1. Like A Stone Audioslave
  2. Creep Radiohead
  3. Let Her Go Passenger
  4. The Less I Know The Better Tame Impala
  5. Don't Speak No Doubt
  6. Take Me To Church Hozier
  7. Sex On Fire Kings Of Leon
  8. What's Up? 4 Non Blondes
  9. Losing My Religion R.E.M.
  10. Use Somebody Kings Of Leon
  11. The Reason Hoobastank
  12. Be Yourself Audioslave
  13. Can't Take My Eyes Off You Muse
  14. My Life Is Going On Cecilia Krull
  15. Me Cago En El Amor Tonino Carotone
  16. Stuck On The Puzzle Alex Turner
  17. Just Another Girl The Killers
  18. Ready To Let Go Cage The Elephant
  19. Saturn Sleeping At Last
  20. Clint Eastwood Gorillaz
  21. Let You Know Hoobastank
  22. Antes Que Al Mio Los Claxons
  23. Madness Muse
  24. Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz
  25. Somewhere Only We Know Keane
  26. La Posibilidad Los Claxons
  27. Home SEVENTEEN
  28. Already Gone Sleeping At Last
  29. Show Me How To Live Audioslave
  30. I Am The Highway Audioslave
  31. Karma Police Radiohead
  32. Safe And Sound Capital Cities
  33. Seven Nation Army The White Stripes
  34. Land Of The Free The Killers
  35. Lonely Boy The Black Keys
  36. The Kill (Bury Me) Thirty Seconds To Mars
  37. Bailando Solo Los Bunkers
  38. Something Human Muse
  39. Mis Manos Necias Los Claxons
  40. Personajes Los Claxons
  41. Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead
  42. Closer Kings Of Leon
  43. The Only One The Black Keys
  44. Smelly Cat Phoebe Buffay
  45. Don't Wanna Cry SEVENTEEN
  46. Tranz Gorillaz
  47. Maldito Amor Supernova
  48. Te Quiero Mucho Los Bunkers
  49. Feeling Good Muse
  50. Everybody Hurts R.E.M.
  51. Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve
  52. Tu Sonrisa Los Claxons
  53. Cualquier Forma de Amor Los Claxons
  54. Resistance Muse
  55. Cigarette Daydreams Cage The Elephant
  56. Llueve Sobre La Ciudad Los Bunkers
  57. Romeo And Juliet The Killers
  58. Maldita Felicidad Los Claxons
  59. When You Were Young The Killers
  60. Falling Away From Me Korn
  61. Flores En Febrero Los Claxons
  62. Mil Demonios Moderatto
  63. El Mañana Gorillaz
  64. Hiding Tonight Alex Turner
  65. Everybody's Changing Keane
  66. Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol Los Bunkers
  67. La Vida En Un Beso Warcry
  68. Te Propongo Los Claxons
  69. Thought Contagion Muse
  70. Tighten Up The Black Keys
  71. Mr. Brightside The Killers
  72. Glass In The Park Alex Turner
  73. Red Right Hand Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  74. On Melancholy Hill Gorillaz
  75. The Void Muse
  76. Automatic Stop The Strokes
  77. Ven Aquí Los Bunkers
  78. Turning Page Sleeping At Last
  79. Quién Fuera Los Bunkers
  80. Uprising Muse
  81. Colegiala Rodolfo Aicardi
  82. Pressure Muse
  83. Ya Lo Veia Venir Moderatto
  84. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths
  85. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Muse
  86. Cariñito Rodolfo Aicardi
  87. Cochise Audioslave
  88. All Is Full Of Love Björk
  89. Survivors Passenger
  90. Simple Kind Of Life No Doubt
  91. Little Black Submarines The Black Keys
  92. No Surprises Radiohead
  93. The Suburbs Arcade Fire
  94. No Me Hables De Sufrir Los Bunkers
  95. You Only Live Once The Strokes
  96. Reptilia The Strokes
  97. Unintended Muse
  98. 1979 The Smashing Pumpkins
  99. Good To Me SEVENTEEN
  100. Fade Into You Mazzy Star
  101. Getting Closer SEVENTEEN
  102. Present Tense Radiohead
  103. Canción Para Mañana Los Bunkers
  104. Doesn't Remind Me Audioslave
  105. Human The Killers
  106. Tonight, Tonight The Smashing Pumpkins
  107. Dare Gorillaz
  108. La Exiliada Del Sur Los Bunkers
  109. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want The Smiths
  110. Impele a Tua Própria Canoa Escuteiros
  111. Ángel Para Un Final Los Bunkers
  112. Gracias Moderatto
  113. Cuarto de Hotel Los Claxons
  114. Naila Rodolfo Aicardi
  115. Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright
  116. Thanks SEVENTEEN
  117. What You Are Audioslave
  118. Starlight Muse
  119. Si Estás Pensando Mal de Mí Los Bunkers
  120. Zodiaco Moderatto
  121. Seasons Of Love Rent
  122. Under Cover of Darkness The Strokes
  123. Sentimettal Moderatto
  124. Someday The Strokes
  125. Nana Warcry
  126. Maldita Amiga Supernova
  127. High And Dry Radiohead
  128. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me The Smiths
  129. El Mas Triste Adios Warcry
  130. Adonay Rodolfo Aicardi
  131. Hug SEVENTEEN
  132. Juicebox The Strokes
  133. Read My Mind The Killers
  134. Barely Legal The Strokes
  135. Last Nite The Strokes
  136. Boquita de Caramelo Rodolfo Aicardi
  137. Endlessly Muse
  138. Getaway Car Audioslave
  139. Havana Leroy Sanchez
  140. Cada Vez Warcry
  141. Pyro Kings Of Leon
  142. Somos Um Escuteiros
  143. Very Nice SEVENTEEN
  144. A Beautiful Lie Thirty Seconds To Mars
  145. Make You Feel My Love Sleeping At Last
  146. This Charming Man The Smiths
  147. Today The Smashing Pumpkins
  148. Without Me - Eminem Suicide Squad (Trilha Sonora)
  149. The Dark Side Muse
  150. Drive Incubus
  151. No Rain Blind Melon
  152. Tu Mismo Warcry
  153. Camino a Encontrarte Los Claxons
  154. Triste, Louca Ou Má Francisco, El Hombre
  155. Howlin' For You The Black Keys
  156. Somebody to love me Mark Ronson
  157. Psychotic Girl The Black Keys
  158. Sonnet The Verve
  159. Nada Como Tu Warcry
  160. Libre Como El Viento Warcry
  161. Muriendo lento (con Belinda) Moderatto
  162. Algorithm Muse
  163. Tu Los Bunkers
  164. Mientele Los Bunkers
  165. Mira lo que dicen sobre nuestro amor Los Bunkers
  166. Devorando El Corazón Warcry
  167. El Aguajal Rodolfo Aicardi
  168. Daniela Rodolfo Aicardi
  169. Oh My! SEVENTEEN
  170. Hey Pixies
  171. Wide Awake Audioslave
  172. Herida Supernova
  173. Knives Out Radiohead
  174. The Hardest Button To Button The White Stripes
  175. Too Afraid To Love You The Black Keys
  176. Se Va La Vida Rodolfo Aicardi
  177. Milagro Lucybell
  178. If Not Now, When? Incubus
  179. Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.) Gorillaz
  180. Los Cien Años de Macondo Rodolfo Aicardi
  181. Un Poco De Fe Warcry
  182. Gold On The Ceiling The Black Keys
  183. Ahora que no estas Los Bunkers
  184. Trouble Cage The Elephant
  185. When We Were Young Passenger
  186. From Yesterday Thirty Seconds To Mars
  187. Ahi Estare Los Claxons
  188. Carnaval Lucybell
  189. La Tres Marias Rodolfo Aicardi
  190. Gasoline Audioslave
  191. El Amor De Una Madre Warcry
  192. Better Together Jack Johnson
  193. Mataz Lucybell
  194. Adiós Los Claxons
  195. Una Vez Más (part. Lucah) Los Claxons
  196. Everywhere I Go Sleeping At Last
  197. Mil Caminos Lucybell
  198. Ocho dias Rodolfo Aicardi
  199. 19-2000 Gorillaz
  200. Raptame del Fin Lucybell
  201. Lucky Man The Verve
  202. The Face Kings Of Leon
  203. Brother Jensen Ackles
  204. All These Things That I've Done The Killers
  205. Love Hurts Incubus
  206. Paranoid Android Radiohead
  207. Home Passenger
  208. Amarillo Gorillaz
  209. Bigmouth Strikes Again The Smiths
  210. Tu Y Yo Supernova
  211. Asleep The Smiths
  212. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Tame Impala
  213. Uh Eeh Uh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang Ray Stevens
  214. Mercy Muse
  215. Echo Incubus
  216. Freak On A Leash Korn
  217. Supermassive Black Hole Muse
  218. Knights Of Cydonia Muse
  219. Psycho Muse
  220. Hysteria Muse
  221. Fever The Black Keys
  222. It's Hard To Get Around The Wind Alex Turner
  223. Cuando Respiro En Tu Boca Lucybell
  224. Trauma SEVENTEEN
  225. Pocas Palabras Supernova
  226. We're Going To Be Friends The White Stripes
  227. Propaganda Muse
  228. This Is War Thirty Seconds To Mars
  229. Shape Of You (Spanglish) Leroy Sanchez
  230. Contra El Viento Warcry
  231. Clap SEVENTEEN
  232. BoomBoom SEVENTEEN
  233. Hoy soñe Lucybell
  234. Wait For Me Kings Of Leon
  235. Sentimental Los Hermanos
  236. Golden Cage The Whitest Boy Alive
  237. And I Love Her Passenger
  238. How Soon Is Now? The Smiths
  239. Voa Em Altitude Escuteiros
  240. La Velocidad de La Luz Los Bunkers
  241. Call Call Call! SEVENTEEN
  242. Pequeña Serenata Diurna Los Bunkers
  243. Tu Ausencia Warcry
  244. Humility (feat. George Benson) Gorillaz
  245. Miño Los Bunkers
  246. I Know It's Over The Smiths
  247. El Teléfono Rodolfo Aicardi
  248. Dancing In The Moonlight Toploader
  249. You're On My Mind Passenger
  250. Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) (feat. Popcaan) Gorillaz
  251. Perfect Symmetry Keane
  252. Come Little Children Kate Covington
  253. A Thousand Years Leroy Sanchez
  254. Somebody Told Me The Killers
  255. Something's Triggered Cecilia Krull
  256. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Jack Johnson
  257. Caballos de Histeria Lucybell
  258. Plug In Baby Muse
  259. Get Up And Fight Muse
  260. Sorry - Lo Siento Leroy Sanchez
  261. Smile Like You Mean It The Killers
  262. Ardo Por Dentro Warcry
  263. Heathens - Twenty One Pilots Suicide Squad (Trilha Sonora)
  264. Templo Del Placer Lucybell
  265. You're The One The Black Keys
  266. Sin Ti Soy Un Fantasma Supernova
  267. Estrela Polar Escuteiros
  268. Birthday Kings Of Leon
  269. Grão de Trigo Escuteiros
  270. Quemándome de Amor Moderatto
  271. Vergüenza Ajena (Cover Los Jaivas) Los Bunkers
  272. Dia de Muertos Los Claxons
  273. My Little Girl Jack Johnson
  274. Time Is Running Out Muse
  275. Espíritu de Amor Warcry
  276. Bleed The Smashing Pumpkins
  277. Supremacy Muse
  278. Here Comes Your Man Pixies
  279. Y volvere (Cover Los Angeles Negros) Los Bunkers
  280. It's My Life No Doubt
  281. Everlasting Light The Black Keys
  282. Tan bella tan presumida Rodolfo Aicardi
  283. El Eco de Tu Adiós Rodolfo Aicardi
  284. Kangaroo Court Capital Cities
  285. The Curse Audioslave
  286. Amistad Warcry
  287. Vamos a la Playa Moderatto
  288. Ahi Fue Cuando Los Claxons
  289. Don't You Dare Forget The Sun Get Scared
  290. Movement Hozier
  291. Pastel Los Claxons
  292. Broken Gorillaz
  293. Tu Sangre Lucybell
  294. Latin Simone (inglês) Gorillaz
  295. Here With Me The Killers
  296. Alright Pilot Speed
  297. Let It Happen Tame Impala
  298. En Un Lugar Sin Dios Warcry
  299. Al Final de Este Viaje Los Bunkers
  300. Moon Sleeping At Last
  301. Una Nube Cuelga Sobre Mí Los Bunkers
  302. Too Late To Say Goodbye Cage The Elephant
  303. I Belong To You (Mon Cœur S'ouvre À Ta Voix) Muse
  304. Ain't No Rest For The Wicked Cage The Elephant
  305. Coraje Warcry
  306. Telescope Cage The Elephant
  307. Banana Pancakes Jack Johnson
  308. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) Muse
  309. Perdido Warcry
  310. 1517 The Whitest Boy Alive
  311. Vagabundo soy Rodolfo Aicardi
  312. YaYaYa RY X
  313. Dirty Harry Gorillaz
  314. He Leaves You Cold Passenger
  315. Street Spirit (Fade Out) Radiohead
  316. Weight Of Love The Black Keys
  317. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Radiohead
  318. Work Song Hozier
  319. Así pasa el día aquí Los Claxons
  320. Anna Júlia Los Hermanos
  321. Sarcasm (feat. Craig Mabbitt) Get Scared
  322. El Guardián de Troya Warcry
  323. Animal Neon Trees
  324. Cold Cold Cold Cage The Elephant
  325. Sing For Absolution Muse
  326. Songo sorongo Rodolfo Aicardi
  327. Sufrir Rodolfo Aicardi
  328. Bedshaped Keane
  329. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now The Smiths
  330. Sedated Hozier
  331. The Modern Age The Strokes
  332. Toda La Noche Supernova
  333. 19-2000 Gorillaz
  334. The Last Remaining Light Audioslave
  335. Tomorrow Comes Today Gorillaz
  336. Teorema de Pitágoras Músicas de Matemática
  337. Pagan Poetry Björk
  338. Undisclosed Desires Muse
  339. Cielo e Infierno Warcry
  340. Where Is My Mind? Pixies
  341. Right Before My Eyes Cage The Elephant
  342. Is She Weird Pixies
  343. Shiny Happy People R.E.M.
  344. Rhinestone Eyes Gorillaz
  345. All I Need Radiohead
  346. Dear God Xtc
  347. Imitation Of Life R.E.M.
  348. Light Sleeping At Last
  349. Hell Or High Water Passenger
  350. No Hay Otra Manera Moderatto
  351. 10 Lovers The Black Keys
  352. Enamorado Rodolfo Aicardi
  353. Sweetie Little Jean Cage The Elephant
  354. Le Vent Nous Portera Noir Désir
  355. Este Mundo Sin Ti Los Claxons
  356. Venus As a Boy Björk
  357. Angel Jack Johnson
  358. Man On The Moon R.E.M.
  359. Find Me Kings Of Leon
  360. DoYaThing (feat. Andre 3000) Gorillaz
  361. Sin Tu Voz Warcry
  362. True Love Waits Radiohead
  363. Bones The Killers
  364. Hard To Explain The Strokes
  365. This Mess We're In PJ Harvey
  366. Viajar Lucybell
  367. Underneath it all No Doubt
  368. Brother Needtobreathe
  369. Never Gonna Give You Up The Black Keys
  370. Cancion de lejos Los Bunkers
  371. Cronica de Un Beso Los Claxons
  372. Exit Music (For a Film) Radiohead
  373. Nothing In My Way Keane
  374. Shot At The Night The Killers
  375. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.
  376. El Templo Del Placer Lucybell
  377. Um Pedacinho de Deus Escuteiros
  378. This Is The Last Time Keane
  379. Friends And Lovers Incubus
  380. Neptune Sleeping At Last
  381. Tu retrato Rodolfo Aicardi
  382. Simple Song Passenger
  383. El Regreso Warcry
  384. Coming Undone Korn
  385. Rojo Eterno Lucybell
  386. Home Jack Johnson
  387. Runaways The Killers
  388. La Carta Del Adiós Warcry
  389. Ella Y Yo Los Claxons
  390. Hearts On Fire (feat. Ed Sheeran) Passenger
  391. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Arcade Fire
  392. Ex-girlfriend No Doubt
  393. Waste A Moment Kings Of Leon
  394. Legends Kerli
  395. Por Que Te Quiero Tanto Me Voy Rodolfo Aicardi
  396. Sing Travis
  397. Light My Candle Rent
  398. Tu Recuerdo Me Bastara Warcry
  399. To Be Free Passenger
  400. Promises, Promises Incubus
  401. Romeo & Juliet Radiohead
  402. Well I Wonder The Smiths
  403. Oblivious The Strokes
  404. Stylo Gorillaz
  405. Díngale Que Estoy Bien Los Claxons
  406. Beautiful War Kings Of Leon
  407. Panic The Smiths
  408. Set It Off Audioslave
  409. Ya Me Cansé Los Claxons
  410. Daydreaming Radiohead
  411. The One I Love R.E.M.
  412. Akatsuki Akiko Shikata
  413. Un Mar De Estrellas Warcry
  414. Dejáme Vivir Mi Vida Rodolfo Aicardi
  415. Do You Remember Jack Johnson
  416. Spitting Fire The Boxer Rebellion
  417. Francisco, El Hombre Francisco, El Hombre
  418. Short Change Hero The Heavy
  419. I Got You Jack Johnson
  420. Original Fire Audioslave
  421. Come a Little Closer Cage The Elephant
  422. Survival Muse
  423. Revelations Audioslave
  424. Mas Grande Que El Sol Los Claxons
  425. Almost (Sweet Music) Hozier
  426. Vanidad GP
  427. Spaceman The Killers
  428. Threat Of Joy The Strokes
  429. Elephant Tame Impala
  430. Hechizo De Amor Moderatto
  431. Plan Perfecto Los Claxons
  432. You Radiohead
  433. Anna Molly Incubus
  434. Sembrando En El Mar Lucybell
  435. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist Muse
  436. California Waiting Kings Of Leon
  437. Hurricane Thirty Seconds To Mars
  438. En El Mismo Lugar Los Claxons
  439. Siempre Warcry
  440. The Man The Killers
  441. Alma de Conquistador Warcry
  442. Let's Go Passenger
  443. Flotar Es Caer Lucybell
  444. Blockades Muse
  445. Estoy en el aire Los Claxons
  446. To Binge Gorillaz
  447. Dig Incubus
  448. Just A Girl No Doubt
  449. Weight Of Love The Black Keys
  450. 12:51 The Strokes
  451. Kings And Queens Thirty Seconds To Mars
  452. Rescue Me Thirty Seconds To Mars
  453. 'Cause I'm A Man Tame Impala
  454. Don't Listen In Secret SEVENTEEN
  455. Hoy Gano Yo Warcry
  456. Smile Flower SEVENTEEN
  457. Running No Doubt
  458. Change Blind Melon
  459. For Reasons Unknown The Killers
  460. Batida do Amor (part. Braza) Francisco, El Hombre
  461. Enero Los Claxons
  462. Blind Korn
  463. #1 Zero Audioslave
  464. Sin Ver Atras Los Claxons
  465. Triumph Of A Heart Björk
  466. Playa maguadel Los Claxons
  467. New Person, Same Old Mistakes Tame Impala
  468. Mi Tierra Warcry
  469. Mind Mischief Tame Impala
  470. De Sudor Y Ternura Lucybell
  471. Vanidad Rodolfo Aicardi
  472. Walk On Water Thirty Seconds To Mars
  473. Numb (feat. Lash) Before You Exit
  474. Escucha Mi Canción Los Claxons
  475. Let It Shine Let It Shine
  476. A Mais Linda Canção de Amor Setedias
  477. Me Voy Para Macondo Rodolfo Aicardi
  478. The One You Love Passenger
  479. Mi papa Moderatto
  480. Bend And Break Keane
  481. Ni Cuerpo, No Corazón Rodolfo Aicardi
  482. New Born Muse
  483. I'll Try Anything Once (You Only Live Once Demo) The Strokes
  484. Chilli SEVENTEEN
  485. Soma The Strokes
  486. Your Time Has Come Audioslave
  487. Acompañándonos Los Claxons
  488. Loud Love Audioslave
  489. Criminal Fiona Apple
  490. I'll Leave It to You Leroy Sanchez
  491. Ver Lucybell
  492. Ten Cent Pistol The Black Keys
  493. Crystal Ball Keane
  494. Alone, Together The Strokes
  495. Nova Baby The Black Keys
  496. Debaser Pixies
  497. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? Tame Impala
  498. Se Que Bebo, Se Que Fumo Tonino Carotone
  499. Vida de Perros Los Bunkers
  500. Thoughtless Korn
  501. Mansae SEVENTEEN
  502. Perfect The Smashing Pumpkins
  503. Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang
  504. Dile Rodolfo Aicardi
  505. Yo Conquisté Tu Amor Los Claxons
  506. Half Full Glass Of Wine Tame Impala
  507. Talihina Sky Kings Of Leon
  508. Hoy Daria Yo La Vida Rodolfo Aicardi
  509. Words Passenger
  510. I Just Don't Know What To do With Myself The White Stripes
  511. Is This It The Strokes
  512. Pretty U SEVENTEEN
  513. Fall On Me R.E.M.
  514. Icky Thump The White Stripes
  515. Supersoaker Kings Of Leon
  516. Closer To The Edge Thirty Seconds To Mars
  517. Aire Warcry
  518. Figures The Whitest Boy Alive
  519. Ver El Fin Lucybell
  520. At My Most Beautiful R.E.M.
  521. Miss Atomic Bomb The Killers
  522. This Is The Day The The
  523. Yes I'm Changing Tame Impala
  524. Si Mi Delito Es Rockear (Me Declaro Culpable) Moderatto
  525. Dead Inside Muse
  526. Que No Quedes Huela Rodolfo Aicardi
  527. Sword Of Damocles Rufus Wainwright
  528. Nada Es Igual Los Bunkers
  529. Nuevo Mundo Warcry
  530. I Got Mine The Black Keys
  531. Fuck You Archive
  532. Último Romance Los Hermanos
  533. Alone I Break Korn
  534. El Necio Los Bunkers
  535. Manuelito Barrios Rodolfo Aicardi
  536. Codex Radiohead
  537. Shadow On The Sun Audioslave
  538. Gangsta - Kehlani Suicide Squad (Trilha Sonora)
  539. Sweat RY X
  540. A Bad Dream Keane
  541. Cobarde Warcry
  542. Tan Fácil Warcry
  543. Lástima Por Ti Los Claxons
  544. Intentions The Whitest Boy Alive
  545. I Miss You Björk
  546. Island The Whitest Boy Alive
  547. On the Other Side The Strokes
  548. Infinito Amor Lucybell
  549. Love Is The End Keane
  550. Las cosas que cambie y deje por ti Los Bunkers
  551. Apariencias Warcry
  552. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) Mark Ronson
  553. Disappear Hoobastank
  554. Zero The Smashing Pumpkins
  555. Casi Casi Rodolfo Aicardi
  556. Solo Crees Por Primera Vez Lucybell
  557. Junto a Mí Warcry
  558. Los Críticos GP
  559. Everybody Talks Neon Trees
  560. Runaway Passenger
  561. A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor) Korn
  562. Te Quiero Ver Lucybell
  563. Sound Of a Gun Audioslave
  564. Fireworks The Whitest Boy Alive
  565. It Is Not Meant To Be Tame Impala
  566. Someone New Hozier
  567. Wish You Were Here Incubus
  568. Next Girl The Black Keys
  569. Come Raggio Di Sol Akiko Shikata
  570. Magic City Gorillaz
  571. Me Voy a Tomar La Noche Los Claxons
  572. Rubber Ball Cage The Elephant
  573. If You Knew Joel Faviere
  574. Voy Por Ti Lucybell
  575. Another Chance Be Japy
  576. Te Vistes Y Te Vas Los Bunkers
  577. A.D.I.D.A.S. Korn
  578. Reapers Muse
  579. Love/Paranoia Tame Impala
  580. How Far We've Come Matchbox Twenty
  581. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side The Smiths
  582. La Era Está Pariendo Un Corazón Los Bunkers
  583. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead Gorillaz
  584. Ha Pasado Su Tiempo Warcry
  585. Did My Time Korn
  586. Home Gabrielle Aplin
  587. The Way It Is The Strokes
  588. Más Allá Warcry
  589. Atlas: Heart Sleeping At Last
  590. Kansas Gorillaz
  591. Up In The Air Thirty Seconds To Mars
  592. Strobelite (feat. Peven Everett) Gorillaz
  593. Uptown Funk! (feat. Bruno Mars) Mark Ronson
  594. A Perderse Lucybell
  595. People Ain't No Good Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  596. 5/4 Gorillaz
  597. Empire Ants Gorillaz
  598. Recuérdalo Warcry
  599. Viviendo En Vano Los Claxons
  600. Crawling In The Dark Hoobastank
  601. Nude Radiohead
  602. Ten paz Lucybell
  603. Aftermath Muse
  604. Life Is Simple in the Moonlight The Strokes
  606. City Of Angels Thirty Seconds To Mars
  607. Vete Lucybell
  608. Dancing On My Own Kings Of Leon
  609. I'll Cover You Reprise (Angel's Memorial) Rent
  610. Penas Por Un Amor Rodolfo Aicardi
  611. Four To The Floor Starsailor
  612. Tal Vez Me Estoy Tomando El Pelo Los Claxons
  613. Flake Jack Johnson
  614. Lucybell
  615. Vuelve a mi Lucybell
  616. Light My Way Audioslave
  617. Freaks (feat. Savage) Timmy Trumpet
  618. Siniestra Los Bunkers
  619. Dandelion Audioslave
  620. Until We Fall Audioslave
  621. Why Try To Change Me Now? Fiona Apple
  622. Walls Kings Of Leon
  623. Adore U SEVENTEEN
  624. We Got The Power (feat. Jehnny Beth) Gorillaz
  625. Another Day (The Loft) Rent
  626. Spiderwebs No Doubt
  627. Sovereign Light Café Keane
  628. Two Kinds of Happiness The Strokes
  629. In My Dreams 4 Non Blondes
  630. Take It Or Leave It Cage The Elephant
  631. Mi Propia Cruz Lucybell
  632. Uranus Sleeping At Last
  633. My Life Is Going On (Remix) (feat. Alok, HOT-Q & WADD) Cecilia Krull
  634. Hell Of a Season The Black Keys
  635. Army Of Me Björk
  636. Panic Station Muse
  637. Dinossauros Dingo Bells
  638. Side Travis
  639. Hollywood (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principe) Gorillaz
  640. Strange Alex Turner
  641. Sunsets For Somebody Else Jack Johnson
  642. Break It To Me Muse
  643. Quiero Oírte Warcry
  644. Piledriver Waltz Alex Turner
  645. Renasce Em Mim Escuteiros
  646. Stellar Incubus
  647. Palabra de Honor Moderatto
  648. Señor Warcry
  649. Me Voy Los Claxons
  650. Sálvame La Vida Lucybell
  651. Things Ain't Like They Used To Be The Black Keys
  652. Fell In Love With a Girl The White Stripes
  653. For You Passenger
  654. Pardon Me Incubus
  655. Lucybell
  656. If You're Gone Matchbox Twenty
  657. It's Oh So Quiet Björk
  658. Stonemilker Björk
  659. Nada Más de Mí Los Bunkers
  660. Razorblade The Strokes
  661. North Sleeping At Last
  662. Six Sleeping At Last
  663. Q&a (Feat. Ailee) SEVENTEEN
  664. House Of Cards Radiohead
  665. Unknown Brother The Black Keys
  666. Shhh SEVENTEEN
  667. Al Salir El Sol Warcry
  668. Belle Jack Johnson
  669. Oil And Water Incubus
  670. Yesterday To Tomorrow Audioslave
  671. These Days The Black Keys
  672. Human Behaviour Björk
  673. Misty Mountain Hop 4 Non Blondes
  674. Artificial Los Claxons
  675. Grita comigo Escuteiros
  676. I Miss You Incubus
  677. I Might Be Wrong Radiohead
  678. Word Up! Korn
  679. Machu Picchu The Strokes
  680. No Day But Today Rent
  681. 3 AM Matchbox Twenty
  682. Como Una Flor Francisco, El Hombre
  683. Ask The Smiths
  684. Hoy Los Bunkers
  685. Habit SEVENTEEN
  686. Invierno Los Claxons
  687. Me And You Let It Shine
  688. Narcissistic Cannibal Korn
  689. Black Burning Heart Keane
  690. The Roof Is On Fire Bloodhound Gang
  691. Ghost Train Gorillaz
  692. Keep Myself Alive Get Scared
  693. Não Custa Nada Música Em Família
  694. Love Missile F1-11 Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  695. Attack Thirty Seconds To Mars
  696. Highlight SEVENTEEN
  697. You Don't Own Me - Grace (feat. G-Eazy) Suicide Squad (Trilha Sonora)
  698. Rid Of Me PJ Harvey
  699. Heart To Love Passenger
  700. Angel Lucybell
  701. Wish I Knew You The Revivalists
  702. Virus Björk
  703. Henry Lee Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  704. Souk Eye Gorillaz
  705. Resistencia Warcry
  706. The Wrong Direction Passenger
  707. Invincible Muse
  708. Moon Björk
  709. Crystalised Gorillaz
  710. The Drugs Don't Work The Verve
  711. Drive R.E.M.
  712. Bachelorette Björk
  713. Black Jesus Everlast
  714. Kids With Guns Gorillaz
  715. Absurda Falsedad Warcry
  716. Muerte o Victoria Warcry
  717. When You're Not There Korn
  718. Run For Cover The Killers
  719. Earth Sleeping At Last
  720. Buscando Una Luz Warcry
  721. Heaven's Dead Audioslave
  722. Black hearted love PJ Harvey
  723. O Vento Los Hermanos
  724. Courage The Whitest Boy Alive
  725. I Will Matchbox Twenty
  726. Turn Blue The Black Keys
  727. Sincero Francisco, El Hombre
  728. Miss You Gabrielle Aplin
  729. El AntiCristo Warcry
  730. Wake Up Arcade Fire
  731. Times Like These Jack Johnson
  732. Try Again Keane
  733. The Way It Was The Killers
  734. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Alex Turner
  735. Never Gone Colton Dixon
  736. It's On! Korn
  737. Karma Korn
  738. She Is Love Parachute
  739. Exploder Audioslave
  740. Minha Revolução Francisco, El Hombre
  741. She's My Collar (feat. Kali Uchis) Gorillaz
  742. Breakdown Jack Johnson
  743. Your Touch The Black Keys
  744. Shakespeare's Sister The Smiths
  745. Entre Mis Brazos Los Bunkers
  746. Reckoner Radiohead
  747. Disconnected Keane
  748. Wonderful Woman The Smiths
  749. Warcry
  750. Constellations Jack Johnson
  751. The Wanderer Jil Is Lucky
  752. Jupiter Sleeping At Last
  753. El Cazador Warcry
  754. If I Were You Hoobastank
  755. Twist Korn
  756. From Eden Hozier
  757. Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples) Hozier
  758. You Speak My Language Morphine
  759. Stay Golden (sa Kuldseks Jää) Kerli
  760. Let The Drummer Kick It Citizen Cope
  761. Only RY X
  762. Is It Any Wonder? Keane
  763. Look On Down From The Bridge Mazzy Star
  764. Blue Orchid The White Stripes
  765. Bodas de Sangre GP
  766. Bullets Archive
  767. Reptile The Church
  768. Los Premios Los Bunkers
  769. Under Control The Strokes
  770. Pequeño Y Grande Amor Rodolfo Aicardi
  771. 2 + 2 = 5 Radiohead
  772. Desire Be Desire Go Tame Impala
  773. Push Matchbox Twenty
  774. Mary Kings Of Leon
  775. I Wonder Blind Melon
  776. To Be Alone Hozier
  777. Run Right Back The Black Keys
  778. Come To Me Björk
  779. Con una cancion Carlos Peña
  780. Cantares de Navidad Rodolfo Aicardi
  781. Luces No Bélicas Lucybell
  782. Adan y Eva Los Hermanos
  783. Vowels Capital Cities
  784. Eu Vou Tu Vai (part. Whindersson Nunes, GKAY e Carlinhos Maia) Tirullipa
  785. Dancing in the moonlight Toploader
  786. Demons Get Scared
  787. How Are You True Cage The Elephant
  788. Imagine Jack Johnson
  789. Soulfight The Revivalists
  790. Insomnia Niil'
  791. On A Day Like Today Keane
  792. El Papelito Blanco Rodolfo Aicardi
  793. Ascension Gorillaz
  794. El Aire Los Claxons
  795. Be Still The Killers
  796. Dispuesto A Combatir Warcry
  797. Ghost Town Passenger
  798. Bloom Radiohead
  799. Amanece Lucybell
  800. Mirate En Mi Lucybell
  801. Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple
  802. Kaze 10-FEET
  803. The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang
  804. Regret Dakota Star
  805. Silence Before You Exit
  806. Travelling Alone Passenger
  807. Man Or Animal Audioslave
  808. Los Claxons Los Claxons
  809. Redencion Warcry
  810. Out Of Exile Audioslave
  811. To Love Somebody The Revivalists
  812. Mariposa Los Bunkers
  813. La Enfermera Rodolfo Aicardi
  814. Simple SEVENTEEN
  815. Reggae Shark Key of Awesome
  816. Alejandro Warcry
  817. María Los Claxons
  818. La Muerte de Un Sueño Warcry
  819. Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? Alex Turner
  820. O Velho e o Moço Los Hermanos
  821. Saying I Love You Girls
  822. La Conoci Un Domingo Rodolfo Aicardi
  823. Hello SEVENTEEN
  824. El Último Warcry
  825. Daybreaks Jack Johnson
  826. Forever On Your Side Needtobreathe
  827. Immature Björk
  828. Trono Del Metal Warcry
  829. Got The Life Korn
  830. Stockholm Syndrome Muse
  831. Voy a Recuperarte Los Claxons
  832. Dona Laura Miguel Araújo
  833. NFWMB Hozier
  834. Cuando ama una mujer Supernova
  835. Somebody's Love Passenger
  836. Young Liars Tv On The Radio
  837. Lucky Radiohead
  838. Hey Baby No Doubt
  839. Calor Da Rua Francisco, El Hombre
  840. Two Sleeping At Last
  841. Lullaby Sleeping At Last
  842. Un Haeng Il Chi SEVENTEEN
  843. Anywhere Passenger
  844. Upside Down Jack Johnson
  845. Shrike Hozier
  846. Bliss Muse
  847. Dig Down Muse
  848. Tu Sabes Los Claxons
  849. Miracle Worker SuperHeavy
  850. Radio Song R.E.M.
  851. O Tempo É Sua Morada Francisco, El Hombre
  852. Jóga Björk
  853. My Mistake Gabrielle Aplin
  854. Abril Los Bunkers
  855. Rock The House Gorillaz
  856. Invierno En Mi Corazón Warcry
  857. Are You In? Incubus
  858. Make Me Bad/ In Between Days Korn
  859. In Time The Black Keys
  860. After You've Gone Away Fiona Apple
  861. My Dad Say's Thats For Pussies Bloodhound Gang
  862. Lamento Warcry
  863. West Los Claxons
  864. Ill Wind Radiohead
  865. El Dragon y El Gallo Lucybell
  866. Jetaimejetaimejetaime Emilie Simon
  867. Lust For Life Girls
  868. Can't Stop Now Keane
  869. What's Up? 10-FEET
  870. Just Got To Be The Black Keys
  871. Sunshine Keane
  872. U 10-FEET
  873. Exitlude The Killers
  874. O Close Vanessa Verissimo
  875. Better Kerli
  876. Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day SEVENTEEN
  877. Doncamatic (All Played Out) Gorillaz
  878. L'amour à la plage Niagara
  879. Alter Ego Tame Impala
  880. El Día Que Dejaste de Fingir Los Bunkers
  881. What's Good SEVENTEEN
  882. El Camino Warcry
  883. All The Little Light Passenger
  884. Molly's Chambers Kings Of Leon
  885. Nil? 10-FEET
  886. La Trampa Tonino Carotone
  887. Quiero Quiero Quiero Que Me Des Tu Amor Rodolfo Aicardi
  888. Rebellion (Lies) Arcade Fire
  889. Celebrity Skin Hole
  890. So Close, So Far Hoobastank
  891. A Pirate Looks At 40 Jack Johnson
  892. Isadore Incubus
  893. A Place in Your World Flying Colors
  894. Creep Korn
  895. You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told) The White Stripes
  896. Stop For a Minute Keane
  897. Candy Says Blind Melon
  898. Culpable Los Bunkers
  899. Dakota Stereophonics
  900. Pueblo Maldito Warcry
  901. Love Is a Laserquest Alex Turner
  902. Things That Stop You Dreaming Passenger
  903. Flow Cage The Elephant
  904. Dar Mais Escuteiros
  905. Afterlife Arcade Fire
  906. All That Matters Colton Dixon
  907. Ojos del Silencio Lucybell
  908. Hacia El Cielo Lucybell
  909. Moth Audioslave
  910. Walk Blind Melon
  911. Pleasantly Blue 4 Non Blondes
  913. Quiero Warcry
  914. Holes Passenger
  915. Drown Get Scared
  916. Dramatic Song Toby Turner
  917. Knights Of Malta The Smashing Pumpkins
  918. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye Audioslave
  919. Sister The Black Keys
  920. Lets Burn Again Gush
  921. La Rosa En Boton Rodolfo Aicardi
  922. Everything Now Arcade Fire
  923. Love Song Korn
  924. Black Is The Soul Korn
  925. One And The Same Audioslave
  926. The End Kings Of Leon
  927. Lion 10-FEET
  928. Dangerous Night Thirty Seconds To Mars
  929. Se Não Fosse Teu Amor Juninho Black
  930. More Of You Colton Dixon
  931. Shape Of Things To Come Audioslave
  932. The Calling The Killers
  933. Next To Me Sleeping At Last
  934. Mi cuñadita Rodolfo Aicardi
  935. De perfil Los Claxons
  936. Sexy Plexi Jack Johnson
  937. Let Down Radiohead
  938. Lift Radiohead
  939. Lies Korn
  940. Good To Be Home Let It Shine
  941. No Harm The Boxer Rebellion
  942. La Mujer Que No Soñe Moderatto
  943. Waves That Rolled You Under Young Summer
  944. Beach Side Kings Of Leon
  945. Shadowplay The Killers
  946. Chasing Cars Sleeping At Last
  947. Plastic Beach Gorillaz
  948. Volcán Los Claxons
  949. Nightmare Get Scared
  950. Preacher Leroy Sanchez
  951. Desde Aca Lucybell
  952. Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness The Smashing Pumpkins
  953. The Handler Muse
  954. Better Than This Keane
  955. Rut The Killers
  956. What Ever Happened The Strokes
  957. Love Is Madness (feat. Halsey) Thirty Seconds To Mars
  958. Momentz (feat. De La Soul) Gorillaz
  959. Luz Del Norte Warcry
  960. La Última Esperanza Warcry
  961. Morena Los Hermanos
  962. Eternidad Lucybell
  963. Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 3: Redemption Muse
  964. Hamburg Song Keane
  965. Fantasias animadas de ayer y hoy Los Bunkers
  966. Hacia El Infierno Warcry
  967. Bombones Los Claxons
  968. Un Segundo No Mas Los Claxons
  969. A Place Called Home PJ Harvey
  970. I'll Cover You (The Street) Rent
  971. Jigsaw Falling into Place Radiohead
  972. Twisted Transistor Korn
  973. Eventually Tame Impala
  974. En Mil Años Lucybell
  975. Arauco Tiene Una Pena Lucybell
  976. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Minutemen
  977. Crystalline Björk
  978. Sam's Town The Killers
  979. The Weeping Song Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  980. Taken for a Fool The Strokes
  981. No Me Dejes Así Rodolfo Aicardi
  982. Hijo De La Ira Warcry
  983. Un Lugar Warcry
  984. Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees cover) Capital Cities
  985. Talk Shows On Mute Incubus
  986. Bring Em Back Alive Audioslave
  987. In Our Prime The Black Keys
  988. Lionsong Björk
  989. Woke Up This Morning Alabama 3
  990. The Starting Line Keane
  991. Unmade Sleeping At Last
  992. Pide un deseo Supernova
  993. Entre Que Si Que No Rodolfo Aicardi
  994. Great Wide Open Thirty Seconds To Mars
  995. 20/20 The Vaccines
  996. Broken Jack Johnson
  997. Bullet With Butterfly Wings The Smashing Pumpkins
  998. Rotting In Vain Korn
  999. Fui a Cazar Lucybell
  1000. Huracan Lucybell


  1. Audioslave Audioslave
  2. Radiohead Radiohead
  3. Muse Muse
  4. Passenger Passenger
  5. Kings Of Leon Kings Of Leon
  6. Los Claxons Los Claxons
  7. Gorillaz Gorillaz
  8. Los Bunkers Los Bunkers
  9. Tame Impala Tame Impala
  10. The Killers The Killers
  11. No Doubt No Doubt
  12. Hozier Hozier
  13. Warcry Warcry
  14. R.E.M. R.E.M.
  15. Hoobastank Hoobastank
  17. The Black Keys The Black Keys
  18. Sleeping At Last Sleeping At Last
  19. Rodolfo Aicardi Rodolfo Aicardi
  20. 4 Non Blondes 4 Non Blondes
  21. Cage The Elephant Cage The Elephant
  22. The Strokes The Strokes
  23. Alex Turner Alex Turner
  24. Lucybell Lucybell
  25. Keane Keane
  26. Moderatto Moderatto
  27. Cecilia Krull Cecilia Krull
  28. Tonino Carotone Tonino Carotone
  29. The Smiths The Smiths
  30. Thirty Seconds To Mars Thirty Seconds To Mars
  31. Korn Korn
  32. Supernova Supernova
  33. The White Stripes The White Stripes
  34. Jack Johnson Jack Johnson
  35. Incubus Incubus
  36. The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins
  37. The Verve The Verve
  38. Björk Björk
  39. Capital Cities Capital Cities
  40. Escuteiros Escuteiros
  41. Phoebe Buffay Phoebe Buffay
  42. Arcade Fire Arcade Fire
  43. Leroy Sanchez Leroy Sanchez
  44. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  45. Pixies Pixies
  46. Francisco, El Hombre Francisco, El Hombre
  47. Rent Rent
  48. Los Hermanos Los Hermanos
  49. The Whitest Boy Alive The Whitest Boy Alive
  50. Get Scared Get Scared
  51. Morphine Morphine
  52. Suicide Squad (Trilha Sonora) Suicide Squad (Trilha Sonora)
  53. Blind Melon Blind Melon
  54. Mazzy Star Mazzy Star
  55. Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainwright
  56. Mark Ronson Mark Ronson
  57. PJ Harvey PJ Harvey
  58. Travis Travis
  59. Matchbox Twenty Matchbox Twenty
  60. Fiona Apple Fiona Apple
  61. Bloodhound Gang Bloodhound Gang
  62. RY X RY X
  63. Let It Shine Let It Shine
  64. Needtobreathe Needtobreathe
  65. Kerli Kerli
  66. Jensen Ackles Jensen Ackles
  67. Neon Trees Neon Trees
  68. Hole Hole
  69. Akiko Shikata Akiko Shikata
  70. GP GP
  71. Gabrielle Aplin Gabrielle Aplin
  72. Toploader Toploader
  73. The Heavy The Heavy
  74. Ray Stevens Ray Stevens
  75. Kate Covington Kate Covington
  76. The Pineapple Thief The Pineapple Thief
  77. Archive Archive
  78. The Boxer Rebellion The Boxer Rebellion
  79. 10-FEET 10-FEET
  80. Stereophonics Stereophonics
  81. Noir Désir Noir Désir
  82. Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle
  83. Mão Morta Mão Morta
  84. O Teatro Mágico O Teatro Mágico
  85. Pilot Speed Pilot Speed
  86. Before You Exit Before You Exit
  87. Colton Dixon Colton Dixon
  88. The Revivalists The Revivalists
  89. Xtc Xtc
  90. The Vaccines The Vaccines
  91. Músicas de Matemática Músicas de Matemática
  92. Niil' Niil'
  93. Girls Girls
  94. Joel Faviere Joel Faviere
  95. The Church The Church
  96. Emilie Simon Emilie Simon
  97. Miguel Araújo Miguel Araújo
  98. Tv On The Radio Tv On The Radio
  99. Bôa (UK) Bôa (UK)
  100. Icon For Hire Icon For Hire
  101. Everlast Everlast
  102. Dingo Bells Dingo Bells
  103. The The The The
  104. Lissie Lissie
  106. Blue Stahli Blue Stahli
  107. Trevor Hall Trevor Hall
  108. Mussoumano Mussoumano
  109. Maglore Maglore
  110. Setedias Setedias
  111. Sound Horizon Sound Horizon
  112. Starsailor Starsailor
  113. Juninho Black Juninho Black
  114. Niagara Niagara
  115. SayWeCanFly SayWeCanFly
  116. Carne Doce Carne Doce
  117. Ariel Pink Ariel Pink
  118. Chico Science Chico Science
  119. Ken Ashcorp Ken Ashcorp
  120. Parachute Parachute
  121. Be Japy Be Japy
  122. Música Em Família Música Em Família
  123. Toby Turner Toby Turner
  124. Lacey Sturm Lacey Sturm
  125. Sigue Sigue Sputnik Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  126. Courtney Love Courtney Love
  127. Reef Reef
  128. Sleater-Kinney Sleater-Kinney
  129. Timmy Trumpet Timmy Trumpet
  130. Guilherme de Sá Guilherme de Sá
  131. The Gaslight Anthem The Gaslight Anthem
  132. Apanhador Só Apanhador Só
  133. Pete Yorn Pete Yorn
  134. David Sylvian David Sylvian
  135. Citizen Cope Citizen Cope
  136. Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur Jr
  137. BaianaSystem BaianaSystem
  138. Pânico Pânico
  139. Castlevania Castlevania
  140. Syd Matters Syd Matters
  141. Carlos Peña Carlos Peña
  142. Ben Folds Five Ben Folds Five
  143. Cracker Cracker
  144. The Feelies The Feelies
  145. Kane Kane
  146. Tirullipa Tirullipa
  147. Jil Is Lucky Jil Is Lucky
  148. Blacklite District Blacklite District
  149. Dakota Star Dakota Star
  150. Key of Awesome Key of Awesome
  151. Flying Colors Flying Colors
  152. Bruthal 6 Bruthal 6
  153. Minutemen Minutemen
  154. Bensé Bensé
  155. Gush Gush
  156. Vanessa Verissimo Vanessa Verissimo
  157. Young Summer Young Summer
  158. Alabama 3 Alabama 3
  159. Porta Dos Fundos Porta Dos Fundos
  160. Mark Lanegan Mark Lanegan
  161. SuperHeavy SuperHeavy
  162. Relient K Relient K
  163. Noiserv Noiserv
  164. Pluto Pluto
  165. Tantric Tantric
  166. Dot Hacker Dot Hacker
  167. Comadre Fulozinha Comadre Fulozinha
  168. Tragicômico Tragicômico
  169. Say Hi To Your Mom Say Hi To Your Mom
  170. Cloud Nothings Cloud Nothings
  171. Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind
  172. Cambriana Cambriana
  173. Birds of Tokyo Birds of Tokyo
  174. Dangerkids Dangerkids
  175. Josh Record Josh Record
  176. Meaghan Smith Meaghan Smith
  177. Vonda Shepard Vonda Shepard
  178. Foge Foge Bandido Foge Foge Bandido
  179. Hüsker Dü Hüsker Dü
  180. Bobby Rydell Bobby Rydell
  181. Lior Lior
  182. Banda Kaphè Kun Koka Banda Kaphè Kun Koka
  183. Reverend and The Makers Reverend and The Makers
  184. Fee Fee
  185. The Chain Gang Of 1974 The Chain Gang Of 1974
  186. Rockbones Rockbones
  187. Dracma Dracma
  188. Harvey Danger Harvey Danger
  189. Nikolaj Grandjean Nikolaj Grandjean
  190. Tiago Bettencourt Tiago Bettencourt
  191. Cabeças no Ar Cabeças no Ar
  192. Alpha Rev Alpha Rev
  193. The Oppressed The Oppressed
  194. The Cloud Room The Cloud Room
  195. The Like The Like
  196. Smith Westerns Smith Westerns
  197. Hed Pe Hed Pe
  198. Jetlag Jetlag
  199. Meat Puppets Meat Puppets
  200. Karnivool Karnivool
  201. Royal Republic Royal Republic
  202. Pete Doherty Pete Doherty
  203. RockZ RockZ
  204. Tetinhas Inocentes Tetinhas Inocentes
  205. Amanda Palmer Amanda Palmer
  206. Dredg Dredg
  207. Afrobombas Afrobombas
  208. Gragoatá Gragoatá
  209. Baia Baia
  210. Ram Di Dam Ram Di Dam
  211. This Town Needs Guns This Town Needs Guns
  212. Jho Papa Jho Papa
  213. Have A Nice Life Have A Nice Life
  214. Ornatos Violeta Ornatos Violeta
  215. Malnatt Malnatt
  216. We Are The In Crowd We Are The In Crowd
  217. Stephen Lynch Stephen Lynch
  218. Mombojó Mombojó
  219. Devin Townsend Devin Townsend
  220. Young Marble Giants Young Marble Giants
  221. Banda Ghermania Banda Ghermania
  222. Everclear Everclear
  223. Sleeper Agent Sleeper Agent
  224. Cherri Bomb Cherri Bomb
  225. Scott Weiland Scott Weiland
  226. Staffan Hellstrand Staffan Hellstrand
  227. Café Com Bobagem Café Com Bobagem
  228. Blackfield Blackfield
  229. I Blame Coco I Blame Coco
  230. Lupe de Lupe Lupe de Lupe
  231. The Qemists The Qemists
  232. Stretch Princess Stretch Princess
  233. Strata Strata
  234. End Of Green End Of Green
  235. Michiru Oshima Michiru Oshima
  236. Muchileiros Muchileiros
  237. Gypsy And The Cat Gypsy And The Cat
  238. Black Abyss Black Abyss
  239. Monaco Beach Monaco Beach
  240. Amely Amely
  241. Di-Rect Di-Rect
  242. Samples Samples
  243. Soup Dragons Soup Dragons
  244. Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty
  245. Felipe Cordeiro Felipe Cordeiro
  246. Kelly Jones Kelly Jones
  247. Denali Denali
  248. Paul Westerberg Paul Westerberg
  249. Zumbi do Mato Zumbi do Mato
  250. Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
  251. Dinossauro Dinossauro
  252. Rinoceronte Rinoceronte
  253. Slapshock Slapshock
  254. Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders
  255. Dungen Dungen
  256. Drugstore Drugstore
  257. Courrier Courrier
  258. Cefa Cefa
  259. Firewater Firewater
  260. Grand Avenue Grand Avenue
  261. Baleia Baleia
  262. Bandéia Bandéia
  263. Móveis Coloniais de Acaju Móveis Coloniais de Acaju
  264. Ashes Of Soma Ashes Of Soma
  265. Porcas Borboletas Porcas Borboletas
  266. Civil Twilight Civil Twilight
  267. Canções do Proerd Canções do Proerd
  268. The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect
  269. Tom Vek Tom Vek
  270. Beecake Beecake
  271. Stop Play Moon Stop Play Moon
  272. 55 Escape 55 Escape
  273. thenewno2 thenewno2
  274. Better Than Ezra Better Than Ezra
  275. Carpark North Carpark North
  276. Porto do Som Porto do Som
  277. Mona Mona
  278. The Postmarks The Postmarks
  279. Rey Biannchi Rey Biannchi
  280. Eliakin Rufino Eliakin Rufino
  281. Der Wahnsinn Der Wahnsinn
  282. Expresso Rural Expresso Rural
  283. Radio Macumba Radio Macumba
  284. The Courteeners The Courteeners
  285. Young and Divine Young and Divine
  286. julien-k julien-k
  287. Swervedriver Swervedriver
  288. Arid Arid
  289. 100 Monkeys 100 Monkeys
  290. The Urgency The Urgency
  291. Deep Blue Something Deep Blue Something
  292. Nuno Bettencourt Nuno Bettencourt
  293. Shaimus Shaimus
  294. Marcio Mello Marcio Mello
  295. Semi Precious Weapons Semi Precious Weapons
  296. Throwing Muses Throwing Muses
  297. Bandavoou Bandavoou
  298. Young Galaxy Young Galaxy
  299. Gandalf Gandalf
  300. Crash Kings Crash Kings
  301. Fernando Mori Fernando Mori
  302. F5 F5