Where the system left us for dead
some people wonder why
Everybody knows
but they're always the last to know.
The population is falling down
and we all wonder what the hell's
happened to us.
No I'm not sick!
I just want you to keep
your help away from me
'cause I can't understand your language.
How could I know where I'm going
when I don't even know
where I come from.
Tomorrow will always be the same
without speaking out.
And if I lose the power of speech
then I'd better be dead.
" Victory begins with a dream"
But my friend, in a world of competition
it's hard to dream
when you've been crushed by the elite.
You say that I am wrong.
You know that you are wrong too.
Under the incontestable power of the flag,
some people know that we have
forgotten a chapter in the book named "Life".
The one that says to be human.

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