I never wanted to be here.
But I had no choice
because someone came in this land
with the word education.
And now we speak of inequality.
You've built a society.
Watching you pretend, I live in it
with no power in my hands.
If paper can take the place of values
then we've got a lot of work to do
to restore the social peace.
They don't and will not understand
what I'm saying.
You didn't teach me anything.
You have just taught me how to hurt myself
and use my hate against my weaknesses
'Cause you're my personal war.
I will never kneel down
in front of your expectations.
And I don't take part in the sprint
for the smartest or the richest.
Day after day,
we take your stupid, goddamn blame.
Differences will only aggravate the pain of
succeeding in a world of numbers.
I'm not going to fall behind you
and eat what you spit out.
You've built a society,
you've written the rules,
and now we don't give a damn
about each other.
I don't wanna live a life
based on intellectual performance.
No, I don't want it !
They don't and will not listen to
my voice 'cause they know that everything
they told me was just bullshit.
Fuck the elite.

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