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Don't Hate the Player


What you want? Hot shit to the death./
How do you like this sound? Exactly what I meant./
Looptroop is hotness for Babylon intruders,/
gun salute shooters & everyday music consumers./
You can't bruise us, better chew that paper./
Talk shit, we a go slew the perpetrators./
We heard you hate us, we hurt you fakers./
It takes more than your jealous ass to break us./
This shit is pumpin' wrecking your sound detector./
After twenty records still top choice for selectors./
In every sector all over the tour,/
we bring an all out war on all of your laws./
We go all out raw all over your domain./
The whole world know these four, who knows your name?/
We leavin' stains on your parliaments,/
then go to the next sold out show, who want arguments?

Don't hate the player, don't hate the game./
Hate the troop man we take all blame,/
that you got no money, you got no fame,/
that you got no honeys, you got no name

Lace up your sneakers, show off with your speakers./
Now, raise up your glass, make sure it's twelve centilitres./
Blao, salute the dj when the crowd's off the meters./
Aaoh, let's make it hot, tank tops and wife beaters./
Yo, go tell your women I'm an asshole, I don't care./
No, I don't get lucky, that's skill, life's unfair./
Wow, I know it hurts to see the girls, see the gear./
So, you gotta let it out on somebody in here./
True, I understand, I make you look bad in your hometown./
Fool, but I'm a leave tomorrow, you'll get back that torn crown./
Cool, swallow your pride, get up here, gimme a false pound./
Boo, tough on your ego, but it's rough to be small time./
Ok, two can play that game, I'll shake your hand and smile, fuck it./
Say, nothing man, I'm working in my high so cut it./
Hey, I know the best thing we could do is stay above it./
Ha ha, you must hate the troop as much as I love it!


Yo I'm bringin' the monstafunk your babymoms a pump,/
the ladies' hearts a thump, your neighbours´ cars a bump/
this shit till they cause a roadblock for four blocks./
You say call the riotsquad! I say poor cops!/
They don't know what they're in for./
They won't come prepared they didn't get the right info/
...mation, no bio, no presentation./
Well here it is man - the proper education./
The lowdown on the whole sound./
Hope you're good at taking notes cus I wont slow down, check it!/
Looptroop is the textbook example:/
You can't fuck with beats, texts, hooks and samples./
A classic before it even hits the plastic./
But can they do it again? No need to ask it./
You know we bring it from the heart every time./
You know you need to press start then rewind/
or you might miss a vital part of the rhyme,/
cus that's just the type of thought we design./
So Looptroop is still hated by everyone,/
cus Looptroop is still better than anyone... what!?


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