The circle in which we stand every single day closes up as we ask the wrong questions.
Between the two worlds that our leaders offer us I choose not to belong to either of them.
Sometimes embedded memories may influence your choice but should they lead you to the final line?
The line that will bring you to what frames these chains of command.
Do they really care about what we long for?
Or do they simply think they don't live in the same world?
It looks like both options are inefficient.
I've got my tool to blow this off.
Find yours and you will know what those words are all about.
Silent, stranded
That's how they want to see us.
We must learn how to counter the lie in order not to lose the notion of community.
It's our duty.
I'm not afraid. How about you? I'm sure you're not.
I know that a part of the blame is in ourselves but we must not give up.
A change is never easy.
Especially when a majority of intellectuals are conformists.
You don't have to live your life as they ask you to.
We can't hear the truth when we kneel down in front of what we think we cannot change.
In the end this system represents almost everything that I repel.
We must keep fighting on and on to get this line erased.
The lack of choice is one of their weapons.
It's just another trap set by the state and I will never see any good in nothingness.
You may consider this idealistic and foolish.
At least I'm not affected by delusion.
Is the common sense attainable?
The sheep are still singing the same song.
A great scenery for someone looking for power.
Rescue me before I sink with this ship.

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