Grunge - most listened artists and songs


  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
  2. Black Pearl Jam
  3. Come As You Are Nirvana
  4. The Man Who Sold The World Nirvana
  5. Drain You Nirvana
  6. Alive Pearl Jam
  7. Something In The Way Nirvana
  8. Lithium Nirvana
  9. Just Breathe Pearl Jam
  10. Dumb Nirvana
  11. Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam
  12. Black Hole Sun Soundgarden
  13. Nutshell Alice In Chains
  14. Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana
  15. Lounge Act Nirvana
  16. Plush Stone Temple Pilots
  17. Rape Me Nirvana
  18. Even Flow Pearl Jam
  19. Sirens Pearl Jam
  20. Last Kiss Pearl Jam
  21. Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots
  22. All Apologies Nirvana
  23. About a Girl Nirvana
  24. Future Days Pearl Jam
  25. Jeremy Pearl Jam
  26. Given To Fly Pearl Jam
  27. Down In a Hole Alice In Chains
  28. Territorial Pissings Nirvana
  29. You Know You're Right Nirvana
  30. Would? Alice In Chains
  31. In Bloom Nirvana
  32. Release Pearl Jam
  33. Creep Stone Temple Pilots
  34. Daughter Pearl Jam
  35. Better Man Pearl Jam
  36. Wishlist Pearl Jam
  37. Polly Nirvana
  38. I Am Mine Pearl Jam
  39. Where Did You Sleep Last Night Nirvana
  40. Wake Up Mad Season
  41. Nothingman Pearl Jam
  42. Man In The Box Alice In Chains
  43. Far Behind Candlebox
  44. Celebrity Skin Hole
  45. Love Buzz Nirvana
  46. Soldier Of Love Pearl Jam
  47. Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam
  48. Rooster Alice In Chains
  49. Aneurysm Nirvana
  50. Do The Evolution Pearl Jam
  51. Come Back Pearl Jam
  52. Hunger Strike Temple Of The Dog
  53. Fell On Black Days Soundgarden
  54. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam Nirvana
  55. Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana
  56. Lake Of Fire Nirvana
  57. Breed Nirvana
  58. On A Plain Nirvana
  59. No Excuses Alice In Chains
  60. Stay Away Nirvana
  61. Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains
  62. State Of Love And Trust Pearl Jam
  63. Do Re Mi Nirvana
  64. Glycerine Bush
  65. Plateau Nirvana
  66. Sliver Nirvana
  67. Oceans Pearl Jam
  68. Love, Hate, Love Alice In Chains
  69. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Pearl Jam
  70. Man Of The Hour Pearl Jam
  71. River Of Deceit Mad Season
  72. Serve The Servants Nirvana
  73. Swallowed Bush
  74. Faithfull Pearl Jam
  75. Light Years Pearl Jam
  76. Call Me A Dog Temple Of The Dog
  77. We Die Young Alice In Chains
  78. Oh Me Nirvana
  79. Over Now Alice In Chains
  80. Sour Girl Stone Temple Pilots
  81. Shade Silverchair
  82. Not For You Pearl Jam
  83. Malibu Hole
  84. Sappy Nirvana
  85. Vasoline Stone Temple Pilots
  86. Negative Creep Nirvana
  87. Miss You Love Silverchair
  88. Garden Pearl Jam
  89. I Stay Away Alice In Chains
  90. Old Age Nirvana
  91. Long Gone Day Mad Season
  92. Off He Goes Pearl Jam
  93. Brother Alice In Chains
  94. Them Bones Alice In Chains
  95. Porch Pearl Jam
  96. Low Light Pearl Jam
  97. The End Pearl Jam
  98. Once Pearl Jam
  99. Ana's Song (Open Fire) Silverchair
  100. Animal Pearl Jam
  101. Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots
  102. Holding Out For You Pond
  103. In Hiding Pearl Jam
  104. Tomorrow Silverchair
  105. I Just Want To Sleep Nirvana
  106. Blew Nirvana
  107. Outshined Soundgarden
  108. Say Hello 2 Heaven Temple Of The Dog
  109. Smile Pearl Jam
  110. Unthought Known Pearl Jam
  111. Your Decision Alice In Chains
  112. Doll Parts Hole
  113. Blow Up The Outside World Soundgarden
  114. Very Ape Nirvana
  115. Pretty Noose Soundgarden
  116. Scentless Apprentice Nirvana
  117. Sludge Factory Alice In Chains
  118. Throw Your Arms Around Me Pearl Jam
  119. Lifeless Dead Mad Season
  120. Freak Silverchair
  121. It's Ok Pearl Jam
  122. Big Bang Baby Stone Temple Pilots
  123. Brain Of J. Pearl Jam
  124. Spoonman Soundgarden
  125. Burden In My Hand Soundgarden
  126. Aero Zeppelin Nirvana
  127. Don't Follow Alice In Chains
  128. Swap Meet Nirvana
  129. Suicidal Dream Silverchair
  130. Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots
  131. Dive Nirvana
  132. Footsteps Pearl Jam
  133. Still Remains Stone Temple Pilots
  134. Endless, Nameless Nirvana
  135. Bleed The Freak Alice In Chains
  136. Even In His Youth Nirvana
  137. Angry Chair Alice In Chains
  138. Shame In You Alice In Chains
  139. Rusty Cage Soundgarden
  140. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle Nirvana
  141. Spank Thru Nirvana
  142. Immortality Pearl Jam
  143. Milk It Nirvana
  144. Corduroy Pearl Jam
  145. Jesus Christ Pose Soundgarden
  146. The One You Know Alice In Chains
  147. Big Cheese Nirvana
  148. Dead & Bloated Stone Temple Pilots
  149. Seasons In The Sun Nirvana
  150. Deep Pearl Jam
  151. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die Nirvana
  152. I'm Still Here Pearl Jam
  153. Paper Cuts Nirvana
  154. Again Alice In Chains
  155. Got Me Wrong Alice In Chains
  156. School Nirvana
  157. Pilate Pearl Jam
  158. Junkhead Alice In Chains
  159. Letting The Cables Sleep Bush
  160. Opinion Nirvana
  161. Moist Vagina Nirvana
  162. Black Gives Way To Blue Alice In Chains
  163. Cover Me Candlebox
  164. Been a Son Nirvana
  165. Tourette's Nirvana
  166. It Ain't Like That Alice In Chains
  167. Machinehead Bush
  168. Lady Picture Show Stone Temple Pilots
  169. The Day I Tried To Live Soundgarden
  170. D-7 Nirvana
  171. Scoff Nirvana
  172. Present Tense Pearl Jam
  173. Rain When I Die Alice In Chains
  174. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Nirvana
  175. Why Go Pearl Jam
  176. Go Pearl Jam
  177. Indifference Pearl Jam
  178. Fare Thee Well Stone Temple Pilots
  179. Abuse Me Silverchair
  180. Harvest Moon Pearl Jam
  181. Verse Chorus Verse Nirvana
  182. Sad Pearl Jam
  183. Violet Hole
  184. Floyd The Barber Nirvana
  185. Dissident Pearl Jam
  186. Frogs Alice In Chains
  187. Rotten Apple Alice In Chains
  188. And So I Know Stone Temple Pilots
  189. Kiss My Ass Goodbye 7 Year Bitch
  190. Petals Hole
  191. No Way Pearl Jam
  192. Molly's Lips Nirvana
  193. Live To Rise Soundgarden
  194. Inflatable Bush
  195. Beeswax Nirvana
  196. You Candlebox
  197. Stain Nirvana
  198. Save You Pearl Jam
  199. Marigold Nirvana
  200. Hail, Hail Pearl Jam
  201. All Those Yesterdays Pearl Jam
  202. Thumbing My Way Pearl Jam
  203. Alone Pearl Jam
  204. Head Down Soundgarden
  205. Atlanta Stone Temple Pilots
  206. You Are Pearl Jam
  207. Israel's Son Silverchair
  208. Grind Alice In Chains
  209. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Boombox Version) Nirvana
  210. Sleeping By Myself Pearl Jam
  211. Everything Zen Bush
  212. In My Tree Pearl Jam
  213. Breathe me in Candlebox
  214. Leash Pearl Jam
  215. The Fixer Pearl Jam
  216. Pendulum Pearl Jam
  217. Tighter & Tighter Soundgarden
  218. 4th Of July Soundgarden
  219. The Art Of Letting Go Stone Temple Pilots
  220. Gone Pearl Jam
  221. Check My Brain Alice In Chains
  222. Hairspray Queen Nirvana
  223. Blandest Nirvana
  224. Three Wishes Stone Temple Pilots
  225. Like Suicide Soundgarden
  226. Right Turn Alice In Chains
  227. Drone Alice In Chains
  228. Comedown Bush
  229. Slip Away Mad Season
  230. Greedy Fly Bush
  231. Miss World Hole
  232. Token Eastern Song Nirvana
  233. Sometimes Pearl Jam
  234. Push Me, Pull Me Pearl Jam
  235. Getaway Pearl Jam
  236. Dance Of The Clairvoyants Pearl Jam
  237. Let Me Drown Soundgarden
  238. Radio rebede Incesticida
  239. Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip Nirvana
  240. Slaves & Bulldozers Soundgarden
  241. Pure Massacre Silverchair
  242. I Think That I Would Die Hole
  243. Samantha Hole
  244. Lukin' Pearl Jam
  245. Dam That River Alice In Chains
  246. Swing On This Alice In Chains
  247. Pretend We're Dead L7
  248. Mr. Moustache Nirvana
  249. Emotion Sickness Silverchair
  250. Best Sunday Dress Hole
  251. Someone Else's Bed Hole
  252. Sifting Nirvana
  253. Red Mosquito Pearl Jam
  254. Sickman Alice In Chains
  255. Andres L7
  256. Who You Are Pearl Jam
  257. Mockingbird Girl Stone Temple Pilots
  258. The Greatest View Silverchair
  259. Stick to The Plan L7
  260. Hate The Police Mudhoney
  261. Rats Pearl Jam
  262. Loud Love Soundgarden
  263. Big Long Now Nirvana
  264. Dead Men Don't Rape 7 Year Bitch
  265. Sunshine Alice In Chains
  266. Times Of Trouble Temple Of The Dog
  267. All Secrets Known Alice In Chains
  268. Crackerman Stone Temple Pilots
  269. Stargazer Temple Of The Dog
  270. Hooch Melvins
  271. Black Tangled Heart Silverchair
  272. Without You Silverchair
  273. Fly Alice In Chains
  274. A Kiss Before Dying Candlebox
  275. Asking For It Hole
  276. No Association Silverchair
  277. Voices Alice In Chains
  278. Red Giant Alice In Chains
  279. Blood Pearl Jam
  280. Amongst The Waves Pearl Jam
  281. Cemetery Silverchair
  282. Mexican Seafood Nirvana
  283. Oh the Guilt Nirvana
  284. Breath Pearl Jam
  285. Meatplow Stone Temple Pilots
  286. Only Dying Stone Temple Pilots
  287. Pacific Coast Highway Hole
  288. Inside Job Pearl Jam
  289. Rainier Fog Alice In Chains
  290. Here She Comes Now Nirvana
  291. Love Reign O'er Me Pearl Jam
  292. Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots
  293. Dumb Love Stone Temple Pilots
  294. Mouth Bush
  295. My Wave Soundgarden
  296. Kitchenware & Candybars Stone Temple Pilots
  297. Swamp Pussy Babes In Toyland
  298. The Chemicals Between Us Bush
  299. You Know You're Right (Home Demo) Nirvana
  300. Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns Mother Love Bone
  301. Death To Birth Pagoda
  302. Blue On Black Days Of The New
  303. Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra L7
  304. I Got Id Pearl Jam
  305. River Cross Pearl Jam
  306. Down Stone Temple Pilots
  307. Man Of Golden Words Mother Love Bone
  308. Neighbour Neighbour Violent Soho
  309. Dirt Alice In Chains
  310. Northern Star Hole
  311. And I Love Her Nirvana
  312. Rockin' In The Free World Pearl Jam
  313. Retrograde Pearl Jam
  314. Dollar Bill Screaming Trees
  315. Hello It's Late Stone Temple Pilots
  316. I Don't Know Anything Mad Season
  317. Comes Then Goes Pearl Jam
  318. Paint Me Silver Pond
  319. Crazy Mary Pearl Jam
  320. Black Rain Soundgarden
  321. Plowed Sponge
  322. A History Of Bad Men Melvins
  323. Anthem For The Year 2000 Silverchair
  324. Little Things Bush
  325. The One I Love Bush
  326. Touch, Peel And Stand Days Of The New
  327. Seven Caged Tigers Stone Temple Pilots
  328. Whale & Wasp Alice In Chains
  329. So Far Under Alice In Chains
  330. Fuel My Fire L7
  331. Downer Nirvana
  332. Thin Air Pearl Jam
  333. Life Wasted Pearl Jam
  334. Night Goat Melvins
  335. Sea Of Sorrow Alice In Chains
  336. Bodies In Motion Bush
  337. Pretty On The Inside Hole
  338. It's a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) Local H
  339. Seven O'Clock Pearl Jam
  340. I'm Above Mad Season
  341. Drone Allele
  342. Colorblind Love Battery
  343. Stone Alice In Chains
  344. Maybe Alice In Chains
  345. Teenage Whore Hole
  346. Can't Keep Pearl Jam
  347. Boris Melvins
  348. Do You Feel The Same Silverchair
  349. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes Alice In Chains
  350. I Need L7
  351. Turnaround Nirvana
  352. Drifting Pearl Jam
  353. Rival Pearl Jam
  354. Who Ever Said Pearl Jam
  355. Limo Wreck Soundgarden
  356. Awful Hole
  357. Love Boat Captain Pearl Jam
  358. Moon Over Marin Melvins
  359. Brother Pearl Jam
  360. Walking The Cow Pearl Jam
  361. Big Wave Pearl Jam
  362. I Got You Stone Temple Pilots
  363. Confusion Alice In Chains
  364. Don't Gimme No Lip Pearl Jam
  365. Porch (MTV Unplugged) Pearl Jam
  366. We Are Family Babes In Toyland
  367. Pay To Play Nirvana
  368. Around The Bend Pearl Jam
  369. Glorified G Pearl Jam
  370. Nearly Lost You Screaming Trees
  371. Witness Screaming Trees
  372. Behemoth TAD
  373. Sweep Me Off My Feet Pond
  374. America's Cup Pond
  375. Love Song Alice In Chains
  376. 22 Babes In Toyland
  377. Float Bush
  378. Nurse Bush
  379. 1000 Years Bush
  380. Crackpot Baby L7
  381. My Eyes Life Of Agony
  382. Wake Up Mad Season
  383. Bullhorn TAD
  384. Half Past You Love Battery
  385. Spawn Again Silverchair
  386. Those Thieving Birds Pt 1 Silverchair
  387. The People That We Love Bush
  388. Spotlights Candlebox
  389. Curmudgeon Nirvana
  390. Anorexorcist Nirvana
  391. Help Help Pearl Jam
  392. Aye Davanita Pearl Jam
  393. Superblood Wolfmoon Pearl Jam
  394. Superunknown Soundgarden
  395. Angel Of Fire Temple Of The Dog
  396. November Hotel Mad Season
  397. Sex God Missy TAD
  398. Here's To Your Fuck The Gits
  399. You Broke My Cool Pond
  400. The Weather Pond
  401. Untitled Silverchair
  402. Beautiful Son Hole
  403. Nobody's Daughter Hole
  404. Shitlist L7
  405. Long Green L7
  406. Alcohol (High On The Hog) Nirvana
  407. Green Disease Pearl Jam
  408. You Pearl Jam
  409. Call Me a Dog Pearl Jam
  410. Swallow My Pride Soundgarden
  411. Dare If You Dare Stone Temple Pilots
  412. Let It All Be Melvins
  413. Burning The Candle Skin Yard
  414. Brush Away Alice In Chains
  415. Lover (Come Back To Me) Candlebox
  416. Boys On The Radio Hole
  417. I'm So High Hole
  418. Bound For The Floor Local H
  419. Lazy Crazy Local H
  420. Long Road Pearl Jam
  421. Bushleaguer Pearl Jam
  422. Fatal Pearl Jam
  423. Hold On Pearl Jam
  424. Yellow Moon Pearl Jam
  425. Middle Of Nowhere Stone Temple Pilots
  426. Rehab Doll Green River
  427. Got You (Where I Want You) The Flys
  428. Inside Of Me My Sister's Machine
  429. Nothing As It Seems Pearl Jam
  430. Gimme Some Truth Pearl Jam
  431. Break On Through Pearl Jam
  432. Mailman Soundgarden
  433. First Kiss On Mars Stone Temple Pilots
  434. Queen Bitch Green River
  435. Homemaid Haircut Violent Soho
  436. O Dharma Pond
  437. Leave Me Out Silverchair
  438. The Closing Silverchair
  439. My Favourite Thing Silverchair
  440. Miss You Candlebox
  441. Riptide Candlebox
  442. Shove L7
  443. Do you Love Me Nirvana
  444. Bad Moon Rising Nirvana
  445. All Or None Pearl Jam
  446. Wish You Were Here Pearl Jam
  447. Face Pollution Soundgarden
  448. Room a Thousand Years Wide Soundgarden
  449. Karaoke Soundgarden
  450. Adhesive Stone Temple Pilots
  451. No Memory Stone Temple Pilots
  453. Solitude Days Of The New
  454. Now Days Of The New
  455. Suck You Dry Mudhoney
  456. Crown Of Thorns Pearl Jam
  457. MFC Pearl Jam
  458. Saying No! Pearl Jam
  459. Bleed For Me Pearl Jam
  460. Infallible Pearl Jam
  461. She's A Politician Soundgarden
  462. Thought She'd Be Mine Stone Temple Pilots
  463. Chains Of Alice Allele
  464. The Killer Is Me Alice In Chains
  465. Leave Me Alone Alice In Chains
  466. Broken In Paradise Bush
  467. Pull Away Candlebox
  468. For Once In Your Life Hole
  469. O.K. Local H
  470. The Priest They Called Him Nirvana
  471. My Best Friends Girl Nirvana
  472. Grievance Pearl Jam
  473. Breakerfall Pearl Jam
  474. Holy Water Soundgarden
  475. Reach Down Temple Of The Dog
  476. Second Skin The Gits
  477. Get Born Again Alice In Chains
  478. A Looking In View Alice In Chains
  479. Reasons To Be Beautiful Hole
  480. Angel Pearl Jam
  481. Of The Girl Pearl Jam
  482. Sin Stone Temple Pilots
  483. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier Mad Season
  484. Across The Night Silverchair
  485. Never Fade Alice In Chains
  486. Crooked Halo Candlebox
  487. How Dirty Girls Get Clean Hole
  488. Human L7
  489. The Money Will Roll Right In Nirvana
  490. Jealousy Nirvana
  491. Catholic Boy Pearl Jam
  492. Parachutes Pearl Jam
  493. Daisy Stone Temple Pilots
  494. All Night Doctors Bush
  495. Creatures Of The Fire Bush
  496. Into The Sun Candlebox
  497. Good Sister/Bad Sister Hole
  498. Severed Hand Pearl Jam
  499. Mind Your Manners Pearl Jam
  500. Fresh Tendrils Soundgarden
  501. Overfloater Soundgarden
  502. Piece Of Pie Stone Temple Pilots
  503. Head Full Of Ghosts Bush
  504. Indentity Bush
  505. Strangest Tribe Pearl Jam
  506. Untitled Pearl Jam
  507. Baba O'Riley Pearl Jam
  508. Falling Down Pearl Jam
  509. Comfortably Numb Pearl Jam
  510. Can You See Me? Soundgarden
  511. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots
  512. Psychoriflepowerhypnotized Skin Yard
  513. Lie To Me Silverchair
  514. I Know Somethin' ('Bout You) Alice In Chains
  515. What The Hell Have I Alice In Chains
  516. Private Hell Alice In Chains
  517. The Only Way Out Bush
  518. Kiss Me I'm Dead Bush
  519. Face Of The Earth Days Of The New
  520. Wolf Like Me Local H
  521. Son Of A Gun Nirvana
  522. Immigrant Song Nirvana
  523. Horrified Nirvana
  524. Tremor Christ Pearl Jam
  525. W.M.A. Pearl Jam
  526. Parting Ways Pearl Jam
  527. Back Of My Mind Pearl Jam
  528. Cready Stomp Pearl Jam
  529. Glide Stone Temple Pilots
  530. Meadow Stone Temple Pilots
  531. X-Ray Mind Mad Season
  532. Alone Downface
  533. Empty Room My Sister's Machine
  534. Bullet Holes Bush
  535. Glowing Soul Candlebox
  536. Dying Hole
  537. Jennifer's Body Hole
  538. You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) Mudhoney
  539. Forgotten Tune Nirvana
  540. Spin The Black Circle Pearl Jam
  541. Just A Girl Pearl Jam
  542. Sleight Of Hand Pearl Jam
  543. Bleed Together Soundgarden
  544. All Night Thing Temple Of The Dog
  545. Waiting Around For Grace Pond
  546. Satin Sheets Silverchair
  547. When The Sun Rose Again Alice In Chains
  548. All I Am Alice In Chains
  549. Flowers On A Grave Bush
  550. Ghost Pearl Jam
  551. Whipping Pearl Jam
  552. Force Of Nature Pearl Jam
  553. Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam
  554. Can't Deny Me Pearl Jam
  555. Silvergun Superman Stone Temple Pilots
  556. Crown Of Thorns Mother Love Bone
  557. Black Book Of Fear Mad Season
  558. Feed My Sister's Machine
  559. Sweet Sally Brown Paw
  560. Asylum Silverchair
  561. Am I Inside Alice In Chains
  562. Last Of My Kind Alice In Chains
  563. Bring Yourself Days Of The New
  564. Come on Death Nirvana
  565. Revelator Screaming Trees
  566. Reflections Screaming Trees
  567. I Awake Soundgarden
  568. Smokestack Lightning Soundgarden
  569. Flutter Girl Soundgarden
  570. He Didn't Soundgarden
  571. Taree Soundgarden
  572. Twin Tower Soundgarden
  573. American Woman Soundgarden
  574. Candy Corn Sponge
  575. Pennywheels Sponge
  576. Fame And Glory Sponge
  577. Leave This World Sponge
  578. Unglued Stone Temple Pilots
  579. Barbarella Stone Temple Pilots
  580. You Can't Drive Me Away Stone Temple Pilots
  581. Bagman Stone Temple Pilots
  582. Good Shoes Stone Temple Pilots
  583. You Found Yourself While Losing Your Heart Stone Temple Pilots
  584. Pushin' Forward Back Temple Of The Dog
  585. War Pigs Temple Of The Dog
  586. Bazaar Green River
  587. Gentle Groove Mother Love Bone
  588. No Blues For You Mother Love Bone
  589. Hip Like Junk 7 Year Bitch
  590. The Scratch 7 Year Bitch
  591. Grinding Process Melvins
  592. Honey Bucket Melvins
  593. The Bloat Melvins
  594. Goose Freight Train Melvins
  595. Creepy Smell Melvins
  596. Jacksonville Melvins
  597. She Waits Melvins
  598. Don't Piece Me Melvins
  599. My Small Percent Shows Most Melvins
  600. If I Had An Exorcism Melvins
  601. Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything) Melvins
  602. We Are Doomed Melvins
  603. Bludge TAD
  604. Gouge TAD
  605. Ritual Device TAD
  606. Hed Hammerbox
  607. Annabelle The Flys
  608. The Gods Of Basketball The Flys
  609. Nothing Pagoda
  610. Misunderstood Allele
  611. Common Mistake Seaweed
  612. Clean Slate Seaweed
  613. Wait For The Fade Seaweed
  614. Confidence Downface
  615. Cold The Nymphs
  616. Freshman Bronson Arroyo
  617. Hands And Feet My Sister's Machine
  618. Mr Liberty (With Morals) Malfunkshun
  619. Hope I Die Tonight Paw
  620. Texas Paw
  621. Sunflower Paw
  622. Four Girls Truly
  623. Everything Grindstone
  624. Picture perfect Grindstone
  625. Longa Espera Incidencia Anonima
  626. Between The Eyes Love Battery
  627. Fuzz Factory Love Battery
  628. Sunny Jim Love Battery
  629. While You're Twisting I'm Still Breathing The Gits
  630. Graveyard Blues The Gits
  631. Crucifunkin' Gruntruck
  632. Above Me Gruntruck
  633. Nascido da ditadura militar Incesticida
  634. Garden-now! Bad Flanders
  635. Desespero Inexistente Flay C.
  636. Narrow Ways Violent Soho
  637. No Shade Violent Soho
  638. My Friends Tick
  639. Stranger Skin Yard
  640. Hallowed Ground Skin Yard
  641. Make Room Skin Yard
  642. Don't Look At The Sun Or You'll Go Blind Pond
  643. Mubby's Theme Pond
  644. Wheel Pond
  645. Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide Pond
  646. Stoned Silverchair
  647. Pop Song For Us Rejects Silverchair
  648. Steam Will Rise Silverchair
  649. Madman Silverchair
  650. Reflections Of A Sound Silverchair
  651. Strange Behaviour Silverchair
  652. Fear The Voices Alice In Chains
  653. Take Her Out Alice In Chains
  654. Breath On a Window Alice In Chains
  655. Spit To See The Shine Babes In Toyland
  656. Fork Down Throat Babes In Toyland
  657. Flesh Crawl Babes In Toyland
  658. 40 Miles From The Sun Bush
  659. Come Back Traci Bush
  660. Japanese Freight Train Bush
  661. This Cloud Bush
  662. I Believe In You Bush
  663. Man On The Run Bush
  664. Send In The Clowns Bush
  665. Rain Candlebox
  666. A Stone's Throw Away Candlebox
  667. Surrendering Candlebox
  668. Supernova Candlebox
  669. Enemy Days Of The New
  670. Never Drown Days Of The New
  671. Fighting W/ Clay Days Of The New
  672. Black Curtains Days Of The New
  673. Unreal Drain Sth
  674. Execution Grammatrain
  675. Apathy Grammatrain
  676. For Me Grammatrain
  677. Bittersweet Hole
  678. Plump Hole
  679. Olympia Hole
  680. Never Go Hungry Hole
  681. Garbage Man Hole
  682. Little One L7
  683. Questioning My Sanity L7
  684. Wargasm L7
  685. Gas Chamber L7
  686. My Mind Is Dangerous Life Of Agony
  687. Justified Life Of Agony
  688. A Place Where There's No More Pain Life Of Agony
  689. Creature Comforted Local H
  690. Lucky Local H
  691. What Can I Tell You? Local H
  692. That's What They All Say Local H
  693. BMW Man Local H
  694. Ruling Kind Local H
  695. Elephant Local H
  696. Waves Local H
  697. Blinding Sun Mudhoney
  698. Something So Clear Mudhoney
  699. If I Think Mudhoney
  700. 1995 Mudhoney
  701. Butterfly Stroke Mudhoney
  702. Editions Of You Mudhoney
  703. Paperback Life Mudhoney
  704. Six Two One Mudhoney
  705. Running Out Mudhoney
  706. Return Of The Rat Nirvana
  707. Excuse Nirvana
  708. Fucking Up Pearl Jam
  709. Down Pearl Jam
  710. Sweet Lew Pearl Jam
  711. Fortunate Son Pearl Jam
  712. This Boy Pearl Jam
  713. Satellite Pearl Jam
  714. I've Just Seen Your Face Pearl Jam
  715. Marker in the Sand Pearl Jam
  716. You're True Pearl Jam
  717. Of The Earth Pearl Jam
  718. All I Know Screaming Trees
  719. Days Screaming Trees
  720. I See Stars Screaming Trees
  721. Other Worlds Screaming Trees
  722. The Pathway Screaming Trees
  723. World Painted Screaming Trees
  724. Working Class Hero Screaming Trees
  725. Boot Camp Soundgarden
  726. Little Joe Soundgarden
  727. Sub Pop Rock City Soundgarden
  728. Heartfist Soundgarden
  729. Incessant Mace Soundgarden
  730. Blood On The Valley Floor Soundgarden
  731. Ghostmotorfinger Soundgarden
  732. Hey Jude Soundgarden
  733. Death Of A Drag Queen Sponge
  734. Planet Girls Sponge
  735. Feels Like Love Sponge
  736. Destroy The Boy Sponge
  737. Army Ants Stone Temple Pilots
  738. Chateau Marmont Stone Temple Pilots
  739. Break On Through (To The Other Side) Stone Temple Pilots
  740. Take A Load Off Stone Temple Pilots
  741. Finest Hour Stone Temple Pilots
  742. Miles Away Stone Temple Pilots
  743. M.a.c.c. Hey Baby Temple Of The Dog
  744. Quicksand Temple Of The Dog
  745. This Town Green River
  746. Half Ass Monkey Boy Mother Love Bone
  747. Elijah Mother Love Bone
  748. Icy Blue 7 Year Bitch
  749. Tired Of Nothing 7 Year Bitch
  750. In The Rain Melvins
  751. Joan Of Arc Melvins
  752. Tipping The Lion Melvins
  753. Adolescent Wet Dream Melvins
  754. Dead Dressed Melvins
  755. Koollegged Melvins
  756. Shevil Melvins
  757. Bitten Into Sympathy Melvins
  758. Steve Instant Newman Melvins
  759. Your Blessened Melvins
  760. Voted Off The Island Melvins
  761. Dr. Mule Melvins
  762. Pork Chop TAD
  763. 3-D Witch Hunt TAD
  764. Salem TAD
  765. Hole Hammerbox
  766. Blue Life The Flys
  767. Tyrant The Flys
  768. Hey Joe Pagoda
  769. Stitches Allele
  770. Crush Us All Seaweed
  771. Hard Times Seaweed
  772. What Are We Taking? Seaweed
  773. Deeper Downface
  774. Death Of A Scenester The Nymphs
  775. Hunger Strike Bronson Arroyo
  776. I Hate You My Sister's Machine
  777. Winter Bites Malfunkshun
  778. Jessie Paw
  779. Badger Paw
  780. Surrender Paw
  781. Hot Summer 1991 Truly
  782. Hollow Eyes Grindstone
  783. Calling out Grindstone
  784. O que fazer? Incidencia Anonima
  785. Damaged Love Battery
  786. Nehru Jacket Love Battery
  787. Wingo Lamo The Gits
  788. Guilt Within Your Head The Gits
  789. Eyes Of Stone Gruntruck
  790. Nasty Gruntruck
  791. Radio rebede Incesticida
  792. Kid For Sale Bad Flanders
  793. Medeleine Mad Sneaks
  794. Birth Of The Teen-age Violent Soho
  795. So Sentimental Violent Soho
  796. Past Days Tick
  797. Wither Skin Yard
  798. Epitaph For Yesterday Skin Yard
  799. Bleed Skin Yard
  800. Duck And Clover Pond
  801. My Dog Is An Astronaut, Though Pond
  802. When It Explodes Pond
  803. Sitting Up On Our Crane Pond
  804. 30000 Megatons Pond
  805. Tasmania Pond
  806. Learn To Hate Silverchair
  807. Pins In My Needles Silverchair
  808. All Across The World Silverchair
  809. God Smack Alice In Chains
  810. Died Alice In Chains
  811. Lesson Learned Alice In Chains
  812. Scalpel Alice In Chains
  813. Boot Camp Alice In Chains
  814. Bruise Violet Babes In Toyland
  815. All By Myself Babes In Toyland
  816. Dust Cake Boy Babes In Toyland
  817. Hubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble Babes In Toyland
  818. Dead Meat Bush
  819. Nockin' On Heaven's Door Bush
  820. I Don't Wanna Come Back Down From This Cloud Bush
  821. Red Light Bush
  822. The Golden Age Bush
  823. People At War Bush
  824. Kingdom Bush
  825. Gunfight Bush
  826. Mother's Dream Candlebox
  827. It's Alright Candlebox
  828. How Does It Feel Candlebox
  829. Freak Days Of The New
  830. Once Again Days Of The New
  831. Dope Road Days Of The New
  832. I Wish Drain Sth
  833. Simon Says Drain Sth
  834. Lonely House Grammatrain
  835. Blind Grammatrain
  836. All Grammatrain
  837. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Hole
  838. Credit In The Straight World Hole
  839. Drag Hole
  840. Skinny Little Bitch Hole
  841. Dick Nail Hole
  842. Deathwish L7
  843. Livin' Large L7
  844. Runnin' From the Law L7
  845. 'Til the Wheels Fall Off L7
  846. Cherry Bomb L7
  847. Neg Life Of Agony
  848. Method Of Groove Life Of Agony
  849. Last Cigarette Life Of Agony
  850. Lay Down Life Of Agony
  851. Cynic Local H
  852. Lucky Time Local H
  853. What Would You Have Me Do? Local H
  854. The Money Is On The Dresser Local H
  855. Nothing Is Equal Local H
  856. Feed a Fever Local H
  857. Disgruntled Xmas Local H
  858. Fuck Yeah, That Wide Local H
  859. I'm Spun Mudhoney
  860. Thorn Mudhoney
  861. Need Mudhoney
  862. Baby Help Me Forget Mudhoney
  863. Crankcase Blues Mudhoney
  864. Empty Shells Mudhoney
  865. Pump It Up Mudhoney
  866. In The Blood Mudhoney
  867. Inside Out Over You Mudhoney
  868. Talk To Me Nirvana
  869. It's Closing Soon Nirvana
  870. Twist And Shout Nirvana
  871. I'm Open Pearl Jam
  872. Get Right Pearl Jam
  873. Undone Pearl Jam
  874. Sonic Reducer Pearl Jam
  875. Happy When I'm Crying Pearl Jam
  876. Trouble Pearl Jam
  877. Redemption Song Pearl Jam
  878. Red Dot Pearl Jam
  879. Wooden Jesus Pearl Jam
  880. Anything In Between Pearl Jam
  881. Improv Pearl Jam
  882. Dying Days Screaming Trees
  883. Dime Western Screaming Trees
  884. I've Seen You Before Screaming Trees
  885. Pictures In My Mind Screaming Trees
  886. The Second I Awake Screaming Trees
  887. You Know Where Its At Screaming Trees
  888. Last Words Screaming Trees
  889. Zero Chance Soundgarden
  890. HIV Baby Soundgarden
  891. Dark Globe Soundgarden
  892. By Crooked Steps Soundgarden
  893. Motorcycle Loop Soundgarden
  894. Communication Breakdown Soundgarden
  895. Disconnected Sponge
  896. Polyanna Sponge
  897. Glue Sponge
  898. Come In From The Rain Sponge
  899. Pop's Love Suicide Stone Temple Pilots
  900. Coma Stone Temple Pilots
  901. Cool Kiss Stone Temple Pilots
  902. Ring Twice Stone Temple Pilots
  903. Huckleberry Crumble Stone Temple Pilots
  904. Never Enough Stone Temple Pilots
  905. She's My Queen Stone Temple Pilots
  906. Ozzie (Tales Of Terror) Green River
  907. Ain't Nothing To do Green River
  908. Heartshine Mother Love Bone
  909. Lady Godiva Blues Mother Love Bone
  910. In Lust You Trust 7 Year Bitch
  911. Whoopie Cat 7 Year Bitch
  912. Jew Boy Flower Head Melvins
  913. Leech Melvins
  914. Toy Melvins
  915. Youth of America Melvins
  916. Dead Wipe Melvins
  917. Lacrimosa Melvins
  918. Skeeter Melvins
  919. Civilized Worm Melvins
  920. Influence Of Atmosphere Melvins
  921. Cow Melvins
  922. Wholly Buy-Bull Melvins
  923. The Decay Of Lying Melvins
  924. Delinquent TAD
  925. Plague Years TAD
  926. Ulcer TAD
  927. No Hammerbox
  928. Girls Are The Cruelest The Flys
  929. Love And A Molotov Cocktail The Flys
  930. Blood Crosses Pagoda
  931. Tightrope Allele
  932. Free Drug Zone Seaweed
  933. In Fairness Seaweed
  934. Your Privilege Seaweed
  935. Fallen Downface
  936. Heaven The Nymphs
  937. Pardon Me Bronson Arroyo
  938. I Slip Away My Sister's Machine
  939. Jezebel Woman Malfunkshun
  940. Last One Paw
  941. Blow Wind Paw
  942. Two Brothers Paw
  943. Hurricane Dance Truly
  944. Hunger Grindstone
  945. Yesterday Grindstone
  946. Não vou mais suportar Incidencia Anonima
  947. Foot Love Battery
  948. Mr. Soul Love Battery
  949. Silent Treatment Love Battery
  950. Whirlwind The Gits
  951. Follow Gruntruck
  952. Situation Gruntruck
  953. Mr. Beatle Bad Flanders
  954. Sangue Sujo Mad Sneaks
  955. Scrape It Violent Soho
  956. Viceroy Violent Soho
  957. Please do Not Commit Suicide Tick
  958. Burn a Hole Skin Yard
  959. The Blind Leading The Blind Skin Yard
  960. Out Of The Attic Skin Yard
  961. Eye Pattern Blindness Pond
  962. Mystery Pond
  963. Elvis' Flaming Star Pond
  964. Saddle Tramp Dickless
  965. Faultline Silverchair
  966. Petrol & Chlorine Silverchair
  967. Luv Your Life Silverchair
  968. Don't Wanna Be the One Silverchair
  969. Kick Out The Jams Silverchair
  970. Hate To Feel Alice In Chains
  971. Hush, Hush Alice In Chains
  972. Acid Bubble Alice In Chains
  973. Hung On a Hook Alice In Chains
  974. Hunted Down Alice In Chains
  975. Magick Flute Babes In Toyland
  976. Angel Hair Babes In Toyland
  977. Mater Dolorosa Babes In Toyland
  978. History Bush
  979. Alien Bush
  980. English Fire Bush
  981. Pretty Vacant Bush
  982. Ex Girlfriend Bush
  983. She's a Stallion Bush
  984. Speeding Through The Bright Lights Bush
  985. The Edge Of Love Bush
  986. Crossroads Bush
  987. Quicksand Bush
  988. He Calls Home Candlebox
  989. Belmore Place Candlebox
  990. Stand Candlebox
  991. Gods Gift Candlebox
  992. I Think Days Of The New
  993. Phobics Of Tragedy Days Of The New
  994. Bring Me Down Days Of The New
  995. Enter My Mind Drain Sth
  996. Crave Drain Sth
  997. Psycho Grammatrain
  998. Days Grammatrain
  999. Forever Grammatrain
  1000. Use Once And Destroy Hole