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Animals All The Same

Uffington Horse

We walk on two legs, hold our heads up high
No other animal dare meet us in the eye
We're so superior, we've come so far
Too bad we've forgotten the animals we are

What is the difference between feathers and hair,
The handprint of a human or the one of a bear?
We all roar with laughter, we all howl with tears,
Show our teeth when angry, and lay back our ears

The passion's within you
Whispering what you want to be
Take a look in the mirror
What animal do you wish to see?

A man is a young buck, a woman, a fox
Raccoons all where black masks and horses have socks
A monkey's got uncles, and in time, you will see
All this foolish behavior makes an ass out of me

We each meet our animal in its time and place
While gazing into it's eyes, we see our own face
It'll teach us and guide us if we but call it's name
For under one starry sky we're animals all the same

Animals are precious, without them we'd be lost
But we still conquer land and sea, regardless of the cost
We laugh in the face of Nature, defying Her great plan
Now, who's the dumber species, the animals or man?

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