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Uffington Horse

Come ye in of your own free will
Sit ye down and have a drink
Ease your pain as the night grows chill
In a warm chair you can sink
Hang your coat, doff your cap
Strike the road dust from your shoes
Draw an ale from the wooden tap
It's the best of all our brews

Turn your head, look over your shoulder
Tell me now what do you see?
Buildings of man in a nameless town
Or enchantment of the gentry?

You ate our food and you drank our wine
Now it's time to have a song-
You can leave while you have the time
Or you can sing along-
Tell us a tale, sing us a tune
Or dance with the girl in green
Tell us who you are and what you've done
And the mysteries you've seen

The stories told and the music played
Go on through endless time
Some are dark, some are gay
In free form or in rhyme-
Lilt and lyric weave a cloth
As soft as a velvet gown
That wraps you as a flame to moth
While you slowly settle down

Your eyes will close as you start to doze
As your head back slowly slips
The finest wine will around you bind
As it tingles on your lips
The dawn will grow the cock will crow
But you'll never hear that call
'tis the finest inn t' which you ere have been
so you may not leave at all!

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