Sixty years of tyranny, six hundred thousand dead and one empire left in ruins.
I'm wondering why as they're waving the flag.
As if it could unite people.
As if it could take away the pain.
They claim that humanism is part of this democracy labelled by Nike, Gap and the all-enduring rock video aesthetic.
For the most part, they try not to draw attention to the fact that most of the company's staff are temporary workers.
And your stupid benefit concerts will never ever change a thing.
We don't need the money coming from the rich's pockets.
I expected some sort of opposition but I soon realized that this nation pride rules everything.
So I watched the rich sing their silly songs in a concert sponsored by the world's biggest labour exploiter Wal-Mart.
Finally they put all the blame on Afghanistan. Then they bombed people who were already left for dead.
Is this symbolizing freedom?
I don't think so.
Hopefully, MTV is there to keep my worries away from a certain ability to observe this damaged world.
But now, what have they left for us?
A meaningless logo that illustrates how much we're owned.
They kill our brothers in the South.
Don't let them think they're right otherwise we'll never be satisfied.

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