We hurt each other every day.
Is that the way it should be?
Searching for good appearance
is the first priority.
When will this be over?
We've closed our eyes too long.
Respect is more important than beauty.
I'm sick of this unreal life.
We're going nowhere
with these thoughts of perfection
'cause our personality
is stronger than images.
Time has come to be ourselves
and not clones of television.
This land of glory has become too sick
to die for.
And when they ask why I feel this way
I'll simply show them my scar.
A scar that killed the courage
of being myself.
After all your own mentality
makes you sad
and you still ignore what real values are.
That's why you are sexists
and homophobes.
The real power is what's inside of us.
Which consists of being able to say no
to something oppressing.
I say no to your dream.
And don't tell me my life is falling apart
'cause a million bucks is not worth more
than what everyone achieves for himself.
I'm trying to make you understand
that we don't want to lose what we are.
We have so much to learn
from these mistakes
called beauty, glamour, glory.
And anyway you don't and will
never listen to me.
I will never live in the hand of glamour
'cause this would be an invitation
to burn in the flames of glory.
And glory's a word that means power.
What you try to change
is what you're killing inside.
You are blind to problems
that we have to talk about.
But it's okay because nothing is worse
than someone who knows
and does nothing.
You can change anything
but not my heart.

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