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Up In The Loft

Uffington Horse

Up the backless staircase,
to the dark ahead
This is the loft of my place,
with memories long dead
Oh, but yesterday I heard it,
with it's haunting mournful cry,
I don't know how I'll word it,
but I'll look it in the eye

Something's Up in the loft,
better shake it down
Cobweb trim on a corseted gown,
Mirrors reflecting an alien face,
daggers dissecting and leaving no trace
Something's Up in the Loft

A brown and binded ledger,
with a spider squished inside
I trimmed it with the edger,
but the stain I couldn't hide
I glanced upon it's pages,
my heart had filled with dread
"Thou art doomed throughout the ages",
was all the damned thing said

Shadows dancing on the wall,
Footsteps sounding down the hall,
The candle's short but the flame burns tall,
Something's Up in the Loft

I dusted off the steamer trunk,
I broke the frozen latch
I opened to some slimy gunk,
with an egg about to hatch
The room filled with a thin glow,
the egg began to sway
So I threw it out the window,
and watched it fly away

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