Chorus (x2):
We speak for those who can't speak cause they're afraid/
write for those that can't write their own names/
stand up for those who's sitting in a cage/
and all my people that are suffering today/

We got people living in sewer's, too scared to face the light/
nine to five struggling people, trying to make it right/
Tired of life people, trife people/
live and die by the needle people, crime people/
Open your eye's people, see through the light/
and understand our freedom never can be monopolized/
We're getting minimalized by big brother leaders/
that love to see us treated like shit and cops beat us/
Some of us make money whether it's legal or illegal/
the same syndrome appears we forget about other people/
People who live in million dollar palaces/
doesn't know the bum on the corner and what real life value is/
Is it right that we have to fight for our rights?/
Shouldn't that be the strongest foundation of life?/
Come on light your lighters, all riot fighters/
all fire igniters that are fed up and tired/

Freedom is on sale, how much you got?/
Empty your account, sign the dots and press your luck/
Too many believe in politics instead of themselves/
You gotta check the ingredients before you eat what they sell/
I can feel the smell, it's like a preview from hell/
that's why me and Embee came to revoke the spell/
We're like a sudden interruption, disclose corruption/
cause nowadays I see people this close to nothing/
People without faith, people filled with hate/
People that can't wait to get in other people's way/
This modern day city breeds burned out souls/
and people can't afford to put their career on a hold/
Some feel like their life's worth less than none/
of course they're gonna wild out and invest in guns/
Casual Brothers is on some hippie shit/
so join this caravan of love if you're sick of their shit/

Chorus (x2)

I see people with no dreams end up as dope fiends/
business people take advantage of broke teens/
I clear the smoke screen and set free the cold facts/
set free the people they´re too few to hold back/
they have a lot, still want more, for what need?/
Big head ego's, diseased with greed/
I see the poor man bleed and cry in his own sorrow/
hes prayin´ but can't hope to se tomorrow/
Deceived by thieves and a bunch of lying men/
try to dust himself off and try again/
but he sees no reason, it's below 5 degrees and/
his feet is blue, he's broke and it´s mad-freezing/
When does it stop? Time will tell/
We gotta stop cus crime kill the children/
So look upon the world today with new eyes/
this ain't no re-run, this revolution is live/

Chorus (x2)

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