Today's Hidden Symbol


Who are responsible?
Who are the innocent ones?
Two questions, two blank sheets
Nothing to say, nothing to cry for
Raging with the machine could be an option but it's not the one I choose.
These days are silent.
My face on the ground, I can't see the battle we have lost.
Outside, nobody's innocent.
And I wonder if this song means anything at all.
I wonder if the masters can sleep at night.
A generation waiting for a savior billionaire to come.
And all the bombs in the world could not bring what's missing back.
There ain't any axis of evil.
It's just you, me and a living dead spirit.
Let's celebrate July 1st and pretend that we are free.
I am not part of this.
The power remains the same even though you feel unconcern.
They win when you let the dream come in.
They loose when you decide to behold.
Now it's time to uproot the dead trees.
I stopped to observe.
I stopped to conclude that 4 billion people don't understand

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