We may live and never realize.
We may walk and never hit the ground again.
We may do whatever we want but the truth will always lie in resignation.
They pretend that we live in a sovereign state where everyone is informed, where everyone is told about changes.
But where's the change when the media keep turning every fascist policy into a so-called help for human rights.
Is this a quest for self interest or just a fucking flaw in people's thoughts ?
And you and I are prisoners…
'Cause we're under the sway of propaganda.
And the enemies we know are created by an intellectual elite interested in dictatorship.
But we can't see it and we won't see it until we turn upside down.
If I could turn back time, I would stop every illusion made by this population control.
But we prefer to dream about becoming kings in a land where no one's equal.
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now 'cause I'll prove you that exploitation is still sponsored by entertainment.
There's no democracy when children die of starvation.
There's no democracy when women work ten years of their lives for minimum wage.
Can you hear 'em begging for the life they lost in this sick parade of men fighting for an identity defined by a red rag.
As if the significance of my life amounted to a stupid flag.
And yet we're handcuffed.
I don't want to be stuck by the slowness of some assumptions based upon today's news.
We have to ask the real questions.
Something is going on.
Something that is not true.

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