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Ichabod Crane

Uffington Horse

Walkin' through the town in a fancy learned way,
Talk is goin' 'round and we're bettin' you don't stay
The Horseman's out for glory and your head you cannot keep
If you don't believe the stories when the Hollow is asleep

Such a tasty morsel but you cannot have her yet
Don't act in haste, of course, because she's someone else's pet
Teacher I beseech you now to try to keep your head
And don't tumble with van Tassel in a fluffy feather bed

Ichabod Crane, don't go ridin' tonight
There's a bright bloody stainin' on the pale moonlight
Bullfrog cryin' out a wicked refrain
Are you listenin' to him singin' "Ichabod Crane"

The Horseman rides a stallion that's as black as winter's night
Courses through the valley in attempt to give us fright
If you think of midnight strollin', better think upon it twice
'cause your head will go a-rollin' just as smooth as loaded dice

Now don't you be forgettin' that they say he cannot fail
Not a soul has met him who has lived to tell the tale
He'll decapitate you quick and dead and never show remorse
And he'll gather up your severed head and feed it to his horse

So if you're out at evening and you see a head of flame
Too late to start believing, you have just yourself to blame
Your safety lies within a chance that only happens when
You hastily cross the covered bridge and not return again

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