Where We've Fallen


Behind the teaching of ignorance
they keep telling us to be strong,
(although the fact that human life
doesn't mean anything for them).
Every single day, you kill a part
of someone's dignity.
What will be the price for a better life
is a question that still exists.
When will you recognize
that we aren't one of these machines
without soul and consciousness?
You've got the power and you know
that we're only the workers.
But where's your human part ?
I won't fall with you this time.
In the 90's,
slavery is something we all know.
I met a man who had no choice
but to work like a slave.
They took away his thoughts.
Did we consider him as an individual ?
We've simply left him for dead.
This is a consequence of an education
based on personal happiness.
Don't even try to ask them to help us out
'cause they know what's really goin' on.
" We are all the same "
Fuck that!
Today, equality is a question of integrity
And this is the fuckin' truth.
We wonder what we will become.
They keep showing us
the power of indifference.
You don't care about us
and you don't care about yourselves at all.
I guess this is another reality
that will break my mind.
Separating the strong from the weak
to create one sort of class will kill us.
Two worlds, silent majority, prejudice,
conformity, indifference,
misunderstood misery,
these are where we've fallen.

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