And what if you were despised by me?
It's something that you will never know.
And still you're blind.
Who will be the hero?
That's what you wish.
I don't care about your
Beverly Hills 90210 dream.
Your way of thinking does not interest me.
And your stereotyped circle,
with its stupid logic,
is only a wall for me.
If we cannot be as we want,
then I just have to tell you fuck you
I'm not part of your t.v. society
of macho men and blind women.
You think the U.S.A. is the way to be better
But it could also be the means
to become a slave of oneself.
50% of us are lost in this propaganda.
Who will wake up our minds?
How many times, how many times,
How many times
will I have to be sick of it?

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