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Bandit Queen


Ey yo bust it: when the police come yo she ready for whatever./
Never talk to the cops cus she got her mind together,/
a down to earth mother earth living at the speed of life./
She don't need a ring to be my wife./
A truly independent woman not a destiny's child,/
not depending on money or fashion to have style./
She got nuff style - rough style - diamond in the ruff./
Not a dimepiece in the back, she a diamond in the front/ by my side ready to ride,/
with a smile on her face when she let me inside./
What is this? I need a gangsta bitch, I need love,/
I need a ride or die bitch? None of the above./
I need a terrorist chick taking care of this dick./
Ain't nothing superficial like marriage and shit./
A truly holy matrimony she my homie,/
I forget about this evil world when she hold me...

She love love like I do./ She need sex like I do./ She love freedom like I do./ She need music like I do.

I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen),/a real woman that can bring out the man in me./ I said a bandit queen (a bandit queen),/ independent enough so she can handle me./ Ey yo a bandit queen (yes a bandit queen),/ she the mother of humanity./ I need a bandit queen (a bandit queen),/ She look good but she not into vanity.

I need a riot girl not a violent girl,/
but one that knows how to defend herself when they try to quiet her./
In this manmade era of gangrapes and terror/
where most men can't face the mirror./
She overcome cus she positive./
She live in love and she love to live./
She love to give and love to take./
She don't compete cus she above the fake./
She don't deal with no silly silicone./
Even when I'm not with her I don't really feel alone,/
cus there's a metaphysical bond between us./
Strong as my penis want the venus./
I need the butts and no maybes./
I see some ladies tonight that should be having my babies./
You know what I mean?/
Wanna roll with my team well you know what I need…


I need a bandit queen, but man it seems/
that the whole world is living in some candy dream,/
They want a plastic screen - not flesh and blood./
They want some bad machine - not blessed love./
They're stressed enough for ulcers and bloodclouts,/
grey hairs and great fears of what nots./
I feel alone in this cold world,/
but out of 5 billion people there should be a soulgirl./
My soulmate not afraid to hold weight./
Baby your soulfood I love it homemade./
The way you stir it up I ain't coming home late./
Your recipe is so tasty - give me the whole plate!



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