1. El Tesoro de Los Inocentes Indio Solari
  2. More Than Words Extreme
  3. Habia Una Vez Indio Solari
  4. Juntos a La Par Pappo
  5. Pabellón Séptimo (relato de Horacio) Indio Solari
  6. Highway To Hell AC/DC
  7. Is This Love Whitesnake
  8. Y Mientras Tanto El Sol Se Muere Indio Solari
  9. El Martillo de Las Brujas Indio Solari
  10. Back In Black AC/DC
  11. Flight 956 Indio Solari
  12. Eye Of The Tiger Survivor
  13. Black Russian Indio Solari
  14. Tatuaje Indio Solari
  15. Ramas desnudas Indio Solari
  16. Chau Mohicano Indio Solari
  17. Carrie Europe
  18. Don't Stop Believin' Journey
  19. Thunderstruck AC/DC
  20. Desconfío Pappo
  21. When You Love A Woman Journey
  22. Se Vos Almafuerte
  23. Triunfo Almafuerte
  24. To Beef Or Not To Beef Indio Solari
  25. Hysteria Def Leppard
  26. The Final Countdown Europe
  27. A Vos Amigo Almafuerte
  28. Tesoro de Los Inocentes Indio Solari
  29. T.N.T. AC/DC
  30. Ruta 66 Pappo
  31. Toro Y Pampa Almafuerte
  32. Faithfully Journey
  33. You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
  34. Open Arms Journey
  35. Here I Go Again Whitesnake
  36. El Salmón Indio Solari
  37. Sucio Y Desprolijo Pappo
  38. Black Night Deep Purple
  39. El Viejo Pappo
  40. Smoke On The Water Deep Purple
  41. Con Rumbo Al Abra Almafuerte
  42. Por Ser Yo Almafuerte
  43. It's All in Vain W.E.T
  44. Debes Saberlo Almafuerte
  45. Mi Credo Almafuerte
  46. Zoetrope Amnésia
  47. Almafuerte Almafuerte
  48. La Muerte Y Yo Indio Solari
  49. Highway Star Deep Purple
  50. Que Sea Rock Pappo
  51. Il Cielo In Una Stanza Mike Patton
  52. Si Me Ves Volver Almafuerte
  53. Send Her My Love Journey
  54. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Journey
  55. Holy Diver Dio
  56. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) Cinderella
  57. Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly Cinderella
  58. Love Bites Def Leppard
  59. No Obstante Lo Cual Pappo
  60. Don't Talk To Strangers Dio
  61. Shoot To Thrill AC/DC
  62. El charro chino Indio Solari
  63. Porco rex Indio Solari
  64. Descortés Pappo
  65. Martinis Y Tafiroles Indio Solari
  66. 18 And Life Skid Row
  67. Perfect Strangers Deep Purple
  68. Amnesia Indio Solari
  69. El Tren de Las 16 Pappo
  70. Hells Bells AC/DC
  71. Stranger Danger Indio Solari
  72. I Remember You Skid Row
  73. To Be With You Mr. Big
  74. Mala Noche Riff
  75. Only The Young Journey
  76. El Hombre Suburbano Pappo
  77. No es Dios Todo lo que Reluce Indio Solari
  78. We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister
  79. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) AC/DC
  80. O Corpo É Que Paga António Variações
  81. Por Que Sera Que No Me Quiere Dios Indio Solari
  82. En Las Calles De Liniers Almafuerte
  83. Desde El Oeste Almafuerte
  84. Ciudad Baigón Indio Solari
  85. Solamente Tú feat Pablo Alborán Damien Sargue
  86. Jump Van Halen
  87. More Than A Feeling Boston
  88. Open Your Heart Europe
  89. Te estas quedando sin balas de plata Indio Solari
  90. Adieu! Bye Bye! Aufwiedersehen! Indio Solari
  91. Veneno paciente Indio Solari
  92. Paradise Tesla
  93. La Piba de Blockbuster Indio Solari
  94. Pedía siempre temas en la radio Indio Solari
  95. Rock 'N' Roll Train AC/DC
  96. We All Need Christmas Def Leppard
  97. Buitres Almafuerte
  98. Whole Lotta Rosie AC/DC
  99. Burning Heart Survivor
  100. Allá en Tilcara Almafuerte
  101. Río Paraná Almafuerte
  102. Patria Al Hombro Almafuerte
  103. Burn Deep Purple
  104. Come On Feel The Noise Quiet Riot
  105. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Indio Solari
  106. Nobody's Fool Cinderella
  107. Child In Time Deep Purple
  108. When I Look Into Your Eyes FireHouse
  109. Hard Rock Hallelujah Lordi
  110. Ceremonia Durante La Tormenta Indio Solari
  111. Amanda Boston
  112. Buscando Un Amor Pappo
  113. Mal romance Riff
  114. Can't Stop Lovin' You Van Halen
  115. Do Your Worst Rival Sons
  116. Sopa de Lágrimas (Para el Pibe Delete) Indio Solari
  117. Devil With Angels Eyes Royal Bliss
  118. Mala Noche Pappo
  119. El Tábano en la Oreja Indio Solari
  120. Rock The Night Europe
  121. Aquella Estrella Pappo
  122. La Espada Sagrada Pappo
  123. Convide Rutero Almafuerte
  124. Presa Facil Almafuerte
  125. She's Gone Steelheart
  126. Love is Like Oxygen Audiovision
  127. Are You Ready AC/DC
  128. El Amasijo De Un Gran Sueño Almafuerte
  129. Sube a Mi Voiture Pappo
  130. Two Steps Behind Def Leppard
  131. Photograph Def Leppard
  132. Tsunami Indio Solari
  133. Hole Hearted Extreme
  134. Una Rata Muerta en los Geranios Indio Solari
  135. Llegará La Paz Pappo
  136. Voy En Moto Pappo
  137. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight Cutting Crew
  138. High Enough Damn Yankees
  139. Heaven Warrant
  140. I Can't Drive 55 Sammy Hagar
  141. Fall To Pieces Velvet Revolver
  142. Changes Butterfly Boucher
  143. Who's Cryin' Now Journey
  144. Don't Wanna Be Your Girl W.E.T
  145. Complication Durarara!!
  146. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Journey
  147. Animal Def Leppard
  148. Cumpliendo Mi Destino Almafuerte
  149. Ma-O-Tzur Blackmore's Night
  150. Metal Health (Bang Your Head) Quiet Riot
  151. Siempre Es Lo Mismo Nena Pappo
  152. Let There Be Rock AC/DC
  153. Rainbow In The Dark Dio
  154. Love Song Tesla
  155. The Price Twisted Sister
  156. Uragiri No Yuyake Durarara!!
  157. The Jack AC/DC
  158. Cult Of Personality Living Colour
  159. Todos a Los Botes! Indio Solari
  160. Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leppard
  161. Nike es la cultura Indio Solari
  162. Satelital Indio Solari
  163. Mi Vieja Pappo
  164. Sweet Victory Van Halen
  165. El Forastero Pappo
  166. Vino Mariani Indio Solari
  167. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming Deep Purple
  168. Lucero Del Alba Almafuerte
  169. Ayer Deseo, Hoy Realidad Almafuerte
  170. Ore D'amore Mike Patton
  171. Moraleja Almafuerte
  172. Huellas en la Arena Darksun
  173. Unas Estrofas Mas Almafuerte
  174. I Can't Hold Back Survivor
  175. Tomasito Podés Oirme - Tomasito Podés Verme Indio Solari
  176. Touch Too Much AC/DC
  177. Hold On To Love (feat. Codany Holiday) Jason Becker
  178. Soldier Of Fortune Deep Purple
  179. Harley Davidson AC/DC
  180. Chante Noire Indio Solari
  181. Katmandu Pappo
  182. When It's Love Van Halen
  183. Sound Of Home Pride of Lions
  184. In a Darkened Room Skid Row
  185. Con Elvira Es Otra Cosa Pappo
  186. Malas Compañías Pappo
  187. Solo En Este Mundo Pappo
  188. Ella Es Un Ángel Pappo
  189. The Moment of Truth Survivor
  190. Todo es en vano si no hay amor Almafuerte
  191. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC
  192. Moneytalks AC/DC
  193. Love Of My Life Extreme
  194. Ever Since The World Began Survivor
  195. Shine Mr. Big
  196. Pictures Of Home Deep Purple
  197. Asilos Magdalena The Mars Volta
  198. Love Song AC/DC
  199. Pantalla Del Mundo Nuevo Pappo
  200. Cherry Pie Warrant
  201. Vergüenza Ajena Riff
  202. Sentir Indiano Almafuerte
  203. Whisky Malo Pappo
  204. Breakin' Outta Hell Airbourne
  205. Any Way You Want It Journey
  206. Ser Humano Junto a Los Mios Almafuerte
  207. Deep Down Mike Patton
  208. Sinterklaaslied Drs. P
  209. Tu Eres Su Seguridad Almafuerte
  210. The Wizard Uriah Heep
  211. When The Children Cry White Lion
  212. She's No Angel Michael Monroe
  213. Cosas Que Pasan Almafuerte
  214. Love Is A Killer Vixen
  215. The Jack (Live) AC/DC
  216. Day By Day Talisman
  217. Love Of a Lifetime FireHouse
  218. Sail Away Deep Purple
  219. Easier Said Than Done Whitesnake
  220. After All These Years Journey
  221. Ti Offro Da Bere Mike Patton
  222. Save Me Some Sugar Midnight Riders
  223. Vencer El Tiempo Almafuerte
  224. Rock Or Bust AC/DC
  225. Let It Be Gotthard
  226. Lily Malone Riff
  227. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love Van Halen
  228. Looking For Love Whitesnake
  229. Savage Heart Pretty Maids
  230. 67 Seas In Your Eyes Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
  231. Wild World Mr. Big
  232. Duro invierno Riff
  233. Todo El Día Me Pregunto Pappo
  234. Duendes Pappo
  235. Blues Para Mi Guitarra Pappo
  236. Gato de La Calle Negra Pappo
  237. Dreams Van Halen
  238. Growing On Me The Darkness
  239. Donde Esta Mi Corazon Almafuerte
  240. Doctor Doctor UFO
  241. Psycho Killer Velvet Revolver
  242. Ruta 76 Almafuerte
  243. Where I've Been Rival Sons
  244. Bye Bye Caroline (feat. Francis Rossi) Gotthard
  245. All I Wanna To do Is Make Love To You Halestorm
  246. Pornograffitti Extreme
  247. Till the end of time Ten
  248. Sordidez Riff
  249. Penetieso Blues Pappo
  250. Personal Jesus Def Leppard
  251. How Much Love Vixen
  252. Colorful Steel Dragon
  253. When A Blind Man Cries Deep Purple
  254. When Love And Hate Collide Def Leppard
  255. Dijo El Droguero Al Drogador Almafuerte
  256. Go, Go, Power Rangers Mr. Big
  257. Night Of The Demon Demon
  258. I Need You Now Bad English
  259. Lazy Deep Purple
  260. Como Estaba Ahi Dios Almafuerte
  261. Round And Round Ratt
  262. Morte Aos Ciquelistas Comme Restus
  263. La Dama Del Lago Pappo
  264. I'm Always Here Jimi Jamison
  265. El Visitante Almafuerte
  266. O Limdo Sorriso Do Meu Cão Comme Restus
  267. Vou Morar No Ar Casa das Máquinas
  268. Lokk The Storm
  269. What You Give Tesla
  270. Nacido Para Ser Así Pappo
  271. Heavy Metal Christmas (The Twelve Days Of Christmas) Twisted Sister
  272. We Rock Dio
  273. Es Algo de Amor Pappo
  274. Por Nacer Almafuerte
  275. Voy a Enloquecer Almafuerte
  276. Forever Skid Row
  277. Capitol Trust
  278. Don't Close Your Eyes Kix
  279. Day you laugh Durarara!!
  280. The Search Is Over Survivor
  281. Armageddon It Def Leppard
  282. Bringin' On The Heartbreak Def Leppard
  283. You're All I Need White Lion
  284. Cocaine Cowboys Crashdiet
  285. Lights Journey
  286. Stand Up Steel Dragon
  287. When I See You Smile Bad English
  288. Tomé Demasiado Pappo
  289. Mi Caramel Machiato Indio Solari
  290. July Morning Uriah Heep
  291. Hail Caesar AC/DC
  292. Bang Bang (my Baby Shot Me Down) Terry Reid
  293. A Traves de Los Tiempos Almafuerte
  294. El Brujo Y El Tiempo Pappo
  295. Longchamps Boogie Pappo
  296. Canción para un Goldfish Indio Solari
  297. Unstoppable For The Fallen Dreams
  298. You Got No Right Velvet Revolver
  299. Lanzado Al Mundo De Hoy Almafuerte
  300. Naked In My Cellar Lordi
  301. Fiesta cervezal Pappo
  302. Macadam 3...2...1...0... Pappo
  303. Longe de Ti Império dos Sentados
  304. Slide Blues Pappo
  305. Pressure And Time Rival Sons
  306. Ted The Mechanic Deep Purple
  307. You Really Got Me Van Halen
  308. Sex Child Blue Murder
  309. Los Delirios Del Defacto Almafuerte
  310. The One And Only H.E.A.T
  311. Farsi Del Male Per Sempre Tony Maiello
  312. Hush Deep Purple
  313. The Siege Europe
  314. O Encontro de Lampião Com Eike Batista El Efecto
  315. Remember Me Journey
  316. Desencuentro Almafuerte
  317. Wasted Time Skid Row
  318. Canção do Engate António Variações
  319. El Malo de La Película Pappo
  320. Pequeña Ala Pappo
  321. Submarino Soluble Indio Solari
  322. Knocking At Your Back Door Deep Purple
  323. Oh Angel Fatal Fury
  324. Lights And Shadows Europe
  325. Golden Love Midnight Youth
  326. How Can I Miss You Nelson
  327. Cruzando América En Un Taxi Pappo
  328. I'll See You In My Dreams Giant
  329. American Woman Krokus
  330. The Boys Are Back In Town Thin Lizzy
  331. Algunos Deslices Pappo
  332. The Show Must Go On Three Dog Night
  333. Mercy The Blackout City Kids
  334. Shoom Trust
  335. El Pibe Tigre Almafuerte
  336. What Keeps Me Loving You XYZ
  337. You Are My Religion FireHouse
  338. Who Made Who AC/DC
  339. What Do You Do For Money Honey AC/DC
  340. Aquel gato Pappo
  341. Eye To Eye Crystal Ball
  342. Slither Velvet Revolver
  343. Come Follow me The Answer
  344. Eye Of The Storm H.E.A.T
  345. Scalinatella Mike Patton
  346. El Viento Llora a Mary Pappo
  347. Danger On The Track Europe
  348. En Este Viaje Almafuerte
  349. Tearing Down The Walls H.E.A.T
  350. Stay Black Stone Cherry
  351. Safe In New York City AC/DC
  352. Riff Raff AC/DC
  353. Working For The Weekend Loverboy
  354. Tema Solísimo Pappo
  355. Still Of The Night Whitesnake
  356. Let's Get It Up AC/DC
  357. Tv Song Return
  358. War Machine AC/DC
  359. Hearts On Fire Survivor
  360. A Gypsy's Kiss Deep Purple
  361. Täti Monika PMMP
  362. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad? Def Leppard
  363. Cherokee Europe
  364. I'll Be Alright Without You Journey
  365. The Furor AC/DC
  366. 'Til The End Of Time Whitesnake
  367. Tu Pasion Gotthard
  368. Black Ice AC/DC
  369. Dos Caras Pappo
  370. Lily Malone Pappo
  371. Ruedas de Metal Pappo
  372. Time For Bedlam Deep Purple
  373. I'll Cry For You Europe
  374. Stars (Hear 'n' Aid ) Dio
  375. We All Die Young Steel Dragon
  376. Hombre Peste Almafuerte
  377. Let Me Put My Love Into You AC/DC
  378. Rock The Blues Away AC/DC
  379. Die Baby Die Kadavar
  380. Homenaje Almafuerte
  381. Just Take My Heart Mr. Big
  382. I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes) Steelheart
  383. 20 KM Al Giorno Mike Patton
  384. Blues Local Pappo
  385. Torito es Muerto Indio Solari
  386. Looking Too Closely Fink
  387. Girl Can't Help It Journey
  388. Regresando Almafuerte
  389. WW Sex Poison
  390. Shot Of Love AC/DC
  391. Love Is On The Way Saigon Kick
  392. Little Drops Of Heaven Pretty Maids
  393. Just Call My Name (I'll Be There) Blackmore's Night
  394. Sátiros Sueltos Pappo
  395. Can You Take Me High Enough Damn Yankees
  396. Crazy Bird Wild Child (Folk Band)
  397. Strange Kind Of Woman Deep Purple
  398. With Your Love Journey
  399. La Llaga Almafuerte
  400. Straight To You Heart Bad English
  401. Lo que quieras hacer Riff
  402. Boff No Puedo Soportarlo Más Pappo
  403. Love Don't Lie House Of Lords
  404. Good Things Rival Sons
  405. Blind Tamar Braxton
  406. Better Off Alone Vains of Jenna
  407. La Ilusión de Merecer Da-Skate
  408. Dois Lados Aurora Rules
  409. No detenga su motor Riff
  410. Paxaxa Plus Dentes Comme Restus
  411. Buen Tiempo Pappo
  412. Desde El Mas Alla Almafuerte
  413. Body Talk Ratt
  414. Monkey Business Skid Row
  415. Goin' Where The Wind Blows Mr. Big
  416. Me tienen cansado Riff
  417. Black Sun Kadavar
  418. Ass Up Barracuda
  419. Edge Of A Broken Heart Vixen
  420. Vedamalady The Mars Volta
  421. Me da Pena Confesarlo Almafuerte
  422. Something To Believe In Poison
  423. Recém Chegados Aurora Rules
  424. Como El Viento Darksun
  425. Blues Del Perro Pappo
  426. Completamente Nervioso Pappo
  427. El Hombre Oculto Pappo
  428. Bullets Wild Child (Folk Band)
  429. Ordinary The Buzzhorn
  430. Wait White Lion
  431. Catch The Rainbow Dio
  432. Fever Dreams Hardline
  433. Mother, Father Journey
  434. Cartouche Blackmore's Night
  435. Tiempo distante Riff
  436. Astronomy Blue Öyster Cult
  437. A Bitter Song Butterfly Boucher
  438. No Way Out Must
  439. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast Airbourne
  440. You Make Me Feel Bonfire
  441. Come On, Come In Velvet Revolver
  442. Oh Sherry Journey
  443. After The Rain XYZ
  444. Girls Got Rhythm AC/DC
  445. Bienvenida a Mi Lado Oscuro Riff
  446. El Marqués Bajo La Luz Pappo
  447. Wrong Turn The Blackout City Kids
  448. Rocker Hollywood Rose
  449. We Wish You Well Whitesnake
  450. Evil Cactus
  451. Bulbform Trust
  452. Kiss My Ass Goodbye Y&T
  453. Mano Brava Almafuerte
  454. The Joker Quiet Riot
  455. Go Zone AC/DC
  456. All The Way Up Mr. Big
  457. La dama del lago Riff
  458. Pobre Juan Pappo
  459. Tomorrow Europe
  460. Speed Demon Keel
  461. Little Fighter White Lion
  462. Warriors Of The Hezbollah Kalashnikov
  463. Sxxxoxxxe Digital Summer
  464. Daddy´s Little Girl Crazy Lixx
  465. Sojuzgados y Sometidos Almafuerte
  466. De La Escuelita Almafuerte
  467. Edge Of Our Dreams Reckless Love
  468. Flick Of The Switch AC/DC
  469. Walk All Over You AC/DC
  470. Come And Get It AC/DC
  471. Mírese Adentro Pappo
  472. Come On Feel The Noise Twisted Sister
  473. Forever Young Tyketto
  474. Give Me All Your Love Whitesnake
  475. Cilindro Cônico Casa das Máquinas
  476. Far Away Eyes Jani Lane
  477. Chylde of Fire Witchcraft
  478. El Traidor Gotthard
  479. Harten Drs. P
  480. Ever Since The World Began Jimi Jamison
  481. Concertina The Mars Volta
  482. Makin' a Mess Skid Row
  483. Skies On Fire AC/DC
  484. (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection Nelson
  485. Loreley Blackmore's Night
  486. Qué Es Un Tulipán? Pappo
  487. If I Don't Have You Tamar Braxton
  488. Uncommon Man Deep Purple
  489. When You Think Of Me Michele Luppi
  490. On The Loose Europe
  491. Dreams Are Not Enough Keel
  492. Alma Não Tem Cor Lúdica Música
  493. Lady Winter Witchcraft
  494. Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) King Kobra
  495. California Crashdiet
  496. Grosse Salope Exterio
  497. Y.M.C.A. Jeff Scott Soto
  498. 10,000 Lovers (In One) TNT (Norwegian)
  499. I Live My Life For You FireHouse
  500. Kicking & Screaming Sebastian Bach
  501. Diabólico plan Pappo
  502. Blue Jason Becker
  503. Forevermore Whitesnake
  504. Dream On (feat. Yngwie Malmsteen) Dio
  505. I'm Alive Sebastian Bach
  506. Ride On AC/DC
  507. There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' AC/DC
  508. She’s All Coming Back To Me Now Mr. Big
  509. Let's Rock This World Ariya
  510. Auto Rojo Pappo
  511. Dios Devorador Pappo
  512. Heartbreak Station Cinderella
  513. Rain Uriah Heep
  514. Chacarera Del Changuito Keel
  515. Scream of Anger Europe
  516. Stay With Me Whitesnake
  517. Love Is Meant To Last Forever John Norum
  518. Love Has Taken Its Toll Saraya
  519. Doctor Doctor Michael Schenker Group
  520. Ultranza Almafuerte
  521. Headhunt Durarara!!
  522. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) AC/DC
  523. Youth Gone Wild Skid Row
  524. I Need You Now Alias
  525. Estou Além António Variações
  526. Reza Duro Pappo
  527. Maybe I'm A Leo Deep Purple
  528. It Pulls Me Under Butterfly Boucher
  529. Lets Get Rocked Def Leppard
  530. Homeland Europe
  531. Pictures Europe
  532. Lipstick And Leather Y&T
  533. As Long As It's Not About Love Dio
  534. After The Love Has Gone Ten
  535. Wasted Heart Loaded
  536. Atravezando A Todo Limite Almafuerte
  537. Les Rois du Monde Damien Sargue
  538. A Shot At Redemption H.E.A.T
  539. Stay With Me Tonight Quiet Riot
  540. High Voltage AC/DC
  541. O Que de Mim Restou Aurora Rules
  542. Boogie Man AC/DC
  543. Honey Roll AC/DC
  544. Burnin' For You Blue Öyster Cult
  545. Bienvenida a Mi Lado Oscuro Pappo
  546. No Detenga Su Motor Pappo
  547. Todavía Sigo En Pie Pappo
  548. Mistreated Deep Purple
  549. Close My Eyes Forever (With Ozzy Osbourne) Lita Ford
  550. Make Me a Believer Jimi Jamison
  551. To Be Alive Again Journey
  552. Don't Treat Me Bad FireHouse
  553. Beso Negro Lujuria
  554. Oppi Fjellet The Storm
  555. No Easy Way Out Survivor
  556. Quello Che Conta Mike Patton
  557. No Obstante Lo Cual Riff
  558. Bloodsucker Deep Purple
  559. Far From Over Rev Theory
  560. Praise You Europe
  561. Do Not Disturb Halestorm
  562. Lisa Lita Ford
  563. Candy Walls Trust
  564. Hunger King Kobra
  565. Angelina Neurotic Outsiders
  566. Left Behind Decay
  567. Rock Bottom UFO
  568. Bad Company Bad Company
  569. Try My Love Nelson
  570. Que Sea Rock Riff
  571. Joy To The World Three Dog Night
  572. Lo Que Quieras Hacer Pappo
  573. Saco Italiano Pappo
  574. Sinking Ship Wild Child
  575. Space Truckin' Deep Purple
  576. Right Now Van Halen
  577. Tonight, Tonight Michele Luppi
  578. Superstitious Europe
  579. Slow An' Easy Whitesnake
  580. Eagle Gotthard
  581. Let Me Love You John Norum
  582. The Wave Ten
  583. She's Just a Girl, Eddie The Darkness
  584. Wheel In The Sky Journey
  585. Aunque Nos Pese El Infierno Almafuerte
  586. Can't Get Enough Bad Company
  587. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll Blue Öyster Cult
  588. Muda de Vida António Variações
  589. Lo Tuyo Es Vicio Pappo
  590. Ojo animal Pappo
  591. Rock Of Ages Def Leppard
  592. If You Walk Away Michele Luppi
  593. Judgement Day Whitesnake
  594. Forever Eternally Gotthard
  595. Higher Place Journey
  596. Mistress For Christmas AC/DC
  597. You're My Everything Slaughter
  598. (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult
  599. One (Is The Loneliest Number) Three Dog Night
  600. No Se Inglés Pappo
  601. Torture Rival Sons
  602. I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister
  603. Eruption Van Halen
  604. R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) Extreme
  605. Feel What I Feel Gotthard
  606. The Last In Line Dio
  607. Crystal Night Angels Holocaust
  608. Heaven Call Your Name Jimi Jamison
  609. In And Out Of Trouble H.E.A.T
  610. Maquinacion Riff
  611. Mundo dos Horrores John Wayne
  612. Still In Love With You Thin Lizzy
  613. Gypsy Road Cinderella
  614. Eye Of The Storm Kadavar
  615. The Deeper The Love Whitesnake
  616. I Am The Fire Halestorm
  617. Whitesnake Whitesnake
  618. Wish You Were Here Velvet Revolver
  619. I Believe In A Thing Called Love The Darkness
  620. Be Good To Yourself Journey
  621. Whats On Your Mind Ace Frehley
  622. Las Aguas Turbias Suben Esta Vez Almafuerte
  623. Never Use Love Ratt
  624. Clareza Aurora Rules
  625. Back In Black (AC/DC) Living Colour
  626. Hold Me Back AC/DC
  627. Choreography Cire
  628. Rock 'N' Roll Dream AC/DC
  629. Shtil' Ariya
  630. Lettin' Go UFO
  631. El Lado Oscuro Darksun
  632. Rayo luminoso Riff
  633. As Bóias São Noços Amigos Comme Restus
  634. Shambala Three Dog Night
  635. Quero É Viver António Variações
  636. Castillos Mágicos Españoles Pappo
  637. Les Invisibles Blue Öyster Cult
  638. El Hombre de La Valija Pappo
  639. Hoy No Hago Nada Pappo
  640. Parece Que Viene Bien Pappo
  641. What's Forever For House Of Lords
  642. Destination On Course Rival Sons
  643. Anthem Deep Purple
  644. What Kind Of Fool Pride of Lions
  645. My Last Desire Hardreams
  646. Magician King 810
  647. Trust Michele Luppi
  648. Reach Tyketto
  649. Crying In The Rain Whitesnake
  650. Walk The Earth Europe
  651. All I Want All I Need Whitesnake
  652. Rivalry Airbourne
  653. Pedra do Sal Teófilo Lima
  654. Fat Albert Theme Dig
  655. Seventeen Winger
  656. Cedo e tarde Lúdica Música
  657. Dying For Love Crown Of Thorns
  658. This Ready Flesh Trust
  659. Said & Done Gotthard
  660. Last Of An Ancient Breed Desmond Child
  661. The Last Fight Velvet Revolver
  662. Used To Love Her Velvet Revolver
  663. Chemical Crashdiet
  664. Ananas Drs. P
  665. O, wat leuk Drs. P
  666. Love Is Only a Feeling The Darkness
  667. when I think of you Journey
  668. Jerk Neurotic Outsiders
  669. Jag Är Alter Egon Alter Egon
  670. Desert Song Michael Schenker Group
  671. Long Live Rock And Roll Steel Dragon
  672. Just Like An Arrow Magnum
  673. Amistades De Tierra Adentro Almafuerte
  674. Deny XYZ
  675. The Only One Glenn Hughes
  676. Animal Attraction Reckless Love
  677. I Love Heavy Metal Reckless Love
  678. Cry Tough Poison
  679. White Trash Millionaire Black Stone Cherry
  680. Reach For the Sky FireHouse
  681. Cum on Feel the Noize Quiet Riot
  682. How Long Vandenberg
  683. Visions Living Colour
  684. Clear Cire
  685. C.O.D. AC/DC
  686. Gloria Y Poder Darksun
  687. Forgive Me Steelheart
  688. Igreja Universal do Reino do Rock Motorocker
  689. Time Stood Still Bad English
  690. Whiskey In The Jar Thin Lizzy
  691. L´Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare Mike Patton
  692. Pantalla del mundo nuevo Riff
  693. Sol de Armónica Pappo
  694. True Rival Sons
  695. Destroyer Twisted Sister
  696. I Believe In You Twisted Sister
  697. Come Back Life Kadavar
  698. One Night in Vegas Deep Purple
  699. Dance The Night Away Van Halen
  700. Heaven Is Def Leppard
  701. Desperate Babylon A.D.
  702. Moving On Must
  703. Nego Drama Drama
  704. Voices Rev Theory
  705. Never Say Die Europe
  706. Hero Europe
  707. Fool For Your Loving Whitesnake
  708. Wish You Were Here Europe
  709. Please Dear Faster Pussycat
  710. Midnight Moonlight The Firm
  711. One Life, One Soul Gotthard
  712. Dressed For Space Trust
  713. House Of Broken Love Great White
  714. Wild One Dio
  715. This Time Y&T
  716. Silent Night Great White
  717. This Is Your Life Dio
  718. Fairy Show-Ya
  719. Far Beyond The World Ten
  720. Kiss My Love Goodbye L.a Guns
  721. Walking Away From The Edge Journey
  722. Talk To Me Ace Frehley
  723. Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus The Mars Volta
  724. Lovin' You Without You Now Paul Stanley
  725. Imago The Mars Volta
  726. End Of The World Armor For Sleep
  727. Atravezando Todo Limite Almafuerte
  728. Elsewhere Joey Tempest
  729. Nice Day To Die XYZ
  730. Drag Grey Daze
  731. When You Close Your Eyes Night Ranger
  732. Feel The Heat H.E.A.T
  733. Life Goes On Poison
  734. Need Her H.E.A.T
  735. Unskinny Bop Poison
  736. Redefined H.E.A.T
  737. You Drive Me Crazy Quiet Riot
  738. Father Father Axxis
  739. Blue Movies Swedish Erotica
  740. Love At First Feel AC/DC
  741. Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll AC/DC
  742. Carry Me Home AC/DC
  743. Anything Goes AC/DC
  744. Catch Your Fall Skid Row
  745. Haunted Heart Alias
  746. Give Me a Reason To Stay Alias
  747. Minus Celsius Backyard Babies
  748. Corazón De Dragón Darksun
  749. Bloody Tears Backyard Babies
  750. We All Die Young Steelheart
  751. Blues do Satanás Motorocker
  752. Debo seguir buscando Riff
  753. Cowboy Song Thin Lizzy
  754. An Old Fashioned Love Song Three Dog Night
  755. Smokin' Boston
  756. Act Together Ronnie Wood
  757. Yo Me Quedo Con Lucy Pappo
  758. Surrender Trixter
  759. Under The Blade Twisted Sister
  760. We're Gonna Make It Twisted Sister
  761. One More Rainy Day Deep Purple
  762. The Mule Deep Purple
  763. Ride Into The Sun Krokus
  764. Picture Of Innocence Deep Purple
  765. You Fool No One Deep Purple
  766. Free Me Uriah Heep
  767. Humans Being Van Halen
  768. Deliver Me Def Leppard
  769. Waterloo Sunset Def Leppard
  770. She's The Woman Van Halen
  771. Standing Alone Tyketto
  772. Hell Yeah Rev Theory
  773. 'Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door Europe
  774. Familiar Taste Of Poison Halestorm
  775. Fuck You Vains of Jenna
  776. Would You Love a Creature (Like Me) Sister
  777. Gravedancer Velvet Revolver
  778. Interstate Love Song Velvet Revolver
  779. In Your Eyes Joe Lynn Turner
  780. 10.000 Reasons Hardline
  781. Attitude Duff McKagan
  782. Escape Journey
  783. Positive Touch Journey
  784. Broken Wings Journey
  785. Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) The Mars Volta
  786. Water en vuur Rob de Nijs
  787. Stand Up And Shout Jeff Scott Soto
  788. Look Inside Your Heart Jeff Scott Soto
  789. Take My Hand Axxis
  790. Sleeping With You FireHouse
  791. Estrella Del Porno Lujuria
  792. Stiff Upper Lip AC/DC
  793. What's Your Favorite Color? Living Colour
  794. Down On The Borderline AC/DC
  795. Little Wing Skid Row
  796. El Último Viaje Darksun
  797. I Never Stopped Loving You Survivor
  798. Abelardo El Pollo Pappo
  799. Coming Home Firelight
  800. Zona de Nadie Pappo
  801. Turn Up The Radio Autograph
  802. Captain Howdy Twisted Sister
  803. Everytime I Dream Autograph
  804. Ordena que te ame Mundo Cão
  805. 30 Twisted Sister
  806. Bird Has Flown Deep Purple
  807. Make Love Like A Man Def Leppard
  808. Hot For Teacher Van Halen
  809. Wake Me Up Tuff
  810. Here Comes The Night Europe
  811. Never Let You Go White Lion
  812. Por Aí Lúdica Música
  813. Four Leaf Clover Winger
  814. Too Late Fink
  815. Gypsy Dio
  816. Hey Angel Dio
  817. Hungry For Love Icon
  818. Goin' Out In Style Dirty Penny
  819. Bodies Velvet Revolver
  820. Metal Queen Lee Aaron
  821. Literatuur Drs. P
  822. Tears In My Eyes Jimi Jamison
  823. Ain't No Rest In Rock N' Roll Crazy Lixx
  824. En hoe! Rob de Nijs
  825. Sarcophagi The Mars Volta
  826. Faminepulse The Mars Volta
  827. Nightmare Michael Schenker Group
  828. Sirva Otra Vuelta Pulpero Almafuerte
  829. La Guerra en sus Venas Da-Skate
  830. Bastard Of Society H.E.A.T
  831. Trust Me Durarara!!
  832. I Need You Now FireHouse
  833. Rockin' In The Parlour AC/DC
  834. Waiting For Love Alias
  835. Perfect World Alias
  836. Take Cover Mr. Big
  837. Damn I'm In Love Again Mr. Big
  838. The Way It Is Tesla
  839. Fui à Câimbria Municipali E Ao Resisto Das Finanssas Comme Restus
  840. Cuando Dos Trenes Chocan Pappo
  841. All Over The Road Rival Sons
  842. You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside Autograph
  843. Ai a vida meu amor Mundo Cão
  844. Goodbye Dark New Day
  845. Mandrake Root Deep Purple
  846. Hallelujah Deep Purple
  847. Come Away Melinda Uriah Heep
  848. Runnin' With The Devil Van Halen
  849. Man Enough Def Leppard
  850. Back on the Streets Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  851. Don't Fade Away Whitesnake
  852. Adderall Almighty
  853. Bad Romance Halestorm
  854. Apologize The Last Vegas
  855. Coisas Lúdica Música
  856. Between Two Hearts Dio
  857. Rock My Radio Icon
  858. Fever Dreams Dio
  859. Genkai Lovers Show-Ya
  860. Young Hearts Joe Lynn Turner
  861. These Are The Good Times Eric Martin
  862. Outlaw Crazy Lixx
  863. Destiny Journey
  864. Tarantism The Mars Volta
  865. Pensando En Llegar Almafuerte
  866. Ride The Sky Lucifer's Friend
  867. Memorias De Siglo Almafuerte
  868. The Beast Is Yet To Cum Lordi
  869. Follow Me Place Vendome
  870. Things My Father Said Black Stone Cherry
  871. Downtown H.E.A.T
  872. Ride The Wind Poison
  873. Fragile Ground Place Vendome
  874. Long Ride Black Stone Cherry
  875. Watch The Fire W.E.T
  876. Candle In The Dark Pretty Boy Floyd
  877. Big Gun AC/DC
  878. Rocking All The Way AC/DC
  879. Suffocation Mr. Big
  880. Can't Stop Me Lovin' You Steelheart
  881. Man Against the World Survivor
  882. After The Rain Nelson
  883. Village Lanterne Blackmore's Night
  884. One Bad Man Midnight Riders
  885. Debo Seguir Buscando Pappo
  886. One Three Dog Night
  887. Dont Look Back Boston
  888. Coming Home Cinderella
  889. The More Things Change Cinderella
  890. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me Autograph
  891. Body Rock Maria Vidal
  892. Blue Tears Blue Tears
  893. You Keep On Moving Deep Purple
  894. The Journey Oliver Hartmann
  895. Rust Must
  896. Seven Doors Hotel Europe
  897. The Final Frontier Keel
  898. Wolves Europe
  899. Back In The Game Airbourne
  900. Witness Winger
  901. Are we Arc? Trust
  902. Can't Stop Gotthard
  903. C'est La Vie Gotthard
  904. Missing Icon
  905. In Your Eyes John Norum
  906. Law Of Life John Norum
  907. Rock You Helix
  908. Hot All Through The Nite Crashdiet
  909. I Surrender Joe Lynn Turner
  910. Mexico That Handsome Devil
  911. Day after day (my own way) Ez Special
  912. Everybody's Got a Broken Heart Jimi Jamison
  913. Blame It On Love Crazy Lixx
  914. It's Just The Rain Journey
  915. Tantra Journey
  916. Cool Hand Killer Lucifer's Friend
  917. Elle vient quand elle vient Damien Sargue
  918. Sister Christian Night Ranger
  919. Lonely Train Black Stone Cherry
  920. Me And Mary Jane Black Stone Cherry
  921. Die A Little Jeff Scott Soto
  922. My Father's Eyes Axxis
  923. Sink The Pink AC/DC
  924. No Holding Back Last Week
  925. Space Child UFO
  926. Honey Child Bad Company
  927. All I Want For Christmas Midnight Riders
  928. Media Vita Anúna
  929. Me 262 Blue Öyster Cult
  930. Susy Cadillac Pappo
  931. Blondes In Black Cars Autograph
  932. Wherever You May Go David Coverdale
  933. Where You Goin' Now Damn Yankees
  934. Rockin' With The Radio Blue Tears
  935. Silent Music Pride of Lions
  936. Sitting a Dream Deep Purple
  937. Women Def Leppard
  938. Lady Strange Def Leppard
  939. Action Def Leppard
  940. Prisoners In Paradise Europe
  941. Dreamer Europe
  942. Mercy You, Mercy Me Europe
  943. Empire State Of Mind Halestorm
  944. Godzilla Fu Manchu
  945. Blonde Bad And Beautiful Airbourne
  946. Letters Halestorm
  947. Children Of The Night Whitesnake
  948. The Tide Pink Cream 69
  949. Everything Hardline
  950. Do You Like It Kingdom Come
  951. Kiss Me Softly Journey
  952. Ik laat je vrij Rob de Nijs
  953. Niño Jefe Almafuerte
  954. Un signo de Emergencia Da-Skate
  955. Push Reckless Love
  956. Last Call For Alcohol Hardcore Superstar
  957. Because Of You Hardcore Superstar
  958. Nobody Loves You (Like I Do) H.E.A.T
  959. I'd Die For You Place Vendome
  960. The Wild And The Young Quiet Riot
  961. By Your Side Sebastian Bach
  962. Türgi Sõja Laul Metsatöll
  963. Take Back The Fear Hail The Villain
  964. Burning Heart Vandenberg
  965. Guns For Hire AC/DC
  966. Spoilin' For A Fight AC/DC
  967. Christmas Is The Time To Say 'I Love You' Billy Squier
  968. Is This Love Survivor
  969. Homem livre Motorocker
  970. Dancing In The Moon Light Thin Lizzy
  971. Star-Spangled Glamour Dirty sweet
  972. Estamos Hartos Riff
  973. Arañas Y Ratas Pappo
  974. Días Buenos Y Malos Pappo
  975. Elena X Pappo
  976. La Frontera Inesperada Pappo
  977. Inside You House Of Lords
  978. One In A Million Trixter
  979. The Last Note Of Freedom David Coverdale
  980. Vuelo a Sidney Indio Solari
  981. Matilda, Matilda 4Lyn
  982. Immortal Pride of Lions
  983. Goddess of Dawn Kadavar
  984. Just Between Us Talisman
  985. One Minute Uriah Heep
  986. Yalnýz Çiçek Yýldýz Tilbe
  987. Guilty of Love Whitesnake
  988. Doghouse Europe
  989. Nothin' To Ya Europe
  990. Don't Leave Me Alone Extreme
  991. Bottom Of The Well Airbourne
  992. Found A Friend Pride & Glory
  993. Anytime, Anywhere Gotthard
  994. Face The Truth John Norum
  995. Black Snake Atomic Rooster
  996. Dirty Little Mind Jackyl
  997. Dream On Helix
  998. Second Time Around King Kobra
  999. Special Pink Cream 69
  1000. I Love Rock and Roll L.a Guns


  1. Indio Solari Indio Solari
  2. Pappo Pappo
  3. AC/DC AC/DC
  4. Almafuerte Almafuerte
  5. Extreme Extreme
  6. Journey Journey
  7. Whitesnake Whitesnake
  8. Europe Europe
  9. Deep Purple Deep Purple
  10. Survivor Survivor
  11. Def Leppard Def Leppard
  12. Dio Dio
  13. Riff Riff
  14. Cinderella Cinderella
  15. Skid Row Skid Row
  16. Van Halen Van Halen
  17. Mike Patton Mike Patton
  18. Mr. Big Mr. Big
  19. W.E.T W.E.T
  20. Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
  21. Boston Boston
  22. Amnésia Amnésia
  23. Velvet Revolver Velvet Revolver
  24. FireHouse FireHouse
  25. Tesla Tesla
  26. Lordi Lordi
  27. António Variações António Variações
  28. Quiet Riot Quiet Riot
  29. Three Dog Night Three Dog Night
  30. Bloodpit Bloodpit
  31. Warrant Warrant
  32. Damien Sargue Damien Sargue
  33. Rival Sons Rival Sons
  34. Halestorm Halestorm
  35. Lujuria Lujuria
  36. Steelheart Steelheart
  37. Gotthard Gotthard
  38. Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar
  39. Durarara!! Durarara!!
  40. Poison Poison
  41. Bad English Bad English
  42. Damn Yankees Damn Yankees
  43. A Chave do Sol A Chave do Sol
  44. Vixen Vixen
  45. Thin Lizzy Thin Lizzy
  46. UFO UFO
  47. White Lion White Lion
  48. The Mars Volta The Mars Volta
  49. Talisman Talisman
  50. Blackmore's Night Blackmore's Night
  51. Side Walk Slam Side Walk Slam
  52. Must Must
  53. Da-Skate Da-Skate
  54. Steel Dragon Steel Dragon
  55. Uriah Heep Uriah Heep
  56. Bad Company Bad Company
  57. Slaughter Slaughter
  58. Living Colour Living Colour
  59. Royal Bliss Royal Bliss
  60. Darksun Darksun
  61. Gozo de Lebre Gozo de Lebre
  62. Audiovision Audiovision
  63. Trust Trust
  64. Joe Lynn Turner Joe Lynn Turner
  65. Jimi Jamison Jimi Jamison
  66. Ratt Ratt
  67. The Radios The Radios
  68. Butterfly Boucher Butterfly Boucher
  69. Lúdica Música Lúdica Música
  70. Loverboy Loverboy
  71. Wicked Lester Wicked Lester
  72. Blinded Black Blinded Black
  73. Humanimal Humanimal
  74. Tuff Tuff
  75. Drs. P Drs. P
  76. Lesbian Gloss Lesbian Gloss
  77. Brazen Abbot Brazen Abbot
  78. Vains of Jenna Vains of Jenna
  79. Michael Monroe Michael Monroe
  80. Black Stone Cherry Black Stone Cherry
  81. Love and Death Love and Death
  82. Blue Öyster Cult Blue Öyster Cult
  83. Yglo Yglo
  84. Vermelho 27 Vermelho 27
  85. Pride & Glory Pride & Glory
  86. Atomic Rooster Atomic Rooster
  87. Kix Kix
  88. Fink Fink
  89. Patrulha Do Espaço Patrulha Do Espaço
  90. XYZ XYZ
  91. Motorocker Motorocker
  92. Jason Becker Jason Becker
  93. 08centos 08centos
  94. Vouten Vouten
  95. Widescreen Mode Widescreen Mode
  96. Kingdom Come Kingdom Come
  97. H.E.A.T H.E.A.T
  98. Kadavar Kadavar
  99. Icon Icon
  100. Place Vendome Place Vendome
  101. Fúria Louca Fúria Louca
  102. John Norum John Norum
  103. Crazy Lixx Crazy Lixx
  104. The Poodles The Poodles
  105. TNT (Norwegian) TNT (Norwegian)
  106. Jeff Scott Soto Jeff Scott Soto
  107. Pretty Maids Pretty Maids
  108. House Of Lords House Of Lords
  109. Ace Frehley Ace Frehley
  110. Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes
  111. Pretty Boy Floyd Pretty Boy Floyd
  112. Paul Stanley Paul Stanley
  113. Trixter Trixter
  114. Michael Schenker Group Michael Schenker Group
  115. Reckless Love Reckless Love
  116. Autograph Autograph
  117. Demon Demon
  118. Backyard Babies Backyard Babies
  119. Vain Vain
  120. Hay Kay Hay Kay
  121. Giant Giant
  122. Midnight Riders Midnight Riders
  123. Blue Murder Blue Murder
  124. Monster Magnet Monster Magnet
  125. Night Ranger Night Ranger
  126. Império dos Sentados Império dos Sentados
  127. Brides of Destruction Brides of Destruction
  128. Redd Kross Redd Kross
  129. Swedish Erotica Swedish Erotica
  130. Y&T Y&T
  131. Ronnie Wood Ronnie Wood
  132. The Blasters The Blasters
  133. Endrone Endrone
  134. Crystal Ball Crystal Ball
  135. Sigma 7 Sigma 7
  136. Baton Rouge Baton Rouge
  137. Axxis Axxis
  138. Hardcore Superstar Hardcore Superstar
  139. Alias Alias
  140. Retturn Retturn
  141. Saigon Kick Saigon Kick
  142. Crashdiet Crashdiet
  143. Burn Halo Burn Halo
  144. Dry Cell Dry Cell
  145. Ten Ten
  146. Midnight Youth Midnight Youth
  147. The Distance The Distance
  148. Yellow College Yellow College
  149. Love/hate Love/hate
  150. Blue Tears Blue Tears
  151. John Paul Jones John Paul Jones
  152. Fair Warning Fair Warning
  153. Wendy O. Williams Wendy O. Williams
  154. Ultraspank Ultraspank
  155. Rob de Nijs Rob de Nijs
  156. Jo Davidson Jo Davidson
  157. Scars of Life Scars of Life
  158. Comme Restus Comme Restus
  159. Rob Rock Rob Rock
  160. Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  161. Negative 263 Negative 263
  162. Rock Sugar Rock Sugar
  163. Dakota Dakota
  164. Airbourne Airbourne
  165. China (Hard Rock) China (Hard Rock)
  166. Sister Sister
  167. Fatal Fury Fatal Fury
  168. Hardline Hardline
  169. Mott The Hoople Mott The Hoople
  170. Billy Squier Billy Squier
  171. Casa das Máquinas Casa das Máquinas
  172. Pink Cream 69 Pink Cream 69
  173. Hail The Villain Hail The Villain
  174. Hizaki Grace Project Hizaki Grace Project
  175. King Kobra King Kobra
  176. Michele Luppi Michele Luppi
  177. PMMP PMMP
  178. Yýldýz Tilbe Yýldýz Tilbe
  179. Lauren Harris Lauren Harris
  180. Witchcraft Witchcraft
  181. Bonfire Bonfire
  182. Show-Ya Show-Ya
  183. Neurotic Outsiders Neurotic Outsiders
  184. Grey Daze Grey Daze
  185. Tony Maiello Tony Maiello
  186. Shakra Shakra
  187. Maria Vidal Maria Vidal
  188. Desmond Child Desmond Child
  189. The Storm The Storm
  190. Easy Rider Easy Rider
  191. Felipe Nascimento Felipe Nascimento
  192. Tyketto Tyketto
  193. Bang Tango Bang Tango
  194. Keel Keel
  195. Boudewijn De Groot Boudewijn De Groot
  196. Zinatra Zinatra
  197. Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton
  198. Angels Holocaust Angels Holocaust
  199. Infernal Torment Infernal Torment
  200. Lola Angst Lola Angst
  201. Real Thing Real Thing
  202. Forty Deuce Forty Deuce
  203. Saraya Saraya
  204. Blameshift Blameshift
  205. Killing Touch Killing Touch
  206. Chickenfoot Chickenfoot
  207. Nelson Nelson
  208. Krokus Krokus
  209. Rock Band Rock Band
  210. Oliver Hartmann Oliver Hartmann
  211. Faster Pussycat Faster Pussycat
  212. Great White Great White
  213. Eric Martin Eric Martin
  214. Ez Special Ez Special
  215. Buried Inside Buried Inside
  216. 00:00 00:00
  217. Wild Child Wild Child
  218. The Blackout City Kids The Blackout City Kids
  219. Nembrionic Nembrionic
  220. Jani Lane Jani Lane
  221. Digital Summer Digital Summer
  222. Suicidal Romance Suicidal Romance
  223. David Coverdale David Coverdale
  224. Grinspoon Grinspoon
  225. Loaded Loaded
  226. Nashville Pussy Nashville Pussy
  227. Exterio Exterio
  228. Rosa Tattooada Rosa Tattooada
  229. Juraildes da Cruz Juraildes da Cruz
  230. Armor For Sleep Armor For Sleep
  231. Vandenberg Vandenberg
  232. Decay Decay
  233. Soul Sirkus Soul Sirkus
  234. AM Conspiracy AM Conspiracy
  235. Fu Manchu Fu Manchu
  236. The Last Vegas The Last Vegas
  237. Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach
  238. King 810 King 810
  239. Raymond Van Het Groenewoud Raymond Van Het Groenewoud
  240. Heróis da Noite Heróis da Noite
  241. That Handsome Devil That Handsome Devil
  242. Magnum Magnum
  243. Vince Neil Vince Neil
  244. Gemini Five Gemini Five
  245. Aurora Rules Aurora Rules
  246. The Buzzhorn The Buzzhorn
  247. Teófilo Lima Teófilo Lima
  248. Crown Of Thorns Crown Of Thorns
  249. Lee Aaron Lee Aaron
  250. Barracuda Barracuda
  251. Tommy Bolin Tommy Bolin
  252. David McWilliams David McWilliams
  253. Kalashnikov Kalashnikov
  254. Dangerous Toys Dangerous Toys
  255. Babylon A.D. Babylon A.D.
  256. Drama Drama
  257. Hanoi Rocks Hanoi Rocks
  258. El Efecto El Efecto
  259. Malice in Wonderland Malice in Wonderland
  260. L70ETC L70ETC
  261. Winger Winger
  262. From Behind These Walls From Behind These Walls
  263. Duff McKagan Duff McKagan
  264. Tigertailz Tigertailz
  265. Ariya Ariya
  266. I Am Empire I Am Empire
  267. Supared Supared
  268. The Gone Jackals The Gone Jackals
  269. 4Lyn 4Lyn
  270. The Empire Hideous The Empire Hideous
  271. Rev Theory Rev Theory
  272. Lillian Axe Lillian Axe
  273. It's a Beautiful Day It's a Beautiful Day
  274. Takada Masafumi Takada Masafumi
  275. Alter Egon Alter Egon
  276. Thunder Thunder
  277. The Union Underground The Union Underground
  278. Leather Strip Leather Strip
  279. Priestess Priestess
  280. Zero Nine Zero Nine
  281. Xentrix Xentrix
  282. Damone Damone
  283. Fluffy Fluffy
  284. Dirty sweet Dirty sweet
  285. Pride of Lions Pride of Lions
  286. Groove Cutter Groove Cutter
  287. Firelight Firelight
  288. Shameless Shameless
  289. La'cryma Christi La'cryma Christi
  290. Dreamtide Dreamtide
  291. Dig Dig
  292. Rei Lagarto Rei Lagarto
  293. Eyes Eyes
  294. For The Fallen Dreams For The Fallen Dreams
  295. Giuffria Giuffria
  296. Dark Star Dark Star
  297. The Firm The Firm
  298. Terry Reid Terry Reid
  299. Almighty Almighty
  300. Harem Scarem Harem Scarem
  301. UA UA
  302. Steel Panther Steel Panther