As the magus enters the temple
The earth shall stand in awe
Fear struck in the spine of zealots
Messiahs born of pariahs

I come from the den of the damned
To signal the dogs of war

I concealed mystic powers to the hand that once would fuel the beasts of blood
Treacheries knights trained in the arts of death wreak havoc from above

The cretins shall bow before me
I have achieved godhead
My staffs is raised in anguish
My world of life and death

I come from an age long past
From atop mountains high

None would foresee a day like today, as the sparrows would sing the echoes of rain
All that was lost will die just the same like flowers that bloom just to perish away
Blood clots will block the eyes of the doomed my only wish is to confide in you
Give me one day and ill give you my life all that I had gone in one dark single night

Save away in the cover of night
I stride in the shadows for when time is right
Lurking beyond the mirrors of time
I am a new god and your world is all mine

I have been birthed of sorrow
This will be my final stand
I have toiled endlessly for
A chance to live glory on the fields of blood

Across the seas of time and death ill wait upon my final breathe
The final outcome left to the mouth of the river dyed red in my blood
I will not die, no not like this for all that I had I shall greatly miss
To see your face is to just see pain like the sparrows that sing the echoes of rain
A warrior's tale I shall fade into dirt, and in death I shall find some sort of worth
A hero is born just fade into earth like the flowers that bloom just to perish away

Do not shed tears my love
In death I am with you
A hero from a coward
I live as flowers bloom

I hold in great fame in tir na nog
All of my enemies pay with their lives
Their Christian god expelled from our shores
Our flag shall rise forevermore

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