar lights to the endless sea of night
He was a misunderstood soul with a grin that grew so cold his icy eyes would freeze the world below
And through his spiteful tongue a bitter man so young he'd see to it that return to whence they came from
Broadsword in his hand across the pits of sand to the kingdom of the sun he would destroy there promised land
With leather binding armour and across the putrid desert lands he walked without a fear in thought and blood stained blades in hand
For the glory of his will and the essence of his hate for his time is now and time for them is too late
I am the lord of night side castles etched in the stone you will find my family's rites dusks loving hands will impend my might

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