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Fruits of Babylon


I grew from Babylon soil, born to consume and destroy./
I know that cash is king, I breath cocaine, bleed oil./
Made to rise above all, success' my ultimate goal./
I'm a do what it takes, and bring you down if a fall./
Handle my business with war, attack the poor, while praising the lord./
Raised to be raw, but act polite - for the show./
Let the cameras roll, I got no doubts or regrets./
Live off thousands of deaths, keep no promises - only threats/
You politicians preaching your vision of the truth./
Never cared about us and our point of view/
cus your campaigns only promote the killing fields./
Children cry but you don't hear, people die but you can't see/
cus war is big biz the big guys get rich/
livin' off the poor and gain money on sick kids./
It's a show for those who can afford the price/
but turn that shit off I won't let you gamble with my life!

We don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows./ We don't need your politicians to know which way to go./ We don't need your teachers, leave the kids alone,/ and we don't need the poisonous fruits of Babylon

Babylon - always recruiting plotting./ Babylon - but yo, my crew been watching./ Babylon - and if your roots forgotten./ Babylon - then your fruits will rotten.

I drink away the pain, on top of the food chain./
The fast life, fast lane, view people as loose change./
Piss champagne, not really hungry - but I'm eating,/
Grow fat for no reason, and though it's hot, my hearts freezing/
Look into the mirror do you see what I see?/
I'm a reflection of your actions and will always be/
the result of your plans, the breed of your scams,/
and I'll forever be a prisoner of your land/
Hey, I'm the good guy, modern man, enlightened, I understand./
Y'all don't seem to get it, why should I care about a foreign land?/
You with me or against me, fight for the love of money./
Join me in this good life, sell your soul for blood money


I don't vote, I cut a politician's throat./
Hang him with the same rope as I do the pope,/
cus I see the hope in the eyes of our children./
I won't go for your bribes of your millions,/
cus I see no future in the lies and the killings./
We all saw what happened to financial buildings./
It's all for a reason whether right or wrong,/
somebody felt their people had been dying to long./
Revenge, retaliation and stupid pride/
on both sides. So we keep losing lives - /
worldwide. I sing this one for our mothers,/
take a sec to recollect just how much they love us...



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