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Never Lose Hope

Uffington Horse

Things grow darker every day
Can't remember what I'm thinking
Pretty soon I'll loose my way
And into dark despair I'm sinking

In my mind I'm cold and tired
Yet my heart insists on beating
I pray once more to be inspired
I hear a little voice repeating

Never lose hope because your spirit never dies
You're stronger than you think if you open up your eyes
Take a look inside yourself and then 'round where you stand
And maybe, yes, just maybe the answer's waiting in your hand

Friends are calling on my name
To raise their spirits I endeavor
Their pain, like mine, is just the same
I tell them "No, it's not forever!"

Step by step, it's darker still
Every vein inside is severing
Going on's an act of will
And on that voice I'm betting everything

Become as simple as the wind or as the beasts upon the earth
Learn to control the inner power that was bestowed on you at birth
May have to give yourself a shove or just step back and take a breath
When you have conquered fear of love, you know that you have conquered death

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