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Somewhere a new baby's born/
could there be somewhere a new day be dawned/
Promoe kicks rhymes with an amazing form/
despite the hate and scorn and the crazy norm/
I praise the morn, the light at the end of the tunnel/
the fire burning we got songs in a bundle/
From the Wax cabinet the late night sessions/
workin' till the sun beams comin' thrue to bless us/
Restless souls in the freshest mode/
dedicated to makin it hot in a place that's cold/
So beautiful at the same time poisonous/
put drugs in the food cus they wanna poison us/
So I nyam on no meat land on both feet/
blow kisses to the women of the world you're so sweet/
Grow seeds planted in fertile soil/
plenty of love and light so the birth ain't spoiled/
The birth of a baby girl a brave new world/
the birth of a brand new album that straight will burn/
And make you turn away from the run of the mill in this/
new era of musical possibilities/
From the camp that brought you anthems like let me see/
the whole back catalogue from DVSG/
And here's what people like you had to say about/
the new album that just came out/

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