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Fly Away


Even when we not on tour I'm sleeping on the floor./
Always on the road, on the couch, or with some girl I don't know./
Hear myself say - I gotta go, I gotta leave, we gotta roll,/
a restless soul, mom I love you, promise I'll give you a call/
once we checked out, sound checked, checked in the hotel room./
Yeah, I know you want that same kind of perfume,/
off course I'll get it, get my brother on the phone./
Tell grandma I'll help her with that garden stuff as soon as I'm home./
We'll sit down and talk when I'm in Västerås/
I don't know when, but once I'll get, I'll send you my schedule for shows./
I'll call the booking right away, I'm going down to Jay in Malmoe,/
meet up with the guys in Gothenburg, work on the album./
They say, home is where you're heart at, don't know where to start at,/
got loved ones all over, cross oceans and borders./
I mean I love to travel, hate to fly, I want to go, but hate goodbyes/
plus it's getting worse - Looptroop is on the rise./
At times you'd like to press pause, no more ciaos and adios,/
but I'll be back in bit, now I'm out, business calls.

I gotta fly away./ Gotta catch the train./ We gotta catch the plane/ but I really can't complain./ We gotta fly away./ Pack my bags today./ We gotta ride the wave./ See you in a couple of days./

I'm sorry for all I'm sorrys that came too late./
I'm sorry for the times that I went away/
but yo, I'm still here cus my love came to stay./
Remember that even though the weather is grey today./
I know we had some situations and I hate to say/
that I don't know the answers and how to erase the pain./
Close your eyes for the things that led us astray./
Then open them up towards a straighter way./
All I ever wanted was to hear you say my name./
Capture this second we'll forever stay the same./
I take the blame for all my great escapes,/
there's a high price to pay for travellin´ state to state./
I'm gone right now but you won't wait in vain./
I'll be back before you know it to put the aches on layaway./
Don't be afraid I know we'll remain ok,/
till I'll be back keep in touch through the radio waves./

Sometimes I fly away/ but don't cry babe/ cus you know I love you girl/ and you know that you're my world./ It's just you and me,/ that's the way we supposed to be./

You flew away like you were scared that I would clip your wings/
after five years we haven't kicked it since,/
but straight up this ain't no pimpin' thing:/
You a true queen baby only fit for kings./
Maybe I couldn't see in the midst of things,/
now in my chain of life you're the missin' link./
Just to hear your voice used to lift my chin,/
and I still feel the taste from when I kissed your skin./
I'm looking at your picture wishing we'd click again,/
next time I make sure to get our shit in synch,/
next time I be your man through the thick and thin./
I promise no more committing wicked sins./
I buy you a house with a picket fence,/
get you everything you could give me twins./
No bullshit on tour never hittin' skins,/
chasin' no groupies with chicken wings./
Not the type to chain you between bed and kitchen sink,/
I merely praise the place where your lips begin./
Your hips begin - I know you're quick to think:/
It's pathetic, but I'd be the richest prince,/
if you once more unzip and let me sip your drink./
Addicted to your love worse than nicotine./
But there's too much pain for me to dig within,/
so I'm a let the music massage my crippled limbs.../

and just fly away/ into my hideaway/ sometimes I lie awake/ and cry the night away/ why you had to fly away?/ Now you miles away./ You took my smile away/ why couldn't you have stayed?

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