So tell me what I have to perceive
to be part of half the world.
Sometimes I wonder if I ask myself
too many questions.
Yesterday was the day 1.
They implanted a disease in me
and just relieved my pain
with a good moral about human life.
You can listen to this beautiful speech or not
let them hide everything
behind the spirit of freedom.
'Cause they incorpore
every fuckin' word you say.
It has never been as bad as now.
Superficial years
And I care
Stuck on your silent ground
Forced to be speechless
I will never accept this
I could go to the Jerry Springer show
to express myself.
This society gives me
only that priviledge.
After I'll make a million bucks
writing a book titled
" How I fucked up my life ".
Someone stays in silence
while you're watching
your favorite program.
A million people die
while they're making you believe
In all their rumours.
Someone kills himself
almost every day
while you're proving that
this world's okay.
And I forget your loss
while I'm writing this song.
For the benefit of
what we consider acquired,
we choose not to answer
the question asked.
Then we whine because
everything changes the wrong way.
We choose the look
instead of what's inside.
And this is the way things go
every foolish single day of our life.
One humanity, one leader
Is this what life amounts to ?
Human narcissism once a day
What could be better than the impact
of your stupid confession ?
You want all the same thing
Just another moment not to think about
what's really goin' on.
I'm never gonna trust the man
who pushes me to stay away
from what I really feel.
No, I'm not hypnotized!
For the benefit of
what the others could give us,
we choose not to answer
the forgotten question.
And they keep running
to spread their will
to compromise discussions.
How could we stay indifferent
to specified frustrations
and all the facts
that they don't really know?
No more lies in my screen.
Is there anything that you really wanna hear ?
I'm gonna tell you what your disease is.
It's weird, I never felt so concerned
about your problem.

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