Being Able To Walk Away


Please entertain the part
of my brain that is dead.
Now it is normal not to think.
Then let's go to sleep
to wake up tomorrow morning
with the duty to play more games.
Sign the stupid petition
to make your favorite pop star
come to your favorite town.
As far as I am concerned,
I won't let you tear apart
every step I've made to remain true.
And somehow you can whine about your rights
to do what you wanna do.
As a matter of fact,
what this country wants you to do.
It's easy not to see every cavity of this society.
It's seems that it's funny to watch everything
we have built fall apart.
Entertaining fear
So many days, weeks, months, years
to believe in anything else.
And it keeps me awake
to know that I'm not a hero
who fights for his personal comfort.
And no one's hero
when the conflict just remains.
Only the fools stand for a cause involving
the consideration of a god.
I'm optimistic but I ain't jovial.
The facts are there and I just don't understand
why entertainment is so important.
Go to watch your favorite laughing program.
It's so amusing to feel
that you are blind to everything.
Once more I can not just think about it.
That way of living
could become our own prison.
Each day seems to be the same cancer now.
It is simple to be able to walk away
from what scares us.
To walk away from what troubles our lives
instead of fighting to be better.
Please entertain the part of my brain
that is completely asleep.
Give my mind a place where no one cares.
You're my disappointment.
I'll start to live without your empathy.
It begins when you build your empire of laughs.
Then everyone forgets the puzzle of lies
turned into a real message.
Nothing can stop
the way they think about being well.
And what about a billion fools asking
to be justified for what they believed.
I'm still wondering if my fist's
gonna be the answer.
There's no answer in your words.

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