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  1. Friday I'm In Love The Cure
  2. My Immortal Evanescence
  3. Just Like Heaven The Cure
  4. Bring Me To Life Evanescence
  5. Pictures Of You The Cure
  6. Una Sonrisa Al Atardecer Akash
  7. Boys Don't Cry The Cure
  8. Love Song The Cure
  9. Lithium Evanescence
  10. In Between Days The Cure
  11. Everybody's Fool Evanescence
  12. Call Me When You're Sober Evanescence
  13. La Incogible Zambayonny
  14. El Equilibrio Del Mundo Zambayonny
  15. Vivo Amándote Lalo Rodriguez
  16. Las Tres Cosas de La Vida Zambayonny
  17. Going Under Evanescence
  18. Good Enough Evanescence
  19. Killing An Arab The Cure
  20. Ven Devorame Otra Vez Lalo Rodriguez
  21. Alleine Zu Zweit Lacrimosa
  22. You Evanescence
  23. Close To Me The Cure
  24. Hello Evanescence
  25. Milanesa de Pija Zambayonny
  26. Volviste Muy, Muy Puta de Gesell Zambayonny
  27. Las Cosas Que Deje Zambayonny
  28. My Heart Is Broken Evanescence
  29. Hi-Lo Evanescence
  30. El Ultimo Peaje Zambayonny
  31. Tourniquet Evanescence
  32. Sweet Sacrifice Evanescence
  33. Taking Over Me Evanescence
  34. Anywhere Evanescence
  35. No Quiero, No Puedo Lalo Rodriguez
  36. Imperfection Evanescence
  37. Pero Llegaste Tú Lalo Rodriguez
  38. La Prima Vez Sopor Aeternus
  39. A Forest The Cure
  40. Consider this: the true Meaning of Love Sopor Aeternus
  41. Virgen de Mi Zambayonny
  42. Me Dejo Hablando Solo Zambayonny
  43. The Last Day Of Summer The Cure
  44. Lovesong The Cure
  45. Lost In Paradise Evanescence
  46. Somos una familia Migueli
  47. Retiro Voluntario Zambayonny
  48. To Wish Impossible Things The Cure
  49. Lacrymosa Evanescence
  50. Lullaby The Cure
  51. In Der Palästra Sopor Aeternus
  52. De Vuelta En La Trampa Lalo Rodriguez
  53. Lichtgestalt Lacrimosa
  54. Almost Human Voltaire
  55. A Letter To Elise The Cure
  56. Beautiful Sopor Aeternus
  57. Sol y Luna Akash
  58. Dead Souls Sopor Aeternus
  59. Angel Akash
  60. Superman Zambayonny
  61. Lunatica Zambayonny
  62. Broken (feat. Seether) Evanescence
  63. Despues De Hacer El Amor Lalo Rodriguez
  64. Averigua Si Cojo Mucho Zambayonny
  65. Im Schatten Der Sonne Lacrimosa
  66. Dia de Los Muertos Voltaire
  67. El Whisky De Dios Zambayonny
  68. Imaginary Evanescence
  69. Black Blutengel
  70. Morningstar Blutengel
  71. When You Love A Man Sopor Aeternus
  72. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Bauhaus
  73. Powder Sopor Aeternus
  74. A Night Like This The Cure
  75. Children Of The Corn Sopor Aeternus
  76. Disintegration The Cure
  77. A Thousand Hours The Cure
  78. Never Go Back Evanescence
  79. The Last Song I'm Wasting On You Evanescence
  80. The Perfect Girl The Cure
  81. The Phantom Of The Opera Lacrimosa
  82. Ich Bin Der Brennende Komet Lacrimosa
  83. Jumping Someone Else's Train The Cure
  84. Der Morgen Danach Lacrimosa
  85. 10:15 Saturday Night The Cure
  86. The Change Evanescence
  87. Helvetia Sexualis Sopor Aeternus
  88. The End Of The Dream Evanescence
  89. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea The Cure
  90. Made Of Stone Evanescence
  91. Las Horas Perdidas Zambayonny
  92. The Lovecats The Cure
  93. Even In Death Evanescence
  94. Missing Evanescence
  95. No Me Hables de Amor Zambayonny
  96. Farther Away Evanescence
  97. The Night Voltaire
  98. Doing The Unstuck The Cure
  99. Before The Dawn Evanescence
  100. Why Can't I Be You? The Cure
  101. Angel Of Mine Evanescence
  102. Yendo contigo Migueli
  103. A Strange Thing To Say Sopor Aeternus
  104. Si Yo Tuviera 17 Zambayonny
  105. Without You The Cure
  106. Burn The Cure
  107. High The Cure
  108. Jesús de Nazaret Migueli
  109. The Walk The Cure
  110. Whisper (Origin version) Evanescence
  111. How Beautiful You Are The Cure
  112. Antes de Irte Zambayonny
  113. Cafecito Quemado Zambayonny
  114. The Carnival Is Over Dead Can Dance
  115. One More Time The Cure
  116. So Alive Love and Rockets
  117. Warum So Tief? Lacrimosa
  118. Halo The Cure
  119. Lose Control Evanescence
  120. One Day My Prince Will Come Sopor Aeternus
  121. Schakal Lacrimosa
  122. Your Star Evanescence
  123. Die Unbekannte Farbe Lacrimosa
  124. If Loneliness Was All Sopor Aeternus
  125. The Same Deep Water As You The Cure
  126. Famoso de La Chota Para Abajo Zambayonny
  127. Untitled The Cure
  128. Jesús amigo Migueli
  129. Nach dem Sturm Lacrimosa
  130. Cut Here The Cure
  131. Don Fermin Zambayonny
  132. Grinding Halt The Cure
  133. Breathe No More Evanescence
  134. Indigo Eyes Peter Murphy
  135. Rakim Dead Can Dance
  136. The Kiss The Cure
  137. This Twilight Garden The Cure
  138. Like You Evanescence
  139. Si Te Menti Lalo Rodriguez
  140. The Caterpillar The Cure
  141. La Sublimación Zambayonny
  142. More The Sisters Of Mercy
  143. Hohelied Der Liebe Lacrimosa
  144. 39 The Cure
  145. Hielo de Fuego Akash
  146. Durch Nacht Und Flut Lacrimosa
  147. Kelch Der Liebe Lacrimosa
  148. Kinder Der Sterne Blutengel
  149. Extranjero Migueli
  150. Field Of Innocence Evanescence
  151. Tango El Cuervo de Poe
  152. Vampire Blutengel
  153. Lagrimas Depressivas Depressive Dolls
  154. Stolzes Herz Lacrimosa
  155. Just Say Yes The Cure
  156. Titulitis Migueli
  157. Where The End Begins Sopor Aeternus
  158. Yo Los Considero Mis Hermanos Zambayonny
  159. Vermächtnis der Sonne Lacrimosa
  160. Bare The Cure
  161. The Only One Evanescence
  162. Aroma De Mujer Akash
  163. I Am Done With Men Sopor Aeternus
  164. Zambayonni Zambayonny
  165. Push The Cure
  166. Weight Of The World Evanescence
  167. Last Dance The Cure
  168. Detrás de tu fe Migueli
  169. Siehst du mich im Licht? Lacrimosa
  170. Va(r)nitas, Vanitas... (...omnia Vanitas) Sopor Aeternus
  171. Marian (version) The Sisters Of Mercy
  172. Away From Me Evanescence
  173. All That I'm Living For Evanescence
  174. Über Den Horizont Blutengel
  175. Paredes Blancas El Cuervo de Poe
  176. Mint Car The Cure
  177. Vente a La Vida Migueli
  178. Witching Hour Nosferatu
  179. Two Horns Up The 69 Eyes
  180. Heaven (I Want You) Camouflage
  181. Amoxapina Por Joder Zambayonny
  182. Verloren Lacrimosa
  183. Revolution Lacrimosa
  184. Sing Blutengel
  185. Another Day The Cure
  186. Let's Go To Bed The Cure
  187. Boys Don´t Cry The Cure
  188. Con sólo dos otres Migueli
  189. Swimming Home Evanescence
  190. Geheimes Leben Illuminate
  191. Con Que Cara Lalo Rodriguez
  192. Ich Verlasse Heut Dein Herz Lacrimosa
  193. Plainsong The Cure
  194. Trust The Cure
  195. Closedown The Cure
  196. Wrong Number The Cure
  197. Unraveling Evanescence
  198. Wenn Unsere Helden Sterben Lacrimosa
  199. In Between Days The Cure
  200. This Ship's Going Down Voltaire
  201. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep The Cure
  202. Disappear Evanescence
  203. A Boy I Never Knew The Cure
  204. Fascination And Fear Human Drama
  205. A Dream Within a Dream Sopor Aeternus
  206. Love never dies Illuminate
  207. ¿Adónde iré Migueli
  208. Play For Today The Cure
  209. The Big Hand The Cure
  210. The Valley Diary of Dreams
  211. Bloody Pleasures Blutengel
  212. Krieger Blutengel
  213. A Reflection The Cure
  214. Sin rendición Migueli
  215. 27 & Done The 69 Eyes
  216. Never Enough The Cure
  217. Faces Like Mine Emilie Autumn
  218. A Comparsa Reventada Zambayonny
  219. Alles lüge Lacrimosa
  220. Alles Unter Schmerzen (A.U.S.) Lacrimosa
  221. Danse Move Danse Society
  222. Nichts Bewegt Sich Lacrimosa
  223. Abendrot Lacrimosa
  224. Seelenschmerz Blutengel
  225. A Strange Day The Cure
  226. The Sleeper Sopor Aeternus
  227. Schönheit staft jedes Gefühl Lacrimosa
  228. Gothic Erotic Umbra Et Imago
  229. My Last Breath Evanescence
  230. Born Bad Voltaire
  231. Blue Human Drama
  232. Emmeleia Dead Can Dance
  233. Como una luz Migueli
  234. Sanctus Lacrimosa
  235. October Evanescence
  236. Ascension Of The Spirit Evanescence
  237. Erase This Evanescence
  238. The Curse Of The Mummy Sopor Aeternus
  239. Desintegration The Cure
  240. Creature Clan Of Xymox
  241. Shintou Shite Suilen
  242. Hades "Pluton" Sopor Aeternus
  243. Just One Kiss The Cure
  244. Sick Evanescence
  245. Sellador Lacrimosa
  246. Ode To The West Wind Mephisto Walz
  247. No puedo vivir sin ti Migueli
  248. Sieh', Mein Geliebter, Hier Hab' Ich Gift Sopor Aeternus
  249. El Primer Deseo Zambayonny
  250. Day Of The Dead Voltaire
  251. Song of The Stars Dead Can Dance
  252. Dancing In The Light Blutengel
  253. Want The Cure
  254. Forgive Me Evanescence
  255. Darkness Lacrimosa
  256. Cuts You Up Peter Murphy
  257. Faith The Cure
  258. Say You Will Evanescence
  259. Zombie Prostitute Voltaire
  260. Demon London After Midnight
  261. Secret Door Evanescence
  262. This Time The Frozen Autumn
  263. Saber mirar Migueli
  264. Irgendein Arsch Ist Immer Unterwegs Lacrimosa
  265. Kein Zurück Wolfsheim
  266. A Strange Kind Of Love Peter Murphy
  267. The Other Side Evanescence
  268. She And Her Darkness Diary of Dreams
  269. Bebed Mi Sangre Déborah
  270. Bang-Bang Sopor Aeternus
  271. Promised Land Lacrimosa
  272. Koma Lacrimosa
  273. Clown Switchblade Symphony
  274. Deception The Crüxshadows
  275. Ya No Regreso Contigo Lalo Rodriguez
  276. Queen of Rain Hydria
  277. Und du Fällst Lacrimosa
  278. Kaleidoskop Lacrimosa
  279. Blood Rain Blutengel
  280. Hot Hot Hot!!! The Cure
  281. A Chain Of Flowers The Cure
  282. Understanding Evanescence
  283. Broken Evanescence
  284. Liebesspiel Lacrimosa
  285. Malina Lacrimosa
  286. Keine Schatten mehr Lacrimosa
  287. 7th Time Clan Of Xymox
  288. The Curse Diary of Dreams
  289. Love you to death London After Midnight
  290. Alone Again Assemblage 23
  291. Die Stimme Im Sturm Sopor Aeternus
  292. Dich zu Töten fiel mir schwer Lacrimosa
  293. Satura Lacrimosa
  294. Lucifer Blutengel
  295. Oceans Evanescence
  296. Time For Tea Emilie Autumn
  297. Love Is A Shield Camouflage
  298. La Vida Es Sueño Gothica
  299. The Blood The Cure
  300. Gone! The Cure
  301. The Reasons Why The Cure
  302. Viva Vulva Umbra Et Imago
  303. Origin Evanescence
  304. Salamandra Akash
  305. Hell In A Handbasket Voltaire
  306. FLAME Priscilla Hernández
  307. American Dreaming Dead Can Dance
  308. Cantaré Migueli
  309. Cornucopia D'amour Sopor Aeternus
  310. Carnival of Souls Sopor Aeternus
  311. Sapphire Lacrimosa
  312. The Prince And Old Lady Shade Peter Murphy
  313. Seventeen Seconds The Cure
  314. Where Will You Go? Evanescence
  315. Bring Me To Life (Synthesis) Evanescence
  316. Taste Of Medicine Clan Of Xymox
  317. Apart Assemblage 23
  318. Cornflowers Sopor Aeternus
  319. Butterfly On A Wheel The Mission
  320. Incubus Succubus II Xmal Deutschland
  321. Am Ende Der Zeit Blutengel
  322. Compjutr Syntax Error (aka Compjutr, Come Pjutr Syntax Error) Poesie Noire
  323. We Have A Dog To Exercise Sopor Aeternus
  324. Ein Freundliches Wort Hat Meine Seele Berührt Sopor Aeternus
  325. Morgen Lacrimosa
  326. Lucretia My Reflection The Sisters Of Mercy
  327. The Hungry Ghost The Cure
  328. La Canción de Déborah Déborah
  329. La Mort D'Arthur Sopor Aeternus
  330. Angel Of The Golden Fountain Sopor Aeternus
  331. Copycat Lacrimosa
  332. Morning Glory Lacrimosa
  333. Mójate Migueli
  334. Feuer Lacrimosa
  335. In My Dreams Blutengel
  336. Winter Of My Life Blutengel
  337. Lebe Deinen Traum Blutengel
  338. Little Sister Siouxsie And The Banshees
  339. Sinking The Cure
  340. Les Fleurs du Mal Sopor Aeternus
  341. Call Me With The Voice Of Love Lacrimosa
  342. Celebrate Fields of the Nephilim
  343. Shake Dog Shake The Cure
  344. El Vuelo de Icaro Akash
  345. Dying In a Moment Of Splendor Human Drama
  346. Children Of The Sun Dead Can Dance
  347. In the Flat Field Bauhaus
  348. Architecture II Sopor Aeternus
  349. The Haunted Palace Sopor Aeternus
  350. Breath Of The Hangman Cooper
  351. Zakuro Suilen
  352. End The Cure
  353. I'm Cold The Cure
  354. Haunted Evanescence
  355. Hijos de Akash Akash
  356. Vente María Migueli
  357. Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est Sopor Aeternus
  358. When I Was a Young Girl Rasputina
  359. Reich Mir Die Hand Blutengel
  360. Under The Silence Dulce Liquido
  361. I Disappear Plastique Noir
  362. Kagami no Yami wo Ugachite Asriel
  363. Teufelswerk Blutengel
  364. Fascination Street The Cure
  365. Solo Maquina Amduscia
  366. Solitude Evanescence
  367. Está Triste La Libertad Akash
  368. Oweee Voltaire
  369. Yulunga Dead Can Dance
  370. Qué escándalo Migueli
  371. If I Could Go Back In Time Sopor Aeternus
  372. Halt Mich Lacrimosa
  373. Road To Pain Lacrimosa
  374. Charlotte Sometimes The Cure
  375. Prayers For Rain The Cure
  376. Anything For You Evanescence
  377. Forever Gone, Forever You Evanescence
  378. Land Of The Dead Voltaire
  379. Le Ore Rosa Di Mazenderan Ataraxia
  380. Father Sing Human Drama
  381. The Arcane Dead Can Dance
  382. Dancing Bauhaus
  383. Imhotep Sopor Aeternus
  384. Minnesang Sopor Aeternus
  385. Winner Takes Nothing Camouflage
  386. Sleeping Beauty Miranda Sex Garden
  387. Electra Descending Christian Death
  388. Everything Is An Illusion Sopor Aeternus
  389. Partus Stoa
  390. The Drowning Sun Dreadful Shadows
  391. Lady Darkness The 69 Eyes
  392. Battle Hymn Faith And The Muse
  393. Ela É Nervozni Postar
  394. River's Edge Gene Loves Jezebel
  395. Irresistible Two Witches
  396. Black And White World Redemption
  397. Seele In Not Lacrimosa
  398. The Turning Point Lacrimosa
  399. Always The Birthday Massacre
  400. Dead And Buried Alien Sex Fiend
  401. Snake Diva Destruction
  402. My World Blutengel
  403. Love Out Me Siouxsie And The Banshees
  404. One Hundred Years The Cure
  405. Hey You!!! The Cure
  406. The 13th The Cure
  407. A Man Inside My Mouth The Cure
  408. Aufrecht Umbra Et Imago
  409. I'm a Cult Hero The Cure
  410. Winter The Cure
  411. Imaginary (Origin) Evanescence
  412. Is This The End? Evanescence
  413. La Furia Del Trueno Akash
  414. Tama Abonos
  415. Army of Broken Hearts Reflexion
  416. Is This The Place Girls Under Glass
  417. A Million Years Human Drama
  418. Kiss London After Midnight
  419. IML Plastique Noir
  420. Ocean Dead Can Dance
  421. Det Glemte Riket Ancient
  422. Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus
  423. Es mejó que vayamos los dos Migueli
  424. Vuelvo a Sentir Lalo Rodriguez
  425. Bread Cooper
  426. Some Kind of Magick The 69 Eyes
  427. If You Love Me The Morning After The 69 Eyes
  428. Lecons De Tenebres Elend
  429. Mascaras El Cuervo de Poe
  430. A Carnival Of Souls The Awakening
  431. Eternal Passion Two Witches
  432. Geheimnis Xmal Deutschland
  433. Another Planet Alien Sex Fiend
  434. Into the Night Strangeways
  435. The Broken Ones Diva Destruction
  436. Cry Little Sister The Sisters Of Mercy
  437. All Night Long Peter Murphy
  438. Out Of This World The Cure
  439. All I Want The Cure
  440. Feuer & Licht Umbra Et Imago
  441. Plastic Passion The Cure
  442. Sleep When I'm Dead The Cure
  443. Radiosong Umbra Et Imago
  444. What You Want Evanescence
  445. Undermined Clan Of Xymox
  446. Aigues Mortes Ataraxia
  447. Histrionia Ataraxia
  448. Longtemps Pierrette D'orient Ataraxia
  449. Perfect Two Autumn
  450. El Atardecer de Un Sueño Priscilla Hernández
  451. Ein neuer Tag Illuminate
  452. Let Me Break You London After Midnight
  453. Pure London After Midnight
  454. Those Who Walk By The Night Plastique Noir
  455. Salt The Earth Assemblage 23
  456. L'argent Est Un Cadeau Poesie Noire
  457. Static Cold The Frozen Autumn
  458. 1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash Bauhaus
  459. The Feast Of Blood Sopor Aeternus
  460. From Ay to Bee Camouflage
  461. If You Could Only Read My Mind Sopor Aeternus
  462. Through Your Eyes Sopor Aeternus
  463. Generators Deine Lakaien
  464. Black The 69 Eyes
  465. Augen Blick Xmal Deutschland
  466. Oceans Ashram
  467. Big Blue Moon Alien Sex Fiend
  468. No Eternity Blutengel
  469. Darkside Rosetta Stone
  470. Soldiers Switchblade Symphony
  471. Waves Become Wings This Mortal Coil
  472. Kunstliche Welten Wolfsheim
  473. Puisses-tu... Dark Sanctuary
  474. And There Will Your Heart Be Also Fields of the Nephilim
  475. Bloodflowers The Cure
  476. Mein Buch Umbra Et Imago
  477. Märchenlied (Liebeslied) Umbra Et Imago
  478. Haunted Evanescence
  479. B Who U Wanna B Clan Of Xymox
  480. Mi Propia Religión Akash
  481. Waterfront Clan Of Xymox
  482. She Is Dangerous Clan Of Xymox
  483. The Headless Waltz Voltaire
  484. Morphine Days Plastique Noir
  485. Trick or Treat The Candy Spooky Theater
  486. The Ubiquitous Mr.Lovegrove Dead Can Dance
  487. Deja Vú Poesie Noire
  488. Sollozos secos Migueli
  489. Andy Warhol Bauhaus
  490. Consolatrix Has Left The Building Sopor Aeternus
  491. Der See Des Vergessens Sopor Aeternus
  492. A Little Bar Of Soap Sopor Aeternus
  493. Romeo's Distress Christian Death
  494. Spectre (Love is dead) Christian Death
  495. Oh, Chimney Sweep Sopor Aeternus
  496. Mirror of Tears Hydria
  497. Dreamworld Two Witches
  498. Danthen Xmal Deutschland
  499. Wytches Inkubus Sukkubus
  500. Dreamhouse Xmal Deutschland
  501. Gnomes Bones Spectrum-x
  502. Lake Of tears L'Ame Immortelle
  503. Es Tut Mir Leid L'Ame Immortelle
  504. The Last Millennium Lacrimosa
  505. Black Rain Alight
  506. Coma Alien Sex Fiend
  507. Feuerzeug Part II Lacrimosa
  508. Demon of Temptation Blutengel
  509. Come Hell Or High Water Rosetta Stone
  510. I'm Alive Blutengel
  511. Song To The Siren This Mortal Coil
  512. Watersong Cranes
  513. The Lord's Prayer Siouxsie And The Banshees
  514. The End Of The World The Cure
  515. Foxy Lady The Cure
  516. Mein Herz Und Meine Seele Umbra Et Imago
  517. Lost Whispers Evanescence
  518. Back Door Clan Of Xymox
  519. Calling You Out Clan Of Xymox
  520. Leidenschaft Illuminate
  521. Welke Chrysanthemen Illuminate
  522. Maria The Nuns
  523. ...Y nos vamos Migueli
  524. Herederos de lo absurdo Migueli
  525. The Lion's Promise Sopor Aeternus
  526. Lost Boys The 69 Eyes
  527. Love Runs Away The 69 Eyes
  528. Facing Dawn Anubis Gate
  529. Eisengrau Xmal Deutschland
  530. Drowned You Xmal Deutschland
  531. When Devils Come Xmal Deutschland
  532. The Rape Of Maude Bowen Inkubus Sukkubus
  533. Sacrifice (Hingabe Part 1) Lacrimosa
  534. My Last Goodbye Lacrimosa
  535. Gimme Me Something To Believe In Lacrimosa
  536. Dead And Re-Buried Alien Sex Fiend
  537. Lacrima Mosa Lacrimosa
  538. navigator Blutengel
  539. M The Cure
  540. Milch Umbra Et Imago
  541. This. Here and Now. With You The Cure
  542. Exodus Evanescence
  543. Lover's Requiem I Am Ghost
  544. At The End Of The Day Clan Of Xymox
  545. Pie Jesu Penumbra
  546. Touch In The Dark Asrai
  547. Aperlae Ataraxia
  548. Mein-eid Diary of Dreams
  549. Ai no Tsubasa (wings of love) Sacra
  550. Letzter Blick zurück Illuminate
  551. Nothing's Sacred London After Midnight
  552. The Waiting Hour Human Drama
  553. Rose Of Flesh And Blood Plastique Noir
  554. Vesper Plastique Noir
  555. O Mistress Mine Emilie Autumn
  556. Crescent Dead Can Dance
  557. Adónde iré Migueli
  558. Tanta luz, tanta oscuridad Migueli
  559. Syria Specimen
  560. Within But Not Before All Gone Dead
  561. Tales Of Innocence Christian Death
  562. Twist In My Sobriety Dreadful Shadows
  563. Garden of Delight The Mission
  564. Circulation Zadera
  565. Unholy War Vampiria
  566. Feuerwerk ( 31- dez ) Xmal Deutschland
  567. Eiland Xmal Deutschland
  568. Lord Of The Flame Inkubus Sukkubus
  569. Night Of The Wolf Nox Arcana
  570. Apart (Petition Part 1) Lacrimosa
  571. Ohne Dich Ist Alles Nichts Lacrimosa
  572. Living In The Danger Zone Strangeways
  573. Die With You Blutengel
  574. Adrenaline Rosetta Stone
  575. Wir Sind Was Wir Sind Blutengel
  576. Vie Ephémère Dark Sanctuary
  577. Accuracy The Cure
  578. Sally's Song Evanescence
  579. If You Don't Mind Evanescence
  580. Where Has All the Time Gone Lycia
  581. Vampir Voltaire
  582. Dies Irae Aeternitas
  583. Amarelo Noturna
  584. Abgeschminkt Illuminate
  585. Nachtmusik Illuminate
  586. Sally's Song London After Midnight
  587. Fugitive Down Plastique Noir
  588. Polar Plateau The Frozen Autumn
  589. Love Is Colder Than Death Poesie Noire
  590. Seductive Angel Secret Discovery
  591. Sleep in Deep Bel Canto
  592. Shave, If You Love Me Sopor Aeternus
  593. If Only Xmal Deutschland
  594. Dead Men Tell No Tales Nox Arcana
  595. Walking With Strangers The Birthday Massacre
  596. Ein Hauch Von Menschlichkeit Lacrimosa
  597. Face To Face Strangeways
  598. Rote Sinfonie Lacrimosa
  599. Lips Can't Go Alien Sex Fiend
  600. Heathcliff Diva Destruction
  601. Dein Leben Blutengel
  602. An Eye For The Main Chance Rosetta Stone
  603. Time (There's Nothing More) Blutengel
  604. Overground Siouxsie And The Banshees
  605. Cities In Dust Siouxsie And The Banshees
  606. Cold The Cure
  607. Six Different Ways The Cure
  608. Apart The Cure
  609. A Few Hours After This The Cure
  610. I Just Need Myself The Cure
  611. Alles Schwarz Umbra Et Imago
  612. Sirensong The Cure
  613. Consolation Clan Of Xymox
  614. Numb Gothic Light
  615. Ode Ataraxia
  616. Dämon Joachim Witt
  617. Flood Of Tears Diary of Dreams
  618. Rumours About Angels Diary of Dreams
  619. Sueño Muerto Priscilla Hernández
  620. Ethereal Priscilla Hernández
  621. Desire or Disease Plastique Noir
  622. Sin Hunter Plastique Noir
  623. The Orchids Psychic TV
  624. Juliet Emilie Autumn
  625. Do You Know My Name? Sopor Aeternus
  626. Some Men Are Like Chocolate Sopor Aeternus
  627. Tabor C'alan O'itana. Sopor Aeternus
  628. Severina The Mission
  629. Kämpfen Xmal Deutschland
  630. Heavens And Seas Xmal Deutschland
  631. Nachtbringer Blutengel
  632. Complete Blutengel
  633. Cristal Dark Sanctuary
  634. Cascade Peter Murphy
  635. The Holy Hour The Cure
  636. Fucking Flesh (raw Mix) Amduscia
  637. Ohne Dich Umbra Et Imago
  638. Together Again Evanescence
  639. Find a Way Evanescence
  640. Beyond The Hourglass I Am Ghost
  641. Craving Clan Of Xymox
  642. Goodnight, Demon Slayer Voltaire
  643. Veules Les Roses Ataraxia
  644. You (-das) Diary of Dreams
  645. Augenblick Illuminate
  646. In Thorns and Blades Plastique Noir
  647. Houdini Plastique Noir
  648. Catedrais Em Chamas Plastique Noir
  649. The Bride Of Sleeping Forest The Candy Spooky Theater
  650. All You Can Do Arcadia
  651. Con mi cacerola Migueli
  652. The Virgin Queen Sopor Aeternus
  653. Beneath The Blue The 69 Eyes
  654. Bez Savijaca Srece Nema Nervozni Postar
  655. Wasteland The Mission
  656. If It Doesn't Kill You Siouxsie Sioux
  657. I Push It Harder Xmal Deutschland
  658. Begrab Mein Herz Xmal Deutschland
  659. The Party Is Over Lacrimosa
  660. Only a Fool Strangeways
  661. Illusion's End Diva Destruction
  662. Computerstaat Abwärts
  663. Into The Labyrinth Blutengel
  664. Subterfuge Rosetta Stone
  665. Primary The Cure
  666. (I Don't Know What's Going) On The Cure
  667. Devotion Umbra Et Imago
  668. All The Love In The World The Cure
  669. Crucified Clan Of Xymox
  670. Wie Du Willst Voltaire
  671. The Straight Razor Cabaret Voltaire
  672. Canzona Ataraxia
  673. Creep Show Plastique Noir
  674. Never Look For People Like Us Plastique Noir
  675. We're so happy Danse Society
  676. Her Heaven Nosferatu
  677. Mira cómo vengo Migueli
  678. Feralia Genitalia (Arrival Of The Jugglers) Sopor Aeternus
  679. Betty Blue The 69 Eyes
  680. (Slave To) Lust The Mission
  681. Keep It In The Family The Mission
  682. Matador Xmal Deutschland
  683. I Should Have Known Xmal Deutschland
  684. All In My Hands Xmal Deutschland
  685. TräNen Der Sehnsucht - Part I, II Lacrimosa
  686. Enslaved Diva Destruction
  687. Coraline Rasputina
  688. The Stand Saviour Machine
  689. colours The Sisters Of Mercy
  690. Forever Siouxsie And The Banshees
  691. Pissed Off Dulce Liquido
  692. More Than This The Cure
  693. Subway Song The Cure
  694. Other Voices The Cure
  695. Alt.End The Cure
  696. The Only One The Cure
  697. Dionysos Umbra Et Imago
  698. Snow White Queen Evanescence
  699. Bleed Evanescence
  700. Overture Evanescence
  701. Winter's Warning: I. Prologue Autumn Tears
  702. Tu Sombra En Mi Pared Akash
  703. Cantina Voltaire
  704. Partytime (Zombie Version) 45 Grave
  705. This Forgotten Love Human Drama
  706. Silent Shout Plastique Noir
  707. Mäzela Takes a Walk Plastique Noir
  708. Don't Fade Away Dead Can Dance
  709. Prick! Goes the Scorpion's Tale Emilie Autumn
  710. Cruza a la vida Migueli
  711. Unidos Migueli
  712. Fate Scarlet Leaves
  713. No-one Is There Sopor Aeternus
  714. Neighbours Camouflage
  715. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Specimen
  716. I'll Be Near You Xmal Deutschland
  717. Blood Of Angels Nox Arcana
  718. Make It End Lacrimosa
  719. Magnolia Suilen
  720. Kriegsvögel Lacrimosa
  721. Do You Sleep? Alien Sex Fiend
  722. Laudamus Te Opera Multi Steel
  723. Leave Me For Dead Rosetta Stone
  724. All These Lies Blutengel
  725. Saber D´amor Helium Vola
  726. Lost The Cure
  727. Horst Du Mein Rufen Umbra Et Imago
  728. Ching Chang Chong The Cure
  729. Egoismus Umbra Et Imago
  730. Goodnight Evanescence
  731. Cáncer Akash
  732. Death Death (Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Evil Evil Song) Voltaire
  733. Eveline Rockbitch
  734. En Hiver Cinema Strange
  735. Where Good Girls Go To Die London After Midnight
  736. This Tangled Web Human Drama
  737. Shadowrun Plastique Noir
  738. Emerging Rats Plastique Noir
  739. Opium Dead Can Dance
  740. Vacilando por la vida Migueli
  741. October 8 Midnight Choir
  742. Wolverines Specimen
  743. Dream For Mother Christian Death
  744. In Memoriam Stoa
  745. Dead N' Gone The 69 Eyes
  746. Desire Gene Loves Jezebel
  747. Tragic Toll Spectrum-x
  748. Symphaty for the Devil (Rolling Stones Cover) Inkubus Sukkubus
  749. Al Meila Asriel
  750. Flamme In Wind Lacrimosa
  751. Crucifixio Lacrimosa
  752. Der Freie Fall – Apeiron, Part 1 Lacrimosa
  753. The Awakening Of Gaia Crysalys
  754. Ein Augenblick Blutengel
  755. Save Our Souls Blutengel
  756. When I Feel You Blutengel
  757. Alice The Sisters Of Mercy
  758. Clean Tapping The Vein
  759. Face To Face Siouxsie And The Banshees
  760. ANTICRISTIANOS Dulce Liquido
  761. Fire In Cairo The Cure
  762. The Funeral Party The Cure
  763. Cut The Cure
  764. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover) The Cure
  765. Lies Evanescence
  766. Eternal Evanescence
  767. Jasmine And Rose Clan Of Xymox
  768. Emily Clan Of Xymox
  769. When You're Evil Voltaire
  770. Fengari Ataraxia
  771. Death Doesn't Kill Reflexion
  772. The Song Of Déborah Déborah
  773. Verfall Illuminate
  774. Through My Eyes Human Drama
  775. Killdergarten Plastique Noir
  776. Other Spheres Plastique Noir
  777. I'm coming From Nowhere The Frozen Autumn
  778. Desde el talego Migueli
  779. Severance Bauhaus
  780. The Conqueror Worm Sopor Aeternus
  781. Brandon Lee The 69 Eyes
  782. Ivana Nervozni Postar
  783. Mondlicht Xmal Deutschland
  784. Pisando Monstruos Zambayonny
  785. Devil's Lullaby Asriel
  786. Kabinett Der Sinne Lacrimosa
  787. Cruelty Games Diva Destruction
  788. Warriors of Destiny Blutengel
  789. Not me This Mortal Coil
  790. DISOLUCION Dulce Liquido
  791. Darkcell Fields of the Nephilim
  792. Watching Me Fall The Cure
  793. Before Three The Cure
  794. Wanderers Nachtlied Umbra Et Imago
  795. A New Way To Bleed Evanescence
  796. Seguirás tu Camino Akash
  797. At Your Mercy Clan Of Xymox
  798. Lucifer Rockbitch
  799. Moundshroud Cinema Strange
  800. Tired Human Drama
  801. Empty Streets Plastique Noir
  802. A Dream Inside a Dream Plastique Noir
  803. Exorsist The Candy Spooky Theater
  804. Chambermaid Emilie Autumn
  805. Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book Dead Can Dance
  806. Mesmerism Dead Can Dance
  807. Vampyre's Cry Nosferatu
  808. Spirit In The Sky Bauhaus
  809. Die Geschichte Einer Mutter Bel Canto
  810. Collision Sopor Aeternus
  811. Let Me Say It Now Sopor Aeternus
  812. When I Was Bed Christian Death
  813. Dance D'Amour The 69 Eyes
  814. Ielele Tiarra
  815. Ja zivim sam Nervozni Postar
  816. Polarlicht Xmal Deutschland
  817. Belladonna & Aconite Inkubus Sukkubus
  818. Una Vida Puede Salir Mal Zambayonny
  819. No Blind Eyes Can See Lacrimosa
  820. Einsamkeit Lacrimosa
  821. Meine Welt Lacrimosa
  822. Without You The Birthday Massacre
  823. Thunder And Lightning Lacrimosa
  824. What You Get? Blutengel
  825. Dollhouse Switchblade Symphony
  826. Loved Cranes
  827. Je T'aime Hannah Fury
  828. Spellbound Siouxsie And The Banshees
  829. It's Not You The Cure
  830. It Used To Be Me The Cure
  831. Erotica Umbra Et Imago
  832. Dirty Diana Evanescence
  833. All Fold Up Clan Of Xymox
  834. Don't Wake Up I Am Ghost
  835. Louise Clan Of Xymox
  836. Lane Navachi Lunascape
  837. Concierto Para Ellos Akash
  838. Mnemosine Ataraxia
  839. La Nuova Margherita Ataraxia
  840. Given Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  841. Inconstancy Plastique Noir
  842. Otra María, por favor Migueli
  843. Volaría Migueli
  844. In An Hour Darkly Sopor Aeternus
  845. Where The Ancient Laurel Grows Sopor Aeternus
  846. Genital Necrosis (Cockless Man Ii) Devastation
  847. Silence Delirium
  848. Doesn't Matter Cooper
  849. This Year Cooper
  850. Jugo, Jugo Nervozni Postar
  851. Kiss of Life Gene Loves Jezebel
  852. Winter Two Witches
  853. Barra de Valizas Zambayonny
  854. Diener Eines Geistes Lacrimosa
  855. A Prayer For Your Heart Lacrimosa
  856. This Little Piggy Rasputina
  857. Loin Des Mortels Dark Sanctuary
  858. Three Imaginary Boys The Cure
  859. Club America The Cure
  860. Adonais The Cure
  861. I Want To Be Old The Cure
  862. Erwachet Umbra Et Imago
  863. Cold Colours The Cure
  864. All I Have Clan Of Xymox
  865. Pastorale Ataraxia
  866. Skydancer Autumn
  867. Imagirary Walls Plastique Noir
  868. Mara Hope Plastique Noir
  869. Where Are You Now ? Danse Society
  870. Put It In My Mouth Akinyele
  871. Gloomy Sunday (cover) Emilie Autumn
  872. What Will I Remember Emilie Autumn
  873. El corazón del mundo Migueli
  874. I Fell For One (Who Loved Me Not) Sopor Aeternus
  875. Flowers Christian Death
  876. Could Be Cooper
  877. Puertas Voladoras El Cuervo de Poe
  878. Replay Tamta
  879. Like A Child Again The Mission
  880. Alice Asriel
  881. Leaving Tonight The Birthday Massacre
  882. Der Tote Winkel (Special Version) Lacrimosa
  883. Der Freie Fall - Apeiron, Part 2 Lacrimosa
  884. Vampire Romance Part II Blutengel
  885. Abre Los Ojos Dark Sanctuary
  886. Mercy Rain Peter Murphy
  887. Hello, I Love You The Cure
  888. I Dig You The Cure
  889. Vampir Song Umbra Et Imago
  890. The Perfect Boy The Cure
  891. Lockdown Evanescence
  892. Oduarpa Ataraxia
  893. Accordion Player Voltaire
  894. Evil 45 Grave
  895. Laughing Bloody Murder Cinema Strange
  896. Dear Familiar Phantoms Mephisto Walz
  897. Hate! London After Midnight
  898. The Mystery Human Drama
  899. Phantom In My Stereo (Transcommunication) Plastique Noir
  900. Blind Voyeurs Plastique Noir
  901. The Song of the Sibyl Dead Can Dance
  902. Fight Like a Girl Emilie Autumn
  903. Eleusis Dead Can Dance
  904. The Flame Arcadia
  905. In The Night Bauhaus
  906. Nightvision Dargaard
  907. We Must Conform Scary Bitches
  908. In The Omnipresence Of Death Dargaard
  909. Doppelganger Scary Bitches
  910. Harry Bauhaus
  911. Temple Of The Moon Dargaard
  912. En esta jungla Migueli
  913. The Three Shadows (Part II) Bauhaus
  914. Close Nosferatu
  915. Untitled Bauhaus
  916. Shadowmaker Nosferatu
  917. Kick In the Eye 2 Bauhaus
  918. Heaven Nosferatu
  919. Blacken my Name The Ghost Of Lemora
  920. Mornixuur Bel Canto
  921. Jiwa Hitam Yang Kudus (Holy Black Soul) Nosferatu
  922. Dust And Silence Scarlet Leaves
  923. Oyster Bel Canto
  924. Beautiful Thorn Sopor Aeternus
  925. Beautiful Death Era Nocturna
  926. In Zenith Bel Canto
  927. Death Second Inches Away Midnight Choir
  928. Oskorei Bel Canto
  929. The Dreadful Mirror Sopor Aeternus
  930. Lift Me Up Midnight Choir
  931. Dad Camouflage
  932. There Was A Country By The Sea Sopor Aeternus
  933. Sailing Dark Waters Midnight Choir
  934. These Eyes Camouflage
  935. Desire Is Pain 10 Kingdoms
  936. In Your Ivory Tower Camouflage
  937. Cover My Face Miranda Sex Garden
  938. Dio N'arap Sopor Aeternus
  939. Haloes Christian Death
  940. Bodies On The Avenue Tragic Black
  941. The Danzig Waltz Christian Death
  942. Holding Out For a Hero Sopor Aeternus
  943. Orchids In Ruin All Gone Dead
  944. Eternal Love Christian Death
  945. The Boy Has Built a Catacomb Sopor Aeternus
  946. ¿Dónde Estás? Crimson Tears
  947. Bending The Truth Crimson Tears
  948. Alligators Getting Up Curve
  949. That Dope Nigga 1/2 Dead Lil 1/2 Dead
  950. Dog Bone Curve
  951. All I Have Bella Morte
  952. Thin Ice Betty Curse
  953. Wish You Dead Curve
  954. Christina Bella Morte
  955. Banboro Koubou Aural Vampire
  956. Die Like A Dog Curve
  957. Winter Bella Morte
  958. Genom Aural Vampire
  959. Polaroid Curve
  960. Last Days Bella Morte
  961. Fall Into The Hands Of Evil Tyrant
  962. On the Wheel Curve
  963. Earth Angel Bella Morte
  964. This Is Not The Original Dream Beautiful Sin
  965. Spoiled & Rotten Darling Violetta
  966. Eyes Of a Ghost Bella Morte
  967. 2nd Sun Deine Lakaien
  968. Exorcisms Bella Morte
  969. Who Teaches You Devastation
  970. Fish Deine Lakaien
  971. Blue Tenebre
  972. Meet Your Maker Devastation
  973. Nobody's Wounded Deine Lakaien
  974. From Dusk Till Dawn The 69 Eyes
  975. Souls Of Sacrifice Devastation
  976. Wasted Years Deine Lakaien
  977. Devils The 69 Eyes
  978. Io Necrofilo Devastation
  979. Heart Made to be Mine Deine Lakaien
  980. L8r S8n The 69 Eyes
  981. Genetic Poisoning Devastation
  982. Go Away Bad Dreams Deine Lakaien
  983. Starshine The 69 Eyes
  984. House Of Tears Tiarra
  985. Underwater Delirium
  986. 30 The 69 Eyes
  987. El Sur Cooper
  988. In My Name The 69 Eyes
  989. Confessions Cooper
  990. Awakening Dreadful Shadows
  991. Suspiria Snow White The 69 Eyes
  992. Tales Of Innocence Gitane DeMone
  993. The Release Dreadful Shadows
  994. I Love The Darkness In You The 69 Eyes
  995. Tru blood The Lovecrave
  996. Lullaby Dreadful Shadows
  997. Beyond Redemption Anubis Gate
  998. Du Trefonds Des Tenebres Elend
  999. Rain The Awakening
  1000. Options - Going Nowhere Anubis Gate


  1. The Cure The Cure
  2. Evanescence Evanescence
  3. Zambayonny Zambayonny
  4. Akash Akash
  5. Lacrimosa Lacrimosa
  6. Lalo Rodriguez Lalo Rodriguez
  7. Sopor Aeternus Sopor Aeternus
  8. Migueli Migueli
  9. Blutengel Blutengel
  10. Voltaire Voltaire
  11. Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance
  12. Plastique Noir Plastique Noir
  13. Clan Of Xymox Clan Of Xymox
  14. Xmal Deutschland Xmal Deutschland
  15. Bauhaus Bauhaus
  16. Umbra Et Imago Umbra Et Imago
  17. The 69 Eyes The 69 Eyes
  18. Human Drama Human Drama
  19. Peter Murphy Peter Murphy
  20. Illuminate Illuminate
  21. The Sisters Of Mercy The Sisters Of Mercy
  22. Ataraxia Ataraxia
  23. London After Midnight London After Midnight
  24. Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn
  25. El Cuervo de Poe El Cuervo de Poe
  26. Diary of Dreams Diary of Dreams
  27. Siouxsie And The Banshees Siouxsie And The Banshees
  28. Camouflage Camouflage
  29. The Mission The Mission
  30. Love and Rockets Love and Rockets
  31. Christian Death Christian Death
  32. Alien Sex Fiend Alien Sex Fiend
  33. Diva Destruction Diva Destruction
  34. Nosferatu Nosferatu
  35. Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone
  36. Cooper Cooper
  37. Suilen Suilen
  38. The Frozen Autumn The Frozen Autumn
  39. Inkubus Sukkubus Inkubus Sukkubus
  40. Asriel Asriel
  41. Déborah Déborah
  42. Nervozni Postar Nervozni Postar
  43. Assemblage 23 Assemblage 23
  44. Poesie Noire Poesie Noire
  45. Danse Society Danse Society
  46. Dark Sanctuary Dark Sanctuary
  47. Priscilla Hernández Priscilla Hernández
  48. Dulce Liquido Dulce Liquido
  49. Depressive Dolls Depressive Dolls
  50. The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre
  51. Two Witches Two Witches
  52. Fields of the Nephilim Fields of the Nephilim
  53. Switchblade Symphony Switchblade Symphony
  54. Rasputina Rasputina
  55. Mephisto Walz Mephisto Walz
  56. Strangeways Strangeways
  57. Gene Loves Jezebel Gene Loves Jezebel
  58. Hydria Hydria
  59. The Candy Spooky Theater The Candy Spooky Theater
  60. This Mortal Coil This Mortal Coil
  61. Cinema Strange Cinema Strange
  62. Nox Arcana Nox Arcana
  63. I Am Ghost I Am Ghost
  64. Specimen Specimen
  65. Amduscia Amduscia
  66. Wolfsheim Wolfsheim
  67. Bel Canto Bel Canto
  68. Dreadful Shadows Dreadful Shadows
  69. Autumn Autumn
  70. Gothica Gothica
  71. Stoa Stoa
  72. Cranes Cranes
  73. Reflexion Reflexion
  74. L'Ame Immortelle L'Ame Immortelle
  75. Spectrum-x Spectrum-x
  76. Arcadia Arcadia
  77. Rockbitch Rockbitch
  78. The Crüxshadows The Crüxshadows
  79. 45 Grave 45 Grave
  80. Devastation Devastation
  81. Gothic Light Gothic Light
  82. Psychic TV Psychic TV
  83. Deine Lakaien Deine Lakaien
  84. Zadera Zadera
  85. Autumn Tears Autumn Tears
  86. Crysalys Crysalys
  87. Sacra Sacra
  88. Akinyele Akinyele
  89. Tapping The Vein Tapping The Vein
  90. Secret Discovery Secret Discovery
  91. Lycia Lycia
  92. Ancient Ancient
  93. Abwärts Abwärts
  94. Helium Vola Helium Vola
  95. Girls Under Glass Girls Under Glass
  96. Saviour Machine Saviour Machine
  97. Hannah Fury Hannah Fury
  98. Aeternitas Aeternitas
  99. The Nuns The Nuns
  100. Joachim Witt Joachim Witt
  101. Faith And The Muse Faith And The Muse
  102. Redemption Redemption
  103. Abonos Abonos
  104. Asrai Asrai
  105. Lunascape Lunascape
  106. Miranda Sex Garden Miranda Sex Garden
  107. Tamta Tamta
  108. Noturna Noturna
  109. Anubis Gate Anubis Gate
  110. Tiarra Tiarra
  111. Ashram Ashram
  112. Delirium Delirium
  113. All Gone Dead All Gone Dead
  114. Vampiria Vampiria
  115. Midnight Choir Midnight Choir
  116. Alight Alight
  117. Opera Multi Steel Opera Multi Steel
  118. Elend Elend
  119. Penumbra Penumbra
  120. The Awakening The Awakening
  121. Siouxsie Sioux Siouxsie Sioux
  122. Scarlet Leaves Scarlet Leaves
  123. Black Tape For A Blue Girl Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  124. Jardim do Silêncio Jardim do Silêncio
  125. Bloodflowerz Bloodflowerz
  126. Aural Vampire Aural Vampire
  127. All My Faith Lost All My Faith Lost
  128. Anno Zero Anno Zero
  129. Vanitas Vanitas
  130. Tragic Black Tragic Black
  131. Terminal Choice Terminal Choice
  132. Vitrine Vitrine
  133. Bella Morte Bella Morte
  134. Erben der Schöpfung Erben der Schöpfung
  135. Era Nocturna Era Nocturna
  136. Fear Cult Fear Cult
  137. Tearwave Tearwave
  138. Dakrua Dakrua
  139. The Tears Of Blood The Tears Of Blood
  140. Vincent Davies Vincent Davies
  141. Perpetual Dusk Perpetual Dusk
  142. Razed In Black Razed In Black
  143. Incrédula Incrédula
  144. Love Like Blood Love Like Blood
  145. ASP ASP
  146. The Merry Thoughts The Merry Thoughts
  147. Dark Forest Dark Forest
  148. Audra Audra
  149. Arcana Arcana
  150. The Dead Birds The Dead Birds
  151. Heel Heel
  152. Angel Corpse Angel Corpse
  153. 7th Moon 7th Moon
  154. Das Projekt der Krummen Mauern Das Projekt der Krummen Mauern
  155. Unter Null Unter Null
  156. Crimson Tears Crimson Tears
  157. 5 Generais 5 Generais
  158. Bloodforge Bloodforge
  159. Ministério Cenáculo Ministério Cenáculo
  160. Frank The Baptist Frank The Baptist
  161. 10 Kingdoms 10 Kingdoms
  162. Alle Sterne Sterben Alle Sterne Sterben
  163. Diminished 7 Diminished 7
  164. Die Form Die Form
  165. The Ghost Of Lemora The Ghost Of Lemora
  166. Star Industry Star Industry
  167. Cadavelico Cadavelico
  168. Gitane DeMone Gitane DeMone
  169. Icon & The Black Roses Icon & The Black Roses
  170. Estatic Fear Estatic Fear
  171. Banda Kafka Banda Kafka
  172. Juca Pirama e os Vigaristas Juca Pirama e os Vigaristas
  173. Betty Curse Betty Curse
  174. Darling Violetta Darling Violetta
  175. Weeping Silence Weeping Silence
  176. Raven Soul Raven Soul
  177. Trisomie 21 Trisomie 21
  178. One-Eyed Doll One-Eyed Doll
  179. Helalyn Flowers Helalyn Flowers
  180. Heartsbane Heartsbane
  181. Harmaja Harmaja
  182. Elegia Elegia
  183. Hungry Lucy Hungry Lucy
  184. Arte No Escuro Arte No Escuro
  185. Dengel Dengel
  186. Blink The Star Blink The Star
  187. Scary Bitches Scary Bitches
  188. Gerard McMann Gerard McMann
  189. And Also The Trees And Also The Trees
  190. Sunseth Midnight Sunseth Midnight
  191. In Strict Confidence In Strict Confidence
  192. Angelzoom Angelzoom
  193. End of You End of You
  194. Anders Manga Anders Manga
  195. Tyrant Tyrant
  196. Akoma Akoma
  197. Peccatum Peccatum
  198. Clown Clown
  199. Launcelot Launcelot
  200. Ikon (Austrália) Ikon (Austrália)
  201. Forgive-Me-Not Forgive-Me-Not
  202. All About Eve All About Eve
  203. New Days Delay New Days Delay
  204. Sellyy Sellyy
  205. Tenebre Tenebre
  206. Exílio Exílio
  207. Pecadores Pecadores
  208. Lesbian Bed Death Lesbian Bed Death
  209. Theatre Of Ice Theatre Of Ice
  210. Dargaard Dargaard
  211. A Banda Invisível A Banda Invisível
  212. Leandra Leandra
  213. Scream Silence Scream Silence
  214. Gretchen (rock) Gretchen (rock)
  215. Anomally Anomally
  216. Beautiful Sin Beautiful Sin
  217. Amos Amos
  218. Madder Mortem Madder Mortem
  219. Dynabyte Dynabyte
  220. Tales Of Dark Tales Of Dark
  221. Lil 1/2 Dead Lil 1/2 Dead
  222. Curve Curve
  223. Days Are Nights Days Are Nights
  224. Zeraphine Zeraphine
  225. Dias de Rua Dias de Rua
  226. Necromance Necromance
  227. Nempty Nempty
  228. Cabine C Cabine C
  229. The Lovecrave The Lovecrave
  230. Project Pitchfork Project Pitchfork
  231. The Shroud The Shroud