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Winona Ryder


I spot the candid camera, it got the panorama/
view on my crew from the top so I climb the ladder/
and drop the heavy hammer, and rock the country grammar/
from Västerås all in your face like a gang bandana/
Drivin' your ass bananas and now you plan to hang us/
cause we yellin' out: "Fuck the star spangled banners"/
I ain't a fan of manners, so what you tryin' to tell us/
You better cancel christmas because we strangled Santa/
I know you can not stand us, I know you hella jealous/
madder than the maddest hatters cus you ain't had the status/
The baddest rappers pullin' the baddest mama jammas/
titanic asses, that shit you can't manage, man it's...

over if you try to F with us/
You can't be sober, man why you wanna mess with us/
Come on man we older, plus we got the best with us/
Straight up soldiers, your shit ain't impressin' us/

You spit against me you spit on the fire/
no use, no name - oof you been on a flyer/
You got two options: you win or retire/
If I should take a guess man you dead on arrival/
Rappers keep rappin' but I shit on a rival/
Haters keep hatin', deejays spinnin' the vinyl/
Where that bandit queen, if I could only find her/
I´m on a shoplifting spree with Winona Ryder/
Pick me up in the truck 20 inch rim on the tyre/
check her new movie then take a spin on the highway/
Ride days and nights she ain't gonna tire/
I be like damn where you been all my life...

then it's over, when police come stressin' us/
They pullin' us over, man I swear they tryin' to set us up/
Cus she was drivin' sober, but they lyin' and say she drunk/
Then she tapped me on my shoulder, said hold on we gon' have some fun/

Pedal to the metal straight up rebel without a pause/
lowerin' the level she ain't never been down with laws/
Ready when you ready - Yeah whatever man just be off/
Together forever or at least till she drop me off/
Beggin' on the phone for her to come home/
Sittin' all alone all while she run on/
out to save the world, yo baby girl/
a lot of work to be done, feel like a jerk with a song/
going: Girl, won't you come home/
come home to your schlookum, Bosseschlook/
Come home to your schlookum, schlookum/
I´m so happy you're my lover/
To be fe me lover/
oh girl you got the qualifications/
Cus I was checkin' you out/
and now you're with me/
So if you leave me now it' s pain and misery/
for me/
Cus you're a girl that is so sweet/
as sweet as can be...

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