Even if I said one word to you,
you cannot see what this is all about.
Preoccupied with the fact
that everybody's wrong.
A simple touch is worth nothing.
Being everything to everyone,
doing nothing for anyone.
A kind of therapy
for those who only speak about
standing in line for what they call :
" Crush the system ".
The same sun, the same problem.
Just kneel down in front of your feast
and thank your ignorant god.
And when you'll die you find me
just where you weren't.
There's a lot of work to do
because of these consequences.
Of course they won't forget
their contribution to a stupid liberal
education full of preferences.
Listen carefully
Something's gonna happen.
You won't be there to help us out.
Listen carefully
Something has happened.
You were there to preach economy.
Thousands of reasons are good for the power
of saying " I didn't Know ".
Playing their targets pretending
that nothing's happening.
Another idiot to add on the list.
Laugh and dance on their status quo.
A person called no one
stands in silence where the floor is gray.
He's falling behind the continuity of things
like a man not making choices,
like a poor admirer of his fault.
After having talked and talked,
we can look at the wall of downfalls
and say " it's not so terrible ".
Anyway someone else will do the job.
Everything is on our side.
Everything doesn't change.
Everything's repeating.

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