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Fallen Angel

Uffington Horse

A thousand tears I have shed
A million hearts before my very eyes bled
Broken down to my knees
The Devil deaf to my merciful pleas

Silver feathers torn to shreds
Red blood upon my shoulder
Down on my knees in the depths of hell
God, have mercy on this fallen angel

I lay me down to sleep
The Devil has my soul forever to keep
Freedom's dream is my vice
But I don't know if I dare pay the price

For what is freedom,
But a way to weigh you down?
A match to burning fire
A cup of water when you drown?

Three tender souls are the cost
If I walk free their lives forever are lost
Should I go or stay?
I just don't know 'cause it's Hell either way

How long in torture must I lie?
By God, I wish to Hell that angels could die!

God have mercy on me!

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