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Pirate Bill and Squidly

Uffington Horse

Pirate Bill and Squidly came jumpin' through the sky
Said Pirate Bill to Squidly, "It's a damn fine day to die!"
"For the sun is up, the sky is clear, there's no cloud bank to be found
Oh, they say the sky's the limit but we both know it's the ground!"

Mountains capped in snow white hats and skies of azure blue
A hundred-twenty miles an hour's just fine for me and you
Oh there's always chance of failure but we make that choice to fall
For how can you leap into your life if you never jump at all?

No limits and no fear!
Better check out all your gear
Got safety on a ribbon and you'll find
With your sneakers on a cloud
No whiners are allowed
And the only limit in this world
Is the one within your mind

Pirate Bill and Squidly, they took me out to play
Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, "You will learn to live today,"
"Just arch your back and spread your arms, let the wind scream in your ears
and when you have finally touched the ground, you'll have turned back twenty years"

With Pirate Bill and Squidly, I'm at fifteen thousand feet
Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, "On the ground now we shall meet."
"Oh, you've come this far, claim who you are, there's no time left to hedge"
And hanging on those words alone, I stepped right off the edge

Spinning and falling, your destiny calling
You don't think of death 'cause you can't catch your breath
You're moving so fast and you want it to last
And you're only just starting to let out a smile
The world spins around and you stare at the ground
And its so far away and you just want to stay
In the air a bit more, this is what life is for
And the chute opens up and you stop!

Pirate Bill and Squidly came floating through the sky
Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, "Now you know how it's to fly."
"For your heart is quick, your breath is short, and eyes are filled with pools,
And your life can be just like this if you follow these few rules."

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