Once, a time ago
The bard travelled far
And wrought his tale
Which became his scar

Listen here, hear his tale of spectral hate
He must speak, he has no time, no time to wait
Walking through the dark woods he found his fate
To be controlled from within, from his hate

He was confronted by a spirit of hate
Infused with its memories of rape
To become what he once forbade

Broken hearts, broken dreams, tattered fates
The bard recoiled in his fear, he knew Her name

She spoke to him, sickly words, he must obey
"Follow me, spread my word, spread my name
Spread my hate, tell the world, and you'll escape
From my wrath, but onto them it shall be placed"

Now the bard has no choice, but to be enslaved by hate
Finding that he's lost his will he resigns his own fate

Tool of hate
Spreading her name
Spreading his shame

"Now you've heard my suffering
Now you'll feel my dreams
For her name was Straphafine
And now you'll feel my pain!"

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