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Big in Japan


I'm all city like graffiti, better yet all country/
'bout to go all planet if it goes the way I planned it/
Fanatic fan addict but a man at it/
Looptroop's a sickness now we're lettin' Japan have it/
Givin' a bad habit no matter who distributes/
no matter what record label I gotta spit the truth/
The illest troop you can't keep a good sound down/
in Tokyo my shit is heard around town/
I'm screamin' on emcees: unless you drop gems please/
shut the fuck up, hand over your benz' keys/
The way I see things in Europe, nobody's fuckin' with this/
and in the states, well I don't really wanna dis/
But some rappers take hip hop for granted/
watch me run up in their spot like moe and mike mecanic/
Panic! When my rhymes cross the atlantic/
then cross the pacific if it goes the way I planned it/
Fanatic fan addict but a man at it/
Looptroop's a sickness now we lettin' Japan have it!/

You diggin' me man: Looptroop big in Japan/
kick the real shit and get 3 million fans/
World supremacy/ p-r-o-m-o-e/
I said you diggin' me man Looptroop is big in Japan/
spit that rah rah shit and get 6 million fans/
World supremacy/ s-u-p-r-e-m-e/

Hell yeah this be Supreme from the Looptroop singers/
known for hit singles and stiff middle fingers/
Just ring us, then bring us for the time of your life/
we'll forever be a part of your life cus of your two timing wife/
Tout le monde we world wide/
your fan base is your man's place they thought your tape was aight/
Since you ain't nothing in the streets you pose to be a club thug/
all hyped up but never really done shit like that millennium bug/
Cos of the drugs, sex and alcohol/
I'm in this to rip the clubs, decks and microphones/
In Tokyo and former Russia/
informers rush the set cus of we hollerin' anarchy like Busta/
And cuss the downpressor men from the top of my lungs/
till they start makin' sense and be dropppin' their guns/
Once my crew gets to speak out they freak out/
this ain't supposed to leak out we ain't supposed to sneak out/
The back door with black dough, Looptroop is like WHOA/
conquerin' the world in two triple O's/
so: do panic, that bull shit can it/
my crew's a sickness and now we letting Japan have it/

You diggin' me man Looptroop is big in Japan/
teach the youths the truth and get 10 million fans/
World supremacy/ Cos to the m-i-c/

It's the DVSG entreprenuers/
cruisin' thru the underground systems to the Japanese sewers/
Nobody boo us they more like: sayonara/
glad you came, it's the bomb! aight peace we feel honored/
We stand as one build as one swarm/
and travel to the other side of the planet to perform/
I look to the east (why?) yo do I even have to mention it/
this western world got us trapped in censorship/
Cus everything that I say is political/
and everything that I write makes me a suspected criminal/
Subliminal adertising behind enemy lines/
you'll find the message between the lines when you rewind/
dlrow eht reuqnoc srekcoR poortpooL/
lriws ot eunitnoc lliw srekcoR poortpooL/
starting point right here we just landed/
Looptroop's the illest virus now we're lettin' Japan have it/

Diggin' me man: Looptroop big in Japan/
building a plan to get millions of fans/
Blao blao bo bo bo/ Supreme, Cosmic, Embee and Promoe/
Du ligger i lä, Looptroop sticker iväg/
över till Japan är jiggy där mä'/

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