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Fortune's Daughter

Uffington Horse

She was standin' in the lamplight
Of the rain wet street below
You were searchin' for a soft sight
So you stopped to say "Hello"
With a wry grin, and a sly look
Oh, you took her in your dreams
But she read you like an old book
'Cause she isn't what she seems

Dancin' with fortune's daughter
Circling high across the water
Racing from the sunrise
Wishing for a reprise
When she'll roll your bones again
Fortune's daughter

You were ready for some fast sport
As you stood there in the lane
With your skin tight and your breath short
But your hopes were all in vain
With your blood up and your guard down
Oh, she brought you to your knees
She said softly with a sad frown
"You have met your destiny"

With a loud crack and a bright flash
Oh, she rolled a set of dice
When they landed with a small splash
Well, your soul was frozen ice
Now you wander like a stray dog
Always huntin' for a bone
And you whimper in the cold fog
As you search for Fortune's Crone

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