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A Bittersweet (Retrospective)


It's with bittersweet remembrance/
I walked away from innocence./
And now it seems so far away/
we were climbing roofs on summerdays.

Picture this: The mid eighties./
Up to no good kids ready to get crazy./
Big babies never wanted to grow up./
It's perfect like it is ten years old's enough./
Didn't know much about the world outside./
But it was only a matter of time/
cus time run fast in every way/
and fifteen years back seems like yesterday./
When I rocked fat laces and copped my first lp,/
wrote my first rhymes inspired by P.E./
I couldn't wait to bum rush the show./
Ask my parents, they were first to know./
They thought that I was gonna stick to rhymin'./
Couldn't believe their son was criminal minded./
But all I ever wanted was my name on the wall,/
sprayin' it all who are you sayin' I'm wrong?/
We had bad moments and good times./
we move fast, no time to look twice./
Days became weeks and weeks became months./
Things around me changin' but I remain the same one.

It's with bittersweet remembrance./
There's laughter and there's violence./
It did not matter who was right/
in the backseat on a summernight.

Picture this: The mid nineties./
When hip hop ruled everything around me./
We formed Looptroop, did a couple of tapes./
Sold the copies away in a couple of days./
And when the night came we got busy./
It was war with the cops here in Punk rock city./
We used to get chased on the bikes./
"Blåljus!! Äh, jag drar!" Cus I ain't facin' no trial./
But two times they got me./
So what, I got a fine, fine that couldn't stop me./
Me and Linus (R.I.P) just laughed in court./
After dark we're goin' back of course./
Years passed, they were runnin' away./
Got new friends and lost some on the way./
Time flies and it ain't no way to hold it up./
It's that bittersweet feeling of growin' up.

Day after day my heart just keep beatin'./
That bittersweet feeling it come creepin'./
I'm gettin' stressed out of life itself./
No more, no less this is what I get. (X2)

And with bittersweet remembrance/
we walked around 'til it made sense./
And though it seems so far away./
The children here still sound the same.

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