The sky bearing secrets of celestial minds
Laid forth upon the hands of a bitter beast
Raped of his dignity and fed by insanity
Tortured by the voices that spoke such catastrophe
Now his blade is drawn in vain
The jester has become the heathen tonight

The beast becomes man and the prey is the whore
The tower of decadence resides in her womb
The life that once was in hate was consumed
My hatreds as deep as the ocean
For the sorrow in thine eyes
You, wench shall be the gift to the blood gods of the depths on darkness
Draped in a veil made of betrayal with a gown soaked with the tears of sorrow met with the clouds that come raining down acid tears fall on this plane
The mother has died the children left naked dancing around in praise of the dark thee eyes find thy bedlam creatures
The gods stolen gifts unknown
We sit atop a throne of bone
Hiding, waiting for thy kings slowly conceiving behind a jester's mask
The eclipse has come, the sky fallen, it is done, the rites of chaos evoked
A spear thrown through the heart of the sun
Deadset lovers swallow their tongues
See our homeland now, just a faceless discreet shroud
Candelabras litten on the blood soaked beaches
Two lovers kiss for the last time
Over come with the tears in their eyes
Thy mourning star has fallen from thy sky

Ill share eternity with thee
To the gates of the blackened abyss
Never shall fall till i taste thy kiss
We have fallen to the deceit of kings and queens and martyrs of disease
Stretched out on the barren wasteland fed by the rotting of the askasha of man
If you perish before mine eyes i will see to it that our love not die
Your heart will be inside be devoured and desired in my pit of decomposition

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