The carrion crow flies above the battlefield
Shrieking overhead she views the wrath below
Severed heads her prize gifts from those who fought and died
Raise your swords to the Morrigan for she has come to claim our souls

Battle in flames across the highlands of which blood is stained
Our people fight with sword and shield against all those who bare their seal
Tell my love I will fade away into the land of the dead
And our phantom queen shall feed upon all of our fallen heads

As I fall upon the field I shall die with honour
My kin shall avenge my death and suffering
Pagan blood spilled for the last time upon the soil
Our mighty empire arise! the day is ours

The carrion crows flies above the battlefield
Raise your swords to the Morrigan for she has come to claim our souls

And I will not perish into the burning flames of war
I will fight till the death along side my brothers in arms
The enemy shall see the godly strength that burns inside of me
Heads loped from their shoulders I spit on the faith that they believe

I have risen from my grave in bloodlust I shall avenge
Your world be damned the sword is just and in such strength burns in hand

For honour and empire I shed my blood for thee
We slay the weak and claim all that the eye can see

My blade has forged the rule of kings
It has shaped the course of time

For honour and empire I shall give my blood to thee
Army made of my blade, blood is now my chosen decree

Upon the battlefield I shall avenge the years of torment
I fight with the fury of endless years of oppression
I saver victory with Christian heads upon our pikes
Burn us no longer now you feel the fire you once ignite
Raise your swords in victory now our day has come at last
The pagan age shall live forever more in our conquest
The blood oath we have taken binds us as one empire
Our swords are drawn to ensure that our great age shall last

A mystic fire has returned upon our shores the flame shall burn forevermore
The pandaemonaeon shall save the world from its self and will bring a new age that shall cleanse

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