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Declaration of Motivation


We're doing this for meditation and soul salvation/
We're doing this for people in poor nations/
In depressed occasions will help you keeping the faith/
mental medication for those who's waiting in vain/
We're doing this for you to sleep to and dream to/
we're doing this for you to eat to and breath to/
and of course for all the weed heads to get their smoke on/
we give the cops something that they get choke off/
We're doing this for you to bomb the city to/
because we're doing this for all graffiti crews/
we're doing this for love couples to get intimate to/
and if you're feeling this too let the adrenaline through/
and the shit we make is like maze for evil eyes/
cus our music is made for equal rights/
We're doing this for the old school fans/
and to pump in your van, you know that soulful chant/
This is for cityrats and alleycats/
and those who's being stabbed in the back and no longer having that/
We're doing this for illegal soundsystems/
this is musical fire, hot and sizzlin'/
We're doing this for you to dance to, get in trance to/
we're doing this for you to pose in a b-boy stance to/
We're doing this for Sweden and overseas/
no matter the country we at, we preach freedom of speach/

We're doing this to get a positive vibe/
and to rockin' it live for the fattest possible crowd/
We're doing this for free travels, mc battles/
so step aside, your style's dead, a weak challenge/
We're doing this for self supporting rackers/
everyday hustlers, indie freaks and backpackers/
We're doing this for innocent prisoners/
we´re all trapped with the cops on our backs dissin' us/
We're doing this to spread the word, make us heard/
in every stinking rat-hole around the world/
We're doing this for 1200 deckjockin´/
suitable for aggressive headnodding/
We're doing this for those who hate the troop and/
we're doing this so the papers get their scoop and/
I gotta say this, we're doing this for the ladies/
sophisticated women and bikini babies/
We're doing this to continue spit anthems/
you can't ban us we´ll keep dropping hit albums/
We used to do this to get our name on a flyer/
nowadays it's the money and the fame that inspires/

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