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Too Much (To Handle)


From backstreets to alleys, hills to valleys./ Whether you're rich or you're poor we're all addicts./ You can't escape from it by any means/ cus it gets under your skin and when you sleep it's in your dreams/ See we all grew up in the fast lane,/ the fast pace, the last days, the rat race/ where neon lights tellin' us to change our lives/ and if we do what they do everything'll be alright./ Buy this! Do like us and save time./ Work out and watch Dr. Phil at the same time./ They keep tellin' us how to stay in line/ and they know as long as the TV's on we'll stay blind./ Cus it's a nonstop show straight in to your safe home/ with no chance and no way for you to say no/ so go with the flow, continue to consume/ cus the day when all we have is gone will come soon./

It's too much! - And I can't hide from it./
It's too much! - Got my eyes stuck on it./
It's too much! - And I can't run from it./
It's everywhere, all the time.../ (X2)

...and it's like mindcontrol/
cus everybody is constantly under a microscope./
With signs flashin' n' blinkin in our face/
hundred times a minute, every single day./
And we all loved your promises of fortune and glory./
This is fabulous! The machine does the thinkin' for me!/
Yeah, and it works in a similar way./
Don't have to be awake for more than five minutes a day./
It's mass hypnosis, a dream of wealth./
By now the people can't even speak for themselves/
but here's your chance! Open your eyes at me./
Just to show you how dramatic the results can be./

Chorus this race for cash/
the big biz chasin' new place and space for ads./
There's gotta be a way of changin' that./
Eat this! You need this! Who's sayin' that?/
Why is it you're only interested of profits?/
Big companies exploitin' the townships/
from South Africa to Lithuania./
From South America to eastern Asia./
They don't need no lies, they want the truth./
That means they don't need your signs, they want food./
While people starvin' you're promoting garbage./
Makin' slaves out of independent farmers./
Shit, the revolution has finally arrived!/
You can get it right here for 29.95./
So call now! Just give me your heart./
You recieve a special bonus, free of charge./


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