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Camden Town

Uffington Horse

Walkin' through London with time to spend
Go uptown with a trusted friend
Head straight out and around the bend
Everything you want's at the northern end

In Camden Town, Camden Town
Whispered through the underground
Every desire of man's been found
Hidden in the streets of Camden Town!

Silk and leather and lace and chain
Weave together in patterns plain
Hawkers cry with a wild refrain
One man's loss is another man's gain

"What do you wish?" they'll ask of me
"A crystal ball so that you can see?
All that has been or is yet to be!
Fifteen pounds and a penny three!"

"Handsome lad what is you're desire?"
"A red haired girl by a cracklin' fire
with rosy lips that would never tire!"
"Sign your name on the line, dear Squire!"

"Little wee lass, what is you're delight?"
"A fuzzy top hat in black and white,
thigh high boots and a skirt so tight!"
"Better check it out with your mum tonight!"

Every shape and color and size
Presented here as a perfect prize
All your dreams will materialize
Just pay the clerk and close your eyes!

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