Pockets Full Of Nothing


Those days that we hate.
Those days that remind us the epoch where we felt fine.
Sometimes, I would like to go back in time just to see when it all started.
America's living in a time where nothing moves on.
v There's this kid standing in the corner of an empty house who keeps turning off the light.
He doesn't take the equality of chances for granted anymore.
When the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
When the music we enjoy listening to cannot even point the blame.
It can't rain all the time.
Here we are in the new millennium when everything's reduced to a minimum.
Their cages of silence may imprison the right to choose but this delusion will end soon for they're afraid of us… of what we can change.
Who are the real criminals now ?
Where will you be when your barricades can't keep us away from the facts anymore ?
The old statues will fall apart and you'll realize that we are living in a new wind.
How dare you pretend that we make one when the only unity we know is established by capital ?
Illogical it is.
Let's arm ourselves and let's perpetuate the slaughter in Africa.
They watch me, I watch them.
And we are making history a page of a forgotten old book...
Then we slide down the wall in the same time we are raging against the culture of myth we've been brought up with.
We can outlast our mistakes of the past.

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