When my own clouds are too loud to carry,
I try to figure out who I really am or simply who I am not.
You know this world is so severe when you don't wanna learn to be someone else.
This is what we face when stereotypes break the glass that shows our real nature.
Because half the people are anchored in an ocean that generates a passion for perfection.
Did you know that my mind, as well as my heart, is meaningless?
The chains of happiness are broken in this run for personality.
I don't really know who's right or wrong.
It looks like wrongness has reached many people now.
I'm maybe just an idealistic prick who wants to break up the dream of this nation.
How can I be happy when you force me not to accept who I am physically ?
Your affection is like a dirty screen.
Keep filtering the preconceived image that this society has to give you.
With the pockets full of lies, another blind woman thinks she's worth it. She's in fact covered with sadness.
She hopes one day she'll become one of these statues that no one disdains.
A legacy of shame left for her by the symbol of perfection.
This is the path of beauty.
This is how people must live their lives today.
This is society.
This is my cancer.
The truth hasn't been told.

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