I am the pagan son,
Hammer of holy ones
I am crowned lord of winter
By nature's will

Martyr of life and death,
voice of the woods,
I ride the winds of time..
I sound the tunes of war

All that was once was held in my heart was now face down in the snow,
The winds of winter are my guide my strength and my soul

I am the fate of man, the spirit of the dead...
I write my name in fear, the word of power
I bring the astral war, i build my legacy
The tears of love once lost, beneath the state of hate

I lay awake as the wolves will sing the songs of melancholy
As cold as the air we breathe my blood runs black and stains my soul

We march across the frozen tundra
To a place where sorrows lay
Memories of fallen foes lay beneath our feet
Winter winds embrace our fate
Which we hold in gratitude
All the stars will be aligned
As we venture out this night
We shall find a way to rip their hearts and make them pay
All that was shall be
On the stage of tragedy
Blackened steel will rule the day through the cold snow
Tales of epic victories
Will strip my frozen world of shame

Cold is the wind..... colder my heart'

I..an end to your forbidden prophecy
Blood stains the ground below
...An end to your forbidden prophecy
Blood stains the ground below
Shadows of the past.. rise in flame, your iron throne
Since left, rule your kingdom,
High above the blood red sky
Winter is coming... your time.. has passed
Invitations celebrate our pride
...I have seen the face of agony
As cold as the frost that burns within me

Upon the spoils
I am the snow
Calling on your life, i strike you in the heart
I will not let your suffer, life such as me
Put you out of your agony

As the first snow fall, blood shall never see its day
Our knights shall live forever more in this frozen domain

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