We find ourselves down a tower built with the desire to be higher…
higher than what we used to be.
As we look down on the First Nations and turn back on truthfulness, the line that defines our existence is vanishing in the air.
And our nature remains the same, only monuments change.
A fact that has come to be the illness of trees, rivers, animals, humanity.
An incomplete bible suggesting that we should pledge allegiance to the empire's flag.
Now tell me how you do it.
Now tell me why you are so blind.
This ain't a utopian society even though some pretend it is so.
A colonizing culture that has spread capitalism among a righteous civilization.
Now look what we've become.
Wage slaves and a gun in one hand.
Everyday we tolerate the police state that is being established by our own ignorance.
It seems to me that everything that has been built so far is white.
Everything they say is a pure pretence.
And I know that behind this masquerade no one is free.
Once again we're hostages
compelled to witness this painful disaster that makes us all numb.
We've got to see what they try to hide.
How could hell be any worse?
How does it feel to know that you have been using people for more than a hundred years?
Keep ignoring your origins.
Don't you understand that this is what we are?
A lousy poem that is not revised at all.
We are incomplete, skin deep.
And we'd better understand now 'cause we're running out of time

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