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Shit son I got my notice of eviction/
next day they hit me with an unjust conviction/
What is this fiction? I ain't in to superstition/
but somebody's on a mission to fuck with me/
Everybody's in on it from record labels to travel agents/
to government agents and radio stations/
And people cancelling shows those damn silly hoes/
same cowards that won't air our videos/
Too hot for TV and banned from radio/
and when's the album droppin' fans are waiting yo/
This one is for yall I hope you're hearing me/
we all got a job to combat the conspiracy...

Against DVSG's/
every single industry always deceiving me/
It's a conspiracy against DVSG's/
they're out to get Embee, Cosmic, Supreme and me/

After I wrote this rhyme I hade to eat the paper/
and after hearing this rhyme you might meet your maker/
Cus anybody with this knowledge is considered a risk/
so if you see the police kid get rid of the disc/
And if you're scared of getting family members murdered/
turn the music off right now pretend you never heard it/
Any brave soul still out there ready to hear my story/
about how the whole world is conspiratory/
Nah I'm not paranoid I always got a pair of boys/
in blue on the look out for me and my crew/
It's a fact the government consider our music a threat/
and they ain't happy until Looptroop crew's in a net/
They want us losing our necks to keep the fool's in a check/
but yo schlooks and schlookettes they ain't ruling us yet/
They wanna stop our communication with the world's population/
cus on popular demand we bring hip hop emancipation/


They wanna shoot us up they wanna shoot us down/
they wanna lock us up they wanna lock us down.
They wanna bruck us up they wanna bruck us down/
they wanna fuck us up they bring the ruckus now.

They don't like the likes of us/
They don't like the lines I bust/
They do like to fight and fuss/
and claim that I don't have the right to cuss/
Well I keep spitting till the mike a rust/
I keep giving that type of rush/
I make the youths them hype enough/
for po po to pull out the nines and cuffs/
And I smash their face red like a blush/
I turn the crowd into psycho thugs/
I turn hip hop spots into biker clubs/
and make the scene explode like dynamite and such/
And they can't stop this fire burning/
they can't top this higher learning/
They got cops and sly attorneys/
foolish dogs keep barkin' at this flying bird it's...




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