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Last Song


I write with a great vengeance./
Sort of like I'm innocent facing a death sentence,/
like I might not even finish my next sentence,/
like all I got left to live is ten seconds./
The clock's ticking this could be my last song,/
my last will if you will before I pass on./
I'd like to pass on some words that a last long,/
and mean something even after rap's gone./
Despite all the wickedness in the wilderness,/
and the fact that my life kind of been a mess,/
if I die tomorrow I feel no bitterness./
No sorrow and not one bit of stress./
I'm feeling blessed that I made it this far,/
my 26th year, my 14th bar./
I see the sunshine, feel the bass line./
Listen to it tellin' us not to waste time...

Cus if I'd die tomorrow,/ I'd feel no kind of sorrow./ I'd smile at my memories,/ and pray for my enemies.

Man, tough I´m sad I had to go and all, I´m so glad I got to know you all./
Don´t feel bad, I hope I told you all/
we had one hell of a ride so far./
If I did die, oh Lord, no need to cry, oh Lord/
cus I´ve been around. And been around friends who's been around since/
my story begins, seen my flaws and my sins./
I had the women, loved them all. Most the bads was my fault!/
Hope you forgive me and remember me by our happiest memories./
I tend to be afraid to give my heart away,/
but you was my light, and if It´s dark today, I know you'll rise and shine someway!/
I went away on my way up, but that's a good way to leave!/
Believe me when I say - You made it easy being me!


And mom, you taught me how to see things from the bright side./
That's why my brother survived, why you and dad stayed tight/
though you divorced and broke up. Now I ran outta luck/
but I know you grow stronger when the going gets tough!/
Hope I made you proud, hope you didn't worry too much,/
about my drinking and drugs, it never came between us./
Didn't keep no secrets, always told you about stuff./
And I know you know I love you, and to me that's enough...

So if I die rich and famous in the hall of fame,/
or in a prison nameless with a ball and chain./
Sky high above the clouds and the fallin' rain./
Makin' love to my woman hear her call my name,/
or bangin' my head against a brick wall in pain./
If the last days of my life I was called insane,/
it's all love cus it's all the same,/
and if I'd get a new life nothing at all I'd change...


I wouldn't undo it if I could - hell maybe I should,/
but it's one life to live, one love - it's all good./
Think I did ok at least enjoyed it while it lasted./
Think of how we laughed shit I'm smilin' in my casket./
Though I may have caused some beefs, and indeed I regret all,/
may have pissed off my peops. Best believe I won't forget y'all,/
when I'm chillin' in hiphop heaven or spittin' burners in hell,/
I hope you got your health and you're at peace with yourself./
Became older and wiser I hope you toast to my name./
I sit beside you guys even when my bones in the grave./
I got so much more to say, but this the end of the song,/
so just rewind the tape and don't mind singin' along... come on!


If this is the last song,/ and these are last days./ If the show really can't go on,/ then I'm catching the last train. X2

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